Colors of a Starry Stroll:
How Our Leathers Stack Up

by / Aug 13, 2020

On summer nights, the colors of a starry stroll and dark sky can look monochrome at first glance.  But after your eyes adjust, subtle differences come to light and each part of the sky looks distinctive and unique, just like our five proprietary Italian leathers: Pebbled, Mimosa, Dragon, Dolce, and Vegan.

Three Handbags and Northern LightsMaestra Bag in Pebbled Forest, Midi Maestra in Pebbled Noir, Mini Maestra in Mimosa Storm

To keep the beauty of our earth intact, we source materials from ethical suppliers in Italy, and our leathers are a byproduct of food production or recycled leather, never from animals solely used for their hides. From there, our five leathers are used to make a vast selection of starry-night inspired handbags that may look similar at first but are each remarkable in their own right. 

Read on for in-depth details on our distinctive leathers to help you make your next SENREVE decision!

Assorted Handbags in Blue and GreenMaestra Bag in Dragon Forest; Midi Maestra in Dolce Slate; Aria Belt Bag with Silver Chain in Mimosa Spearmint; Bracelet Pouch in Pebbled Ice

A long-time classic and favorite, Pebbled leather has a supple finish, while still being scratch-and stain-resistant. This full-grain skin is tumbled at the tannery, giving a high-quality, long-lasting durable result.

Black HandbagMini Maestra in Pebbled Noir

Our Pebbled leather has a small, delicate pebble pattern that offers an especially elegant look. With the unique high/low texture, colors in this leather are beautifully versatile and timeless.

Overtime, Pebbled leather ages beautifully, keeping the quality but softening to show its role as your daily companion.

Blue and Red HandbagsMini Maestra in Pebbled Ice and Midi Maestra in Pebbled Merlot


Mimosa leather has a long-grain, bark-like finish, which offers a modern and sleek leather look. Named after the mimosa flower, this leather has a similar detailed texture. 

Navy Handbag with FlowersMaestra Bag in Mimosa Pilot

Mimosa leather was introduced to offer a range of options and accommodate unique preferences. Compared to the Pebbled leather, the Mimosa leather pattern has a deeper etching, making the high/low texture more pronounced.  This etching also makes the bag slightly stiffer than its Pebbled counterpart.

Overall, the Mimosa finish gives a bag a bit of an edge, without being too distracting.

Black Handbags and Night SkyMaestra Bag in Pebbled Noir and Mimosa Onyx

Belt Bag and Night SkyAria Belt Bag in Mimosa Bordeaux

This embossed leather mimics the texture and color variation of crocodile leather, so every bag is unique.

Woman with Black Handbag on BeachMaestra Bag in Dragon Noir

When developing our Dragon leather, we wanted to achieve a crocodile look but with a more sustainable footprint.

Dragon Card WalletsOur Dragon Carte Folio, made from excess leather to reduce our footprint

Genuine crocodile skin has a beautiful natural high/low pattern. When we developed the pattern for our Dragon leather, we sought to not only mimic the natural texture and indentations of crocodile leather but also the complex color gradient.  With the care put into the multi-step process, every Dragon handbag is truly unique.

Want a fun fact about our Dragon leather? The name was inspired by Game of Thrones. Wendy Wen, our COO is a superfan!

Purple HandbagMini Maestra in Dragon Aubergine

Launched in 2019, our Dolce leather highlights the natural grain of this soft, plush leather. Dolce leather is one of the softest and lightest that we offer.

Black HandbagDoctor Bag in Dolce Charcoal

Dolce leather was inspired by customer requests for a softer leather option, alongside Pebbled and Mimosa. “Dolce” means sweet in Italian, which perfectly represents the hand feel of this leather. Dolce leather embodies a softer, more gentle touch.

Blue HandbagsMidi Maestra in Mimosa Pilot, Midi Maestra in Dolce Slate, Mini Maestra in Pebbled Marine

Despite the softness, durability is still important to us.  While Dolce leather is not quite as scratch-resistant as our Pebbled and Mimosa leathers, it can still withstand normal day-to-day wear and some light water if you are ever caught in the rain!

Dark HandbagsMidi Maestra Bag shown in Dolce Slate; Doctor Bag shown in Dolce Sapphire; Aria Belt Bag shown in Dolce Charcoal

Just launched this year, our Vegan leather was developed in response to requests from our loyal customers and Octopi Community.

Handbag Close UpsMini Maestra in Vegan Forest and Vegan Noir

Creating our Vegan leather has been a long process because of our focus on quality and 100% vegan and cruelty-free construction, including components such as glue, zipper tape, backing, and reinforcements. Our goal with our Vegan collection is to replicate a luxurious leather feel, and many people are shocked to find out that the material is vegan when they touch one of our Vegan handbags.

Our Vegan leather has a similar stiffness as our Pebbled and Mimosa leather while maintaining a luxurious hand feel.  Products in our Vegan leather are slightly lighter than our genuine leather options.

Brown and Green HandbagsMini Maestra in Mimosa Latte; Midi Maestra in Vegan Pecan; Midi Maestra in Dragon Forest

With a classic cross-hatched pattern and slight sheen, our Vegan leather looks elevated and feels luxurious, while remaining 100% free of any animal byproducts.

Red HandbagMini Maestra in Vegan Merlot

While each of our leathers are different, one element is constant: durability. 
Our leathers have a scratch-proof and water-resistant finish so they are never too delicate for your daily life.  Still can’t decide on which leather is best for you?  We asked some members of the team for their favorite colors, and each loved a different leather!

Kristin (Brand and Creative Director): Pebbled Aubergine
Aubergine is the perfect color step up from Merlot which is a very traditional and classic color. They are similar, but Aubergine is a little bit more playful and unexpected which is what I love about it.

Purple HandbagMidi Maestra in Pebbled Aubergine

Red HandbagsCrossbody Bag in Pebbled Aubergine; Doctor Bag in Pebbled Merlot; Bracelet Pouch in Mimosa Bordeaux   

Carina (Head of Customer Experience): Mimosa Bordeaux
Bordeaux was the first color I fell in love with at SENREVE. The deep browny red is so easy to wear but has more depth compared to your standard black.  It reminds me of the perfect Fall/Winter manicure color!  Overall, I love the elegant texture, structure, and durability of Mimosa leather.  No matter how hard I am on my bag, it continues to look sharp, clean, and pristine. 

Red HandbagMini Maestra in Mimosa Bordeaux

Red Belt BagAria Belt Bag in Mimosa Bordeaux

Dani (Head of Product Development): Dragon Noir
My favorite is the Dragon leather because it has such a great depth. It looks amazing in all the colorways.

Black HandbagMaestra Bag in Dragon Noir

Black Belt BagAria Belt Bag in Dragon Noir

Annie (Head of Production): Dolce Butterscotch
I love Butterscotch especially because I didn’t think that I would. While I was wear-testing it as part of my role at SENREVE, I fell in love with Butterscotch, even though I typically shy away from golden tones. It’s one of my SENREVE handbags that I get the most compliments on!

Beige HandbagMidi Maestra in Dolce Butterscotch

Beige HandbagMidi Maestra in Dolce Butterscotch

Coral (CEO): Vegan Pecan
The Vegan Pecan Aria is a rich color that looks amazing with the belt or gold chain! I love taking it out for errands or even on a hike. The Pecan color is super versatile and goes well with any outfit from a little black dress to jeans or active wear.

Brown Belt BagAria Belt Bag in Vegan Pecan

Brown HandbagMaestra Bag in Vegan Pecan

We love offering a multitude of leathers to suit different preferences.  We hope this leather guide was informative and helps you narrow down which leather is right for you!  Interested in how our colors are developed? Read our behind-the-scenes look at our color development process here!

What leather and color will your next bag be?  Share your favorite leather type and why in the comments below! We love to hear feedback from our Octopi community!