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His Favorite Gifts of 2020

Look no further - find out what the men of SENREVE are gifting the special people in their lives this season.
His Favorite Gifts of 2020

Searching for the best, coziest, most versatile gifts this holiday season? Here at SENREVE, our functional, yet luxurious and high-quality products fit the bill perfectly.  All of the SENREVE products can be worn multiple ways, making them the perfect gifts for even the hardest people to shop for.

To help you decide, we asked the men on our team here at SENREVE what they are eyeing for the special people in their lives and why.  From the Maestra Bag, which can be worn as a shoulder bag, crossbody, handheld, or even as a backpack, to our Cashmere Colorblock Shawl, which is small enough to be used as a scarf but large enough to serve as a throw, read on to explore the best of SENREVE.

SENREVE Midi Maestra and Bracelet PouchMidi Maestra in Mimosa Bordeaux ($875); Bracelet Pouch in Pebbled Cream ($175)

Mark, Chief Growth Officer

Envelope Laptop Sleeve in Mimosa Pilot for My Mother

SENREVE Envelope SleeveEnvelope Laptop Sleeve in Mimosa Pilot ($275)

Like many this year, my family and I haven’t been on a plane since March, and that unfortunately meant that my 2 year old daughter wasn’t able to visit her grandparents this summer. However, the silver lining is that we’ve had many more hours FaceTiming with grandma than we might have had otherwise, and the
Envelope Laptop Sleeve will easily carry grandma’s iPad or laptop and ensure that each one stays protected for many FaceTime sessions to come.

SENREVE Envelope SleeveEnvelope Laptop Sleeve in Mimosa Bordeaux ($275), Pebbled Chestnut ($245), Suede Blush ($345), and Mimosa Pilot ($275)

Shearling Slipper in Smoke for My Wife

SENREVE Shearling SlippersShearling Slippers in Smoke ($215)

I’ve had an unofficial tradition of gifting my wife warm fuzzy slippers for the
holidays since we got married several years ago – after all, what could be more useful for getting through cold New York City winters? The
Shearling Slipper fits the bill perfectly, featuring Australian shearling that’s sure to keep you toasty and a grippy rubber sole for navigating those nighttime excursions for milk and cookies with Santa.

SENREVE Shearling SlippersShearling Slippers ($215), Cashmere Blanket ($995) and Candle ($65) from SENREVE’s At Home Collection

Francois, Operations Manager

Passport Holder in Singapore for My Fiancé

SENREVE Passport Holder
Passport Holder in Singapore ($175) 

My fiancé has been wanting a nice passport cover for a while and the SENREVE Passport Holder is perfect! A clean leather design with a pop of yellow. We are always planning our next holiday so it is fitting for our relationship. Also the Singapore colorway is a little nod to our last trip to Singapore and Malaysia where I had proposed.

SENREVE Passport HolderPassport Holder ($175) in Los Angeles, Paris, Vancouver, and Singapore

Cashmere Colorblock Shawl in Desert Lily for My Mother

SENREVE Cashmere ShawlCashmere Color Block Shawl in Desert Lily ($495) 

My mother has never been shy to accessorize and these days she is all about comfort. The cashmere blanket is perfect as we go into fall/winter and is a great go-to piece to keep warm as both a lap blanket and scarf. I have been loving the blanket scarf trend and the golden orange and cream of
Desert Lily compliments my mom’s style perfectly. Can’t wait for her to use this when we go wine tasting this winter. 

SENREVE Cashmere Shawl
Cashmere Colorblock Shawl ($495) in Desert Lily; Maestra Bag ($895) in Pebbled Ice

Daniel, Head of Global Operations

Midi Maestra in Mimosa Pilot for My Mother

SENREVE Midi MaestraMidi Maestra in Mimosa Pilot ($875)

My mother has always been very stylish but she never sacrificed versatility or functionality. The bag must make sense for every situation or she won’t wear it unless I’m visiting. As an educator, she’s always on the move and usually has more than a few items to carry. The Midi Mimosa Pilot lets her organize her belongings and wear the bag however she needs. Security is very important to her so the zipper and strap combo is great. Perfect bag for most any situation.

SENREVE Maestra FamilyMaestra Bag ($995), Midi Maestra ($875), and Mini Maestra ($775) in Mimosa Pilot

City Scarf in Blossom for a Friend

SENREVE City Scarf
City Scarf in Blossom ($85)

The city scarf is stylish, functional and versatile. Those are the types of gifts that I look for. One of my friends in particular lives in San Diego, spends a lot of time at the beach and has a style that is all her own. The City Scarf in Blossom compliments her look and I know she’ll find a dozen different ways of using it.

SENREVE Handbags and City ScarfCity Scarf in Sepia and Blossom ($85); Mini Maestra ($695) in Pebbled Cream; Aria Belt Bag ($445) in Pebbled Blush

Andrew, Finance Manager

Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled Cream for My Fiancée
SENREVE Aria Belt BagAria Belt Bag in Pebbled Cream ($445)

My fiancée loves her bags and she’s been looking for the newest addition to her collection. The Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled Cream would be the perfect gift for her as it’s stylish and can be dressed up or dressed down. Also, its ability to convert into a belt bag, crossbody, or a clutch makes it certain she can use it at any event.

SENREVE Aria Belt BagAria Belt Bag in Pebbled Cream ($445)

Maestra Bag in Pebbled Merlot for My Future Mother-in-Law

SENREVE Maestra BagMaestra Bag in Pebbled Merlot ($895)

My future Mother-in-Law likes to carry everything in her purses, from documents to make-up. It’s pretty much her third closet. The Maestra Bag in Pebbled Merlot is perfect for her since it’s large enough to hold everything she needs and has several compartments to make sure she can keep everything organized. The Merlot color would be perfect for her as she loves unique colors that stand out in a crowd.

SENREVE Maestra BagMaestra Bag in Pebbled Merlot ($895)

Questions about our brand or products? Check out our story, read about our stain- and scratch-resistant leathers, or feel free to chat us or email us at if you have any questions about SENREVE and our products.

Looking for more perfect gifts? Shop our bestsellers here. Looking to send a hint? Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends and family.

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