12 Must Have Travel Accessories for Women

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 20, 2022

Whether you’re going away for business or pleasure, it’s best to have a few travel tips up your sleeve. When you come prepared, your journey ahead is anything but restless. From sleep masks to ensure a restful long flight to a TSA-approved travel essentials kit, these practical travel accessories don’t sacrifice your sophistication for utility.


The 12 must-have travel accessories for women


Without further ado, here are the 12 must-have travel accessories for women:


  1. Travel wallet

The “phone-keys-wallet” check is a must, whether you’re stepping out of your home or your hotel room. And when you’re on the go away from home, having a wallet that you can depend on is extra important.


A good travel wallet offers RFID blocking anti-theft technology, safeguarding your cards while you’re away from home. You can also find a water-resistant design, so you know your essentials are protected. It’s also key to find a travel wallet with plenty of zipper pockets to keep your money and credit cards secure, which can help deter pickpockets if you’re traversing through an unfamiliar place.


  1. Portable charger

Also known as a power bank, these slim batteries are a lifesaver when you’re on the road and need a little help navigating your way around town. There’s also a matter of safety: A fully charged phone is a must, especially if you’re a woman traveling alone. And with a portable charger, you can bring your phone back to full battery – sometimes several times without recharging the battery, depending on the model you have. That’s total travel security.


  1. Sunglasses and glasses carrier

If your destination’s weather forecast predicts bright skies, then pack your sunglasses and a glasses case to keep them scratch-free and close at hand. It’s a small item that doesn’t take up a lot of room in your travel bag, while ensuring you won’t painfully squint as you take in the sights or try to navigate new streets.


Senreve’s Lunettes case is the ideal lightweight carrier that can secure your sunglasses in style. They can hold your reading glasses, too, if you’re making the switch to prescription shades. Made of supple vegan cactus leather with snap closure, it also features a clip-on ring to attach to any of our bags, so you never lose sight of your sunglasses as they sink to the bottom of your tote.


Sunglasses with case and matching purse

The Lunettes Case


  1. Jewelry organizer

When packing for a vacation seamlessly, a day trip, or a trip for work, the last thing you want is to find your jewelry selection tangled in one giant knot. A jewelry organizer helps keep your shiny accessories untangled and in one place. This is extra important if you’re traveling with more priceless pieces.


This jewelry box bag features a secure all-around zipper and a 100% microfiber suede interior to safely store your valuable jewelry pieces on your journey. The best part is you can convert this jewelry box into a clutch or bag, by hooking on an add-on shoulder chain, once you arrive at your destination. This versatile travel accessory can be dressed up or down. 


SENREVE Jewelry Box Bag


  1. Crossbody travel bag

A crossbody travel bag is the ultimate travel accessory. Switch over to this bag once you’ve reached your destination. Not too big that it’s annoying to lug or too small that it’s impractical to hold your essentials, the crossbody lets you keep your valuables in front of your person when wandering new scenery. Our Cadence crossbody features an interior that can fit up to a 6" tablet, three compartments, two slip pockets, a button pocket, and a key leash. So you can go hands-free with confidence, knowing that your essentials are protected and enveloped in clean lines and thoughtful craftsmanship.


  1. Mini first aid kit

As a traveler, a good rule of thumb is to expect the unexpected. Since preparation is everything, invest in a mini first aid kit that has you covered when little bumps and scrapes happen. You can often find these at your local drugstore, or you can build your own from supplies found in your medicine cabinet. A few basics are bandages, individual alcohol prep wipes, disposable gloves, antibiotic cream, eye drops, tweezers, and travel-sized medical scissors.


  1. Passport holder

If you’re traveling out of the country, then your phone-keys-wallet-check should include your passport, too. And since your passport is crucial for getting in and out of your home country, you’ll want it protected at all times.


Our passport holder is the perfect travel accessory to keep your passport, ID, credit cards, and other necessary documents safe and secure. Made with our classic pebbled leather, it has a supple, scratch-resistant finish. The skin is tumbled at the tannery, giving a high-quality and enduring shine.


  1. Travel water bottle

For day trips and domestic travel, it’s a good idea to come prepared with a travel water bottle to stay hydrated and fuel up during more strenuous activities. You can find a durable travel water bottle with a clip that can attach to your travel bag. Plus, you can pack a collapsible, lightweight water bottle in your suitcase or carry-on when traveling by plane. Before boarding, just make sure it’s empty to avoid any slow-downs at airport security.


  1. Laptop sleeve

A carry-on bag or travel bag that’s bigger than your personal item often has a secure laptop compartment. But for bags without a secure place to store your laptop, a leather-bound Envelope Laptop sleeve is great for effortlessly fitting your laptop and work documents on business trips. The main compartment fits up to a 13” MacBook. And it comes in pebbled or mimosa leather with different colors, like noir, marine, forest, Bordeaux, lilac, and more.


  1. Safety alarm to keep on you

To stay safe when traveling, you can invest in a portable safety alarm that you can keep on your person. For some models, you can wear the alarm as a bracelet or on a keychain attached to your bag. Pepper spray attached to your keys is another great way to keep yourself protected.


  1. Sleep mask

If you have a long journey ahead of you – or your hotel room just doesn’t get dark enough – a sleep mask can make a huge difference. This small travel accessory easily folds, so it takes up little room in your travel bag. So prioritize a restful trip with a little assurance that you can dim the lights in any situation, whether on a crowded plane or car ride during the day. And you can include earplugs too to block out any unwanted sound.


  1. Travel bag

Having a go-to travel bag is a must for women on the go because when you find that right bag in the right color and size, there’s no stopping you from going anywhere fully prepared and in style. The perfect travel bag does depend on the person. But you often can’t go wrong with a bag that’s big enough to be a carry-on or act as a weekender bag, which is any bag you can pack for a few nights away.


Senreve offers a variety of bags that fit this description, including our Maestra bag and our Gemelli tote. Both of these bags are big enough to carry what you need without being too cumbersome; plus, they’re effortlessly chic and have built-in organization.


Woman holding white crossbody purse

The Cadence Crossbody


How to make a travel essentials kit


We all know that with travel comes the unexpected, so you can do your best to prepare for surprises by packing a little kit that you can store in your travel bag.

A travel essentials kit for women on the go is your handy safety net for any kind of situation that can arise when traveling. This kit can be the size of a toiletry bag, but the size, ultimately, depends on your personal preference and your essentials. You can include all the items in this list of travel essentials, and add in a few others to ensure you’re fully prepared for anything that may come your way.

Below, we’ll break down how to determine those essentials and make a travel essentials kit:


    • Reflect on past trips.
       First, consider trips you’ve taken in the past and small items that would’ve made the journey a bit easier. For example, spare bandages are always a great idea when walking for a long time if your shoes start to dig into your feet.

    • Consider the destination.
      Though you can keep a standard travel kit with basic items, it’s still important to consider the destination to see if your kit needs something extra. For instance, if you’re traveling outside of the country, then an adapter or converter for plugs is key. Gloves may be another great option if you’re heading to a ski resort.
    • Contemplate the trip length.
       Similar to the destination, you should keep in mind the length of your trip. For longer trips, you might want to include travel-size laundry detergent.

    • Pack a few of the most important items.
      For smaller items, you can pack several without taking up too much space, so pack extra just in case.

  • Don’t overdo it.
     In the same way that some items can benefit from a surplus, it’s best to leave bulkier items that might not be as relevant behind. A good example is extra lenses for a camera –  if you aren’t a professional photographer, that is.


What should I put in a travel essentials kit?


Now, that you know what to consider when making a travel essentials kit, here are some common items to get you started:


  • Toothpaste
  • Lip balm
  • Mini umbrella or poncho
  • Sunscreen
  • Makeup remover
  • Hairbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Band-Aids
  • Safety pins
  • Hair ties
  • Adapter and converter (try for both in one)


Come prepared with the right accessories


Preparing for a trip takes time and research, but when you have your basic travel accessories ready, you can save some time knowing that you’ve got what it takes to embark on a successful trip. With the above accessories and your travel essentials kit that you can easily fit inside your travel bag, there’s no situation or circumstance that you can’t handle. At Senreve, you can explore our collection of travel bags designed for the multifaceted, modern woman on the move.