Our biggest event of the year is now on. Shop mint condition and gently handled styles at up to 65% off. Many styles have only 1-2 units, so act fast.

Ends 8/11. See FAQ for details below.

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Perfectly Repacked

Up to 30% Off
Brand New Styles
(No imperfections or damages)

Perfect Enough

Up to 40% Off
Gently Handled Styles
(1-3 somewhat visible imperfections)

Perfectly Imperfect

Up to 65% Off
Gently Handled Styles
(2-4 minor visible inconsistencies)

Last Chance

Up to 60% Off
Brand New Retiring Styles
(No imperfections or damages)

Home Sale

Up to 60% Off
Brand New Home Styles
(No imperfections or damages)

Perfectly Repacked
(up to 30% off)

Last Chance
(Up To 60% Off)

Gently Handled
(Up To 65% Off)

Home Sale
(Up to 60% Off)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the discount levels for Handbag Revival?

Perfectly Repacked (up to 30% off)
No cosmetic imperfections or damage of any kind but may not be in original packaging.

Examples: different box, missing tissue paper, oversized dust bag

Perfect Enough (40% off)
May contain no more than 3 cosmetic imperfections somewhat visible to the naked eye

Examples: feet at the base with minor scratches or slight discoloration OR small mark on the interior lining or exterior leather or wrinkled leather (no larger than 4 cm)
Perfect condition styles that we're retiring from our collection. 

Perfectly Imperfect (65% off)
May contain 2-4 blemishes that are visible to the naked eye
Note: there are no functional issues with the bags

Examples: scuffed feet at the base, dented gussets, mark on the interior lining or exterior leather (~3-5 cm)

Last Chance (up to 60% off)
Retiring styles that have no cosmetic imperfections or damage of any kind and will arrive in original packaging. 

Home (up to 60% off)
Take home our most coveted staples like our silk pajama set and irresistible cashmere blankets, up to 50% off. No imperfections or damage of any kind.

Is my Handbag Revival bag covered under the warranty?

Handbag Revival imperfections are not covered under the SENREVE Two Year Limited Warranty.

Shipping & Returns
What's the return/exchange policy for Handbag Revival?

Products labeled as FINAL SALE cannot be returned for refund or exchanged for product or store credit. All Perfect Enough, Perfectly Imperfect, Last Chance, and Home Sale styles are FINAL SALE.

Products labeled as EXCHANGE ONLY can only be exchanged for another SENREVE purchase or store credit within 30 days upon receiving your order, no refunds. Perfectly Repacked styles are eligible for EXCHANGE ONLY.

How long will it take for my Handbag Revival Order to arrive?

Due to increased order volume, please allow extra time for your purchase to be delivered.

Are you offering free duties to any countries?

Orders shipping to Hong Kong and Singapore are always duty-free. 

From now through August 11th only, we are offering duty-free on orders shipping to the following countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom.

International orders placed on the United States locale using Shop Pay are excluded from free shipping and duty-free offers. To be eligible for free shipping and duty-free offers to the above countries, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose one of the eligible countries as the shipping destination.