Cashmere Blanket


Cashmere Blanket

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Lunettes Case | Pebbled
Élevée Phone Crossbody | Piccola
Convertible Jewelry Box Bag | Pebbled
Letter Charm | Stainless Steel
Cable Long Convertible Chain | Plated Brass
Heart Charm Necklace | Stainless Steel
Reversible Pet Collar | Pebbled
Reversible Shoulder Strap | Colorblock
Flat Long Convertible Chain | Plated Brass
Flat Long Convertible Chain | Enamel Coated Aluminum
Classic Long Convertible Chain | Plated Brass
Pearl Shoulder Chain
Pearl Drop Shoulder Chain | Plated Brass
Adjustable Statement Shoulder Strap | Cotton Jacquard
Milli Maestra | Pebbled
Mini Envelope Sleeve | Pebbled
Envelope Laptop Sleeve | Pebbled
Reversible Pet Collar | Vegan Amica
Strati Strap | Pebbled
Bold Link Short Chain | Plated Aluminum
Bold Link Shoulder Chain | Plated Aluminum
Furry Keychain
Lunettes Case | Cactus
Cable Shoulder Chain | Plated Brass
Infinity Chain | Acetate
Flat Chain | Acetate
Angled Chain | Acetate
Beveled Shoulder Chain | Plated Brass
Globe Keyring | Vegan Terra
Élevée Chain | Acetate
Supernova Scarf
Gemelli Belt | Cactus
Heartmark | Smooth
Voter Scarf
Women Of The World Scarf
Jewelry Tray | Dolce
City Scarf
Passport Holder | Pietra
Envelope Laptop Sleeve | Mimosa
Bracelet Pouch | Pebbled
Bracelet Pouch | Dragon
Bracelet Pouch | Mimosa
Octopi Pendant
Golden Gate Bridge Pendant
Ponte Vecchio Pendant
Carte Folio | Mixed Leather
Carte Folio | Dragon
Silk Face Mask in Ash Rose
PM 2.5 Mask Filters

Design Notes

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100% Cashmere and cozy, add to your bed as a luxury accent, or drape over your couch.

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