Carte Folio | Dragon


Carte Folio | Dragon

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Aria Élevée Belt Bag | Pebbled
Cadence Crossbody | Pebbled
Après Aria Belt Bag | Faux Shearling
Aria Belt Bag | Pebbled
Alunna Bag | Pebbled
Mini Maestra | Pebbled
Midi Maestra | Pebbled
Maestra Bag | Pebbled
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Midi Maestra | Vegan Terra
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Barrel Bag | Pebbled
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Cornetti Bag | Sereno
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Cadence Crossbody | Dragon
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Après Cadence Crossbody | Faux Shearling
Cadence Tote | Piccola
Doctor Bag | Dolce
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Strati Sporta | Nylon
Maestra Bag | Mimosa
Mini Alunna Bag | Vegan Saffiano
Fiore Bucket Bag | Pebbled
Mini Maestra | Mimosa
Aria Belt Bag | Cactus
Doctor Bag | Pebbled
Mini Maestra | Dolce
Circa Bag | Mimosa
Maestra Bag | Vegan Saffiano
Armonica Bag | Pebbled
Midi Maestra | Mimosa
Maestra Bag | Dragon
Strati Sporta | Pebbled
Mini Maestra | Dragon
Midi Maestra | Dragon
Red Carpet Clutch | Exotic
Armonica Bag | Vegan Amica
Convertible Jewelry Box Bag | Pebbled

Design Notes

Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Fits in the palm of your hand, your pocket, and in all of our handbag silhouettes.
A card case with a slim and compact profile. With ample compartments to keep your cards and bank notes secure and within reach.

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