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    Lady Suite Refresh & Rejuvenate Bundle

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    Product Description

    Bundle, save and say NO to intimate skin struggles on the daily with a regular regimen of gentle cleansing + hydrating. These are the vulva essentials you, and your lady parts will love. 

    Step 1: Our Probiotic Refreshing cleanser comforts and gently cleanses vulva skin (external skin surrounding the vagina) keeping bad bacteria in check without drying or disturbing optimal pH levels. 

    Step 2: A daily application of our best-selling Rejuvenating Botanical Oil soothes and moisturizes intimate skin and hair, and effectively helps prevent ingrowns, razor bumps, dryness, itching, and daily discomfort. 

    Brought to you by Lady Suite.

    Details + Dimensions


    • Includes Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser (100ml) and Rejuvenating Botanical Oil (30ml)
    • Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser is a gentle feminine wash designed to cleanse, condition and soothe the delicate vulva area – the non-self cleansing lady bits located outside of the vagina – while supporting vulva pH balance for healthy harmony down south
    • Rejuvenating Botanical Oil provides essential moisture for fewer ingrown hairs, razor burns, and other common sensitivities. It also helps rejuvenate and soften skin and hair. It acts as a calming and protective solution pre/post-hair removal 
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    Meet The Brand

    Lady Suite makes premium, natural, skin care for a balanced, bump-free bikini area. They're here to redefine self-care and undo tired taboos through smarter education, real conversation, and clean + effective care.