Statement Shoulder Purse Strap

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    Statement Shoulder Strap

    Product Description

    Let your bag do the talking for you with our new Statement Shoulder Strap – a playful yet practical accessory for your Alunna Bag or Mini Maestra. Switch out your bag's existing leather strap for something a little more playful yet powerful.

    Made from handwoven cotton jacquard, its wide design distributes weight evenly across your shoulder for increased comfort. Clip any small pouch item (we suggest our Milli Maestra) onto its metallic D-ring detail for additional storage.

    To remove your SENREVE bag's existing leather strap, warm the leather for a few minutes on a low heat setting with a hairdryer. Slip a small rounded tool under your strap's leather loop to loosen it just enough to slip over the metal stud. Your leather strap should then be removed easily.

    Details + Dimensions


    • Made from handwoven cotton jacquard
    • Metal D-ring attachment 
    • Two metallic clasps to hook onto any bag
    • Care instructions: Keep away from water or other liquids that may damage the woven material of the strap.
    • If you have any questions about this product, please use our chat below, or email us at


    • Length: 35.8" or 91cm
    • Width: 1.9" or 5cm