Happy Earth Day: 100% Vegan Is Here

by / Apr 22, 2020

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In honor of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, we are announcing the pre-launch of our 100% vegan, luxury handbag collection. Hundreds of our customers have requested their favorite SENREVE handbags in non-leather materials, and we are so excited to finally share our vegan line. 

For over a year, we’ve been working closely with our Italian factories to bring you a luxurious 100% Vegan Maestra handbag made with absolutely no animal byproducts. Our vegan handbags—just like all of our SENREVE bags—are made in Florence, Italy and handcrafted by artisans. With our vegan collection, you don’t have to compromise style, quality, and versatility for animal-free products.

SENREVE Vegan Forest Maestra 
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The search for a luxurious vegan material
We stand by the policy that top-quality products begin with exceptional ingredients. This dedication led to our search to find the most luxurious eco-materials possible.  

While Tuscany is world-renowned for its leather handbag production and craftsmanship, it’s not the obvious choice for animal-free options. This made our process challenging.

That said, we cut no corners when sourcing the best quality vegan materials we could find. We believed our vegan collection needed to maintain the same standards as our traditional leather collection, across durability, touch, and aesthetic. 

We searched around the globe for new types of leather alternatives, eventually partnering with a company committed to constant research and improvement of their fabrics, coating, dyes to create materials focused on quality and sustainability. For months we teamed up with our factory team to ensure the vegan material had the same look and feel as our leather and could stand up to daily wear and tear. Over the past year, our team has spent countless hours prototyping, testing, and obsessing over every detail to ensure our vegan collection met the highest standards. This is just the beginning of our continual commitment to producing products that mindfully balance both the environment and our love of luxury.

Our final vegan material has a beautiful saffiano texture that is scratch- and water-resistant. Saffiano is a style of etching that creates texture and is commonly used in luxury handbags. It also ensures that the surface of the bag is more durable, resistant to scratches and stains, and repels water. We are proud to announce that our vegan bags have the same elegant design, impeccable quality and innovative construction as our traditional leather styles.

SENREVE Vegan Forest Midi Maestra
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It’s all in the details
When creating our vegan line, we went back to our original Maestra styles, which have over 100 individual components. We took a look at each of these pieces to ensure they were made from no animal products. Within the bag itself, there are many additional components—such as reinforcements and anti-tear tape—that help to shape the bag and ensure durability. Many of these components are also made out of animal byproducts. We spent a year painstakingly evaluating every part of the bag to understand the source and re-create from non-animal materials.

SENREVE Vegan Maestra Compeonents

Through this process, we learned that these smaller components are much harder to source as “animal-free”. Traditional animal-based materials are much more commonly used to construct handbags, therefore, they are purchased in higher quantities, have a larger market, and are more competitively priced. Comparatively, the vegan market is niche thus operating at much higher price points

That said, we wanted to hold our handbags to the highest standards, as we do with all SENREVE products. So, we decided to invest in quality vegan materials to deliver you the best vegan handbag that exists -- it just so happens to be cruelty-free.

 Artisan Molding SENREVE Vegan Maestra

In all of our collections, we custom dye our materials to match our specific SENREVE hues—such as Forest or Merlot. We did the same for our vegan collection, minimizing the sheen of traditional vegan products so we could maintain the same luxurious feel as our other collections. Our artisans then paint, dry, and bake the edges of each handbag by hand for a finished product. 

Handcrafted by Italian artisans 
Just like our original leather line, all bags in our Vegan collection are hand-stitched by Italian artisans. We work with a factory that has been passed down through generations to preserve the traditional craft of producing leather goods. The founder of the factory grew up as an artisan himself and, at 80+ years, he is still actively involved in the process, working on the floor and ensuring the highest quality!  

SENREVE Vegan Noir
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For our vegan launch, all sizes of the Maestra, including the original, Midi, and Mini, in Noir, Forest, and Merlot are available for an exclusive pre-order period. 

Thank you for your dedication, support, and advocacy to help us preserve Mother Earth. We’re committed to serving not only you but to do what’s right for our planet. This is only the beginning—stay tuned as we launch new vegan styles and colors throughout the year! 

SENREVE Vegan Maestra
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