The SENREVE Palette

Discover our rainbow of three-dimensional colors, ready to match your entire wardrobe.
Trying to choose between two hues? Explore the most requested comparisons below.

Classic Blacks

Pebbled Noir

Vegan Noir

Mimosa Onyx

Dragon Noir

Dolce Charcoal

Cactus Midnight

Piatta Noir

Warm Browns

Pebbled Chestnut

Dragon Chestnut

Vegan Terra Savanna

Vegan Saffiano Pecan

Dolce Chocolate

Vegan Terra Canyon

Piatta Camel

Cool, Light Browns

Pebbled Sand

Mimosa Latte

Dragon Latte

Mimosa Mocha

Vegan Terra Desert

Shades of Red

Pebbled Merlot

Pebbled Spice

Vegan Saffiano Merlot

Mimosa Bordeaux

Dolce Raspberry

Dragon Aubergine

Dragon Merlot

Fresh Greens

Pebbled Forest

Dragon Forest

Pebbled Sage

Pebbled Mint

Hues of Blue

Mimosa Pilot

Pebbled Marine

Vegan Terra Arctic

Pebbled Ice

Mimosa Spearmint

Sunny Yellows

Mimosa Lemon

Mimosa Chiffon

Pebbled Turmeric

Piccola Saffron

Spring Pinks & Purples

Mimosa Peony

Pebbled Mauve

Pebbled Blush

Pebbled Lavender

Mimosa Lilac

Piatta Barbiecore Pink

Dolce Butterscotch

Creams & Whites

Pebbled Cream

Dragon Cream

Mimosa Blanc

Vegan Terra Tundra

Piatta Ivory

Neutral Greys

Dolce Dove

Mimosa Storm

Dragon Storm

Color Comparisons

Our leathers are carefully crafted with a range of tones in their peaks and valleys for a unique three-dimensional look. Different lighting will reflect different tones. Here are our most requested color comparisons in studio and natural lighting.

Mimosa Latte vs. Pebbled Sand

Mimosa Latte is a warmer, slightly darker hue, while Pebbled Sand is an even more neutral, warm grey, taupe color.

Scroll through to take a look at the leathers in natural light.

Pebbled Noir vs. Dolce Charcoal

The Dolce Charcoal has a larger, softer grain and is a rich, thick black. The Pebbled Noir has a smaller, flatter grain.

Dolce Butterscotch vs. Pebbled Blush

Aside from their different textures, the Dolce Butterscotch is a warmer, more beige pink. The Pebbled Blush is paler, and more of a traditional blush color.

Dolce Chocolate vs. Dolce Charcoal

Dolce Chocolate is a rich, deep brown. Dolce Charcoal is the same leather, but in a shade of black.

Pebbled Noir vs. Pebbled Forest

Our Pebbled Forest Leather is a dark, velvety green that may, in some lights, be misread as black. It fits the perfect role of colorful neutral in your closet. Our Pebbled Noir is a true black leather.

Try These Styles At Home

Curious to try a style at home before you purchase? Choose up to 3 styles to try at home for 7 days and only pay for what you keep.

*Try Before You Buy is currently available for US residents only, excluding New Mexico and Nevada.*