Empowering Mindful Luxury

Sustainable From The Start

From the first handbag we produced, we set aggressive goals to follow a more progressive and sustainable way of creating luxury products. We have a responsibility to shine a light on the negative impacts of traditional fashion on the world.

Fashion is a significant contributor to global pollution, responsible for 20% of water waste and 10% of carbon emissions. Twenty-one billion tons of textiles are disposed of in landfills per year. Additionally, fashion brands are notorious for burning billions worth of excess product. We stand by never destroying or burning our bags. SENREVE was founded on the principles that we could produce handbags responsibly, with more care for our planet.

Versatile Design For The Modern Woman

We’ve consciously designed our handbags for longevity, through our scratch, stain, and water-resistant materials. Instead of chasing seasonal trends, we are passionate about creating classic pieces that never go out of style. All of our handbags are high quality and versatile, with a 2-year warranty, empowering more mindful consumption for the modern woman.


Selecting Ethical Partners

Each of our bags is handcrafted by artisans, and we only partner with suppliers after being able to confirm their safety, health, and fair working conditions. We only partner with tanneries and artisan workshops that strive to reduce their environmental footprint and care for their employees. As part of the Leather Working Group (LWG), our tanneries follow a strict employee code of conduct and are working towards aggressive goals in reducing water pollution, increasing water-use efficiency, and minimizing chemical waste.

Our partners in Italy also invest in the future of their craft and give back to the community. They sponsor an artisan and technician training school and have developed an apprenticeship program to work with students who will become the next generation of master artisans.

Implementing Process Innovations

Creating handbags requires energy and water, so we choose our partners carefully and work with them to minimize chemical usage, waste, and energy use. We specifically selected our tanneries in Santa Croce, Tuscany because they have some of the best water purifying systems in all of Europe. We’ve also designed our network to reduce our carbon footprint from transportation, by working with raw materials suppliers and factories that are co-located in Tuscany. Read more about our Italian Leather and Craftmanship with the link below.


Dedicated To Zero Waste

In every step, we are committed to reducing waste from our manufacturing process and have sold all products we’ve ever produced, ensuring none of our handbags have been burned. We believe in high-quality, timeless styles that are not discarded when the next fashion fad comes around. We produce limited quantities of our handbags and take pre-orders to ensure that everything we’re creating is loved by the community.

We also try to be creative in our usage of excess materials. To avoid burning leather scraps or disposing of them in landfills, we’ve developed small leather goods such as our Carte Folios.


Our Path To Sustainability

We’re proud of our sustainable practices to date, but we know that fashion as an industry is behind and we are pushing the boundaries with our partners to do and be better. We continuously look for ways to protect our community, our people, and our planet. We have ambitious plans to further reduce our carbon footprint and continue innovating to push forward these initiatives. We’re committed to empowering mindful luxury for future generations.