Meet Our Leathers

Discover all the details about our unique traditional and vegan leathers.

Traditional Leathers


This classic leather is our most durable, scratch, stain, and water-resistant. It is a structured full grain skin with a small pebbled texture and a light shine. Shop all Pebbled styles.

pebbled leather attributes chart


The soft and supple Dolce highlights the natural grain of leather, while offering moderate resistance to water. It has a light shine. Shop all Dolce styles.

dolce leather attributes chart


Mimosa has a long-grain bark-like finish, which makes the leather more structured and substantial than Pebbled. It is moderately water, stain, and scratch-resistant. Shop all Mimosa styles.

mimosa leather attributes chart


This embossed leather is crafted with an intricate method that mimics the texture and color variations of crocodile (so every bag is entirely unique). It is water, stain and scratch-resistant, and our most stiff leather, perfect for those who enjoy a structured bag. Shop all Dragon styles.

dragon leather attributes chart


Our smoothest and most supple leather is soft to the touch. Sereno leather has a light sheen and is slightly more resistant to scratches and water than a traditional nappa leather. Shop The Cornetti in Sereno.

pebbled leather attributes chart


This smooth, flexible material, is supple and soft to the touch. It does not have protective coating so is not scratch or water resistant and should be worn with care. Shop The Cavalla in Piatta.

piatta leather attributes chart


Our new Piccola Leather is one of our softest yet. With a supple, tumbled texture, it has moderate water resistance and shine. Shop The Cavalla Satchel in Piccola.

piatta leather attributes chart


Similar to Piatta, our new Tocca Leather features a smooth grain and is supple to the touch. It is less delicate and more structured than Piatta, making it perfect to craft and hold the unique shape of the Mini Fortuna. Shop the Fortuna collection.

tocca leather attributes chart

Vegan Leathers


This soft, smooth, and supple vegan leather is sustainably made from cactus leaves, which require no irrigation and grow through CO2 absorption, minimizing the carbon footprint for production. It is our most lightweight. It is more matte and delicate than our Pebbled leather, but more abrasion and water-resistant than a traditional nappa leather. Shop all Cactus styles.

cactus leather attributes chart

Vegan Terra

Vegan Terra is our most sustainable material, crafted from lab-formulated Bio-Tex™ by BioFabbrica. It is made from 100% plant-based proteins and bio-PU. Similar in texture to our Mimosa leather, it is more supple and lightweight, with less shine. It is durable, abrasion-resistant and water-resistant. Shop all Vegan Terra styles.

vegan terra leather attributes chart

Vegan Saffiano

Made from 100% vegan materials, our Vegan Saffiano features a cross-hatch pattern and texture that is scratch, stain, and water-resistant. It has a light sheen, is structured and durable and is a lightweight alternative to our Pebbled leather. Shop all Vegan Saffiano styles.

vegan saffiano leather attributes chart

Vegan Amica

Made with 100% vegan materials, Vegan Amica leather is embossed and mimics the texture and color variation of a crocodile, so every bag is unique. It has a high-shine exterior and is scratch, stain and water resistant. Shop all Vegan Amica styles.

vegan amica leather attributes chart

Dreamy Interiors

Every bag interior is crafted with a supple, stain-resistant, and vegan DreamFibre micro-suede interior.

Our Vegan Terra leather styles are lined with a new interior eco lining made from 100% recycled material, 50% renewable materials, that is GRS Certified (Global Recycled Standard) and Solvent Free (uses only water-based products to have a low environmental impact in the production process).

Both interiors are vegan and created specifically in our signature Dream Blue, a light hue designed for easy location of even the smallest item in your bag.

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