AAPI Heritage Month: Kinflyte

by Sara Wennerstrom / May 10, 2023

As part of our ongoing celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, allow us to introduce you to Vivian Lee, the founder of Kinflyte. Started in 2019, Kinflyte is an inclusive brand that creates sustainable apparel (we’re talking comfy, supportive bras) to help everybody move better. Read on to hear more about Vivian and how their AAPI heritage has influenced their brand and products.


What inspired you to start your business kinflyte


Vivian: For many years, I worked in product marketing in the video game industry and in consumer tech. While I was nursing my daughter, I struggled with chronic back pain and posture concerns. After trying various posture correctors, posture bras, and sports bras, it dawned on me - there wasn't a great comfortable, wearable solution. So, I went about creating a wire-free posture bra that was versatile and aesthetically beautiful. I partnered with a veteran performance wear designer and consulted with physical therapists and personal trainers to design a game-changing active bra. We've come a long way since first launching in 2019. Kinflyte is now known for making pain-free sports bras with patented posture support.


How does your AAPI heritage influence your brand and products? 

Vivian: I was granted a utility patent for our innovative posture bra design. As a first-generation Korean American, I was influenced by my Korean heritage. Our aesthetics is inspired by traditional Korean wear (hanbok) and classic shapewear. Kinflyte's sports bras have a retro-futuristic look, and stand apart from conventional sports bras in both design and function.

In what ways do you aim to celebrate and uplift the AAPI community through your business?

Vivian: We openly talk about the influence of Korean culture in our
origin story. We celebrate our Asian American identity and how that makes us different in our approach to activewear design. We highlight the importance of diversity when it comes to size inclusivity (XS to 7XL) and not being pigeonholed to a specific beauty standard or a specific size that defines an "active woman." Our goal is to empower more women to be active.

How have you navigated challenges or obstacles as an AAPI founder? 

Vivian: There are very few AAPI founders in the outdoor industry and activewear space, and it has been a challenge to convey our unique proposition. We have grown our business as a direct-to-consumer e-commerce brand, thanks to our customers who love our products and keep coming back. We would love to work with more retailers that champion diverse founders in the activewear space.