AAPI Heritage Month: Wildwonder

by Sara Wennerstrom / May 12, 2023

Each May, we recognize Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, a time to honor and celebrate the contributions of the AAPI community to American culture. As an Asian-American founded and operated company, this cause is particularly meaningful to us at SENREVE, and we look forward to highlighting our AAPI community each year.

We're excited to continue this year’s celebration by showcasing another incredible AAPI-owned brand: Wildwonder, created by Rosa Li.

What inspired you to start your business?

Rosa: Growing up, my Chinese grandma brewed these healing tonics with a symphony of wild herbs and botanicals that were great for my health. She taught me the philosophy of food as medicine from an early age. Fast forward to grown up me, I worked a lot of stressful jobs and started to feel the effect on my body, mostly in my gut. So I returned to grandma's homemade tonics and became a true believer in gut health. Drinks that focus on gut health have an acquired taste (think Kombucha, drinking vinegar) and aren't the most approachable. As a foodie, I don't believe in giving up taste for health. So I brewed up wildwonder, a sparkling beverage reimagining the healing tonics of my heritage by combining herbal wisdom with whimsical flavors. Think grandma wisdom with the concept of a California produce stand! 

How does your AAPI heritage influence your brand and products?

Rosa: Heritage is the inspiration for our drinks and comes through the botanical / herbal component of our flavors. The first and most important ingredient of our drinks is fresh brewed herbs and botanicals. Herbs and botanicals also provide a lot of health benefits. For instance, jerusalem artichoke and chicory root in our drinks are high in fiber and boost gut & immune health. 

In what ways do you aim to celebrate and uplift the AAPI community through your business?

Rosa: Our mission is to create everyday wonders and for those under-voiced in our communities. 5% of every can goes towards causes that empower women and marginalized communities. We collaborated with and donated to AAPI communities including Project by Project, Cut Fruit Collective, etc. We are also super excited to represent the AAPI community in Smorgasburg LA (the largest open air food markets) this May.  

How have you navigated challenges or obstacles as an AAPI founder?

Rosa: As an AAPI and female founder, I always have to fight harder for representation, and for my voice to be heard. I love collaborating and working with other members of the AAPI community to uplift each other.  

What advice would you give to other AAPI entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Rosa: Building a company and a brand takes a village! So build a community so we can all support each other during the good times and bad times.