AAPI Month: Pinkmoon

by Sara Wennerstrom / May 27, 2023

For our fourth feature in our AAPI Heritage Month series, we are excited to share a Q&A with Lin Chen, the founder of Pink Moon. At SENREVE, we believe in uplifting and supporting our fellow AAPI entrepreneurs, and we're thrilled to have the opportunity to feature another inspiring founder. 

What inspired you to start your business?

Lin: The vision is inspired by my heritage, ancient holistic rituals, and my self-love journey. I built the brand after being in a series of unhealthy codependent relationships where I never took time for myself or never really truly loved myself, thus my mental, emotional and physical health suffered. I found refuge in diving deeply into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Astrology, which I grew up practicing. Integrating the two together (along with other ancient holistic modalities like crystal healing, Reiki, and aromatherapy) helped to guide my own healing and self-love journey. Doing this gave me the strength to love myself truly deeply and unapologetically, regain my confidence, and realize the importance of self-love and self-care.

I really put my whole soul into Pink Moon and the brand is essentially a love letter to my heritage.

How does your AAPI heritage influence your brand and products?

Lin: Every April, there is a “pink moon” full moon, which signifies renewal, reflection, and self-growth. And the full moon in Chinese culture is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and human emotions. Additionally, many of our ingredients, formulas, and tools incorporate the transformative benefits of various eastern holistic practices including TCM, Reiki, and elemental astrology.

In what ways do you aim to celebrate and uplift the AAPI community through your business?

Lin: We partnered with Womankind, NYC-based charity that supports AAPI women who are survivors of domestic violence. 1% of our revenue from online orders is donated to this charity. We have also donated to other organizations that support local AAPI communities including AAPI Women Lead, Send Love to Chinatown, and Heart of Dinner.

How have you navigated challenges or obstacles as an AAPI founder?

Lin: Surrounding myself with other AAPI female founders has helped me navigate challenges and obstacles. I have a few founder friends where we text each other almost every day to check on each other, share advice and business strategies, and keep it real.

What advice would you give to other AAPI entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Lin: Don't let fear or anyone/anything stop you from pursuing your dreams.