15 Anniversary Gift Ideas For Women

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 02, 2022

Searching for an anniversary gift can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially if you’re shopping for someone who seemingly has it all. Gift cards and flowers are nice, but they don’t speak to the expression of love you want to espouse for your partner. A unique and meaningful gift is a physical reminder to your spouse that you adore and admire her. If you feel stuck for suggestions, the 15 anniversary gift ideas for women listed here are sure to impress.


15 anniversary gift ideas for women


Break out of chocolates and romantic dinner mode. These 15 anniversary gifts for women offer fresh takes on gifting for this momentous occasion.


  1. A spa gift certificate

Your partner deserves some pampering time in between the tasks on her lengthy to-do list. A spa gift certificate is a perfect gift for her to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. Best of all, she can choose the treatment she wants, so her spa time is truly customized to her ideal experience.


  1. Silk robe

After a long day, there’s nothing better than slipping into a silky robe that envelopes your loved one in comfort. Silk robes are thermoregulating, so they stay cool no matter the temperature.
She can wear it after a soak in the bath or lounge around in it for continuous relaxation.


  1. A statement scarf

If you’re looking for a unique gift that she’ll use time and again, a silk scarf in an eye-catching pattern, her favorite color, or something reminiscent of a special memory you share is a great option. Timeless and versatile, she can wear her new silk scarf around her neck, or she can style it on her favorite handbag by tying it to the handles.


Model wearing scarf as a headband

The City Scarf in Azure paired with the Aria Belt Bag


  1. Jewelry

While jewelry isn’t quite an original idea for an anniversary gift, the right piece will be admired, appreciated, and treasured by your loved one. When making the right selection, look out for something unique that speaks to your relationship – not just a heart necklace or a diamond. A beautiful charm depicting the Golden Gate Bridge can be deeply meaningful if the Bay Area plays into your history as a couple. Or opt for something symbolic of your partner’s intelligence, versatility, and one-of-a-kind nature – just like the octopus.


  1. A personalized photo book

For a gift that’ll last a lifetime, place all of your favorite memories with your significant other in one meaningful photo book. From wedding photos to vacations and quirky dates, this sweet, sentimental gift will be a highly treasured and precious keepsake.


  1. Event tickets

If you want to step away from gifting trinkets that may end up in the back of her closet, choose an adventure instead. Creating more memories is one of the best gifts to give someone, especially your significant other. Whether it’s watching her favorite sports team, going to a Broadway show, or dancing to her favorite artist, you're sure to make her smile with event tickets as an anniversary gift.


  1. A convertible jewelry box

Jewelry case by day, handbag by night. If you’ve already showered your special someone with jewelry throughout the years, this anniversary, consider a beautiful, secure container to hold all those precious gems. The Convertible Jewelry Box Bag is a durable pebbled leather case that can be worn as a cross-body when a strap is added to the D rings on either side.


Two convertible jewelry boxes with chain straps

The Convertible Jewelry Box Bag


  1. First dance lyrics wall art

Commemorate your first night spent as a married couple with a framed picture of your first dance lyrics. This sentimental gift will melt her heart no matter how many years you’ve been married  – whether this is your first anniversary or your 50th.


  1. Love messages in a jar

Not every gift you give needs to be over the top; it’s what comes from the heart that matters. Instead of showing your special someone why you love them, tell them in a thoughtful DIY present. Write small love notes and fond memories on slips of paper and place them in a decorative mason jar. She can take out each message whenever she’d like. For an extra touch, place an elegant keyring on a ribbon and tie it around the mouth of the jar.


  1. Book a weekend mini getaway

Grab your suitcase (or a purse built for travel) and start packing for a mini getaway. Book a hotel near the first place you met, or get on a plane and head to one of her dream destinations (if you have enough time off). To make it interesting, don’t tell her where you’re going but provide a few details on what to pack. A mini vacation is a gift she will love and one that you can enjoy too.


  1. A new handbag

If your loved one has been eyeing a new bag, surprise her with it. She may not be inclined to treat herself, but your gift would make for a nice surprise. Whether a neutral crossbody or a vibrant oversized tote, the right bag certainly lasts longer than a dozen roses.


Model balancing the maestra handbag on her knee

The Maestra in Pebbled Blush


  1. Cashmere blanket

Days off couldn’t be more relaxing and cozy than with a soft cashmere blanket. Warm, cozy, and silky smooth to the touch, they can be layered on a bed or draped across a couch, ready and in reach for a relaxing movie night at home.


  1. Restaurant reservations

An experience can be just as meaningful as a gift. Whether your spouse has a favorite chef, a beloved cuisine, or a unique food and drink experience she’s always wanted to try, making the reservation can be quite the romantic gesture. You can add a little mystery to the occasion by surprising your loved one with the location.


  1. Espresso machine

If your partner is a coffee enthusiast, or if it’s something you enjoy together, create your own cafe at home with the gift that offers something delightful every morning: An espresso machine. You can set this up as a delightful surprise. Set up a barista cart filled with her favorite coffee beans, sweeteners, and mugs – maybe even an anniversary mug to fit the occasion. And when she wakes up or gets home from work, the new espresso station is waiting. To take this to new heights, place the espresso machine alongside a mini fridge that can hold her favorite milk.


  1. World map of everywhere you traveled

If you’re a couple who loves to travel, document all the places you’ve been with a customized world map. You can choose to mark each place you traveled with a pin, or place a cute photo of the two of you at each destination. Then, each time you travel after this anniversary, you get to mark off a new place.


SENREVE model wrapped in cashmere blanket

The Cashmere Blanket in Two-tone Tuscan Sun


What should you look for in an anniversary gift?


Whether one of our ideas strikes a chord or you’re planning something special that’s altogether different, there are some key aspects to look for when locking down the perfect anniversary gift. Keep these general tips in mind:


  • Something she wouldn't buy for herself. The best tip for gift giving is to keep the sweet spot in mind between wanting something and needing
     something. Your spouse may never spring for that handbag she’s been eyeing, but when you surprise her with it, it becomes something extra special.

  • Something meaningful. Not all gifts need to drip in diamonds. Sometimes, it’s the experience or thought behind the gift that matters most.

  • Something unique. Your relationship – and your love for your partner – is unlike anything out there. A gift as singular as her is quite appropriate, whether it’s customized, out of the ordinary, or something personally meaningful to her.


The perfect anniversary gift carries deep meaning


Searching for the perfect gift for your loved one can go in many directions. You can create something yourself, buy something she’ll love, or opt for an experience that shapes long-lasting memories you’ll both hold dear. That can take the form of a beautiful new handbag, an evening at her favorite Broadway play, or a photo book filled with mementos of your journeys together. Whichever route is best for you, select something that’s unique, yet holds special meaning or sentimental value.