Ashley Park x L’Officiel

by / Dec 08, 2021
The secret is out (finally) and we’re having our Cover Girl moment right now. We had the special opportunity to work with Ashley Park and L’Officiel, for our very first appearance on a major magazine cover. The story follows Ashley’s road to Netflix fame with “Emily in Paris,” how her role as a leader in the APPI community has evolved with time, and the best pinch-me moments of her career thus far. We encourage you to read the digital interview to get Ashley’s take on the past year and what’s new and different for Emily in Paris. Season 2.

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As an AAPI female founded brand, we were honored to have Ashley as the star of our first magazine cover moment. She is a proud Korean-American, a voice for the community, and a talented actress who “in just a single line, [can deliver] heartbreak, humor, and hope.”

Park speaks about her own experiences during the pandemic, “I think we’ve all had different chapters,” mentioning her traveling and stages of isolation away from friends and family. She keeps it honest and real, talking as if she was catching up with a friend over coffee. She spends time giving us her perspective and new found identity within the AAPI community. A voice of resilience, vulnerability and pride, she recognizes that while her education limits her from speaking about “the subject of systemic racism on an academic level,” she has the platform, and power to speak from personal experience.

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One of the most powerful quotes we took from the article was her response to the influx of questions from the press (and world) asking ‘what is it like to be an Asian - American?’ Park keeps it straightforward and to the point with a quick “hold on. I’ve learned how to survive in this country, in this industry, and in my own skin because I’ve figured out how to navigate this identity. I’ve figured out ways to comfort myself. I’m happy that you’re finally ready to listen, but there has to be a level of respect, too. There’s no on-off switch for trauma.”

This article is one you don’t want to miss. Park speaks from the heart, and lets you in on a small part of who she is, what’s been going on in her world, and what it’s like to be a star on a series watched by over 58 million people worldwide.

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