Introducing Our At Home Collection

by / Jul 09, 2020

Everyone is spending more time at home than ever these days, so we wanted to provide cozy, comforting items to elevate your living space through SENREVE At Home, launching today. Our At Home line includes cashmere and candles to bring luxurious warmth through these uncertain times. With our signature candles and cashmere pieces, we hope you can create your own Zen at home.

Woman reading in bed

"Luxury cashmere is very aligned with our vision to empower women with beautiful, artisanal products that are timeless and versatile. We are so thrilled to be sharing our high-quality 100% cashmere to launch our SENREVE at Home line. We're also introducing relaxing candles that are 100% vegan, hand-poured, and non-toxic which are perfect to help create a calm and Zen ambience at home during this crazy time.”

-Coral Chung, CEO & Co-founder at SENREVE

Searching for the highest quality materials

Over the past few months we’ve searched for items to improve our living spaces and bring comfort to our homes. When we couldn’t find luxurious, high-quality, products available, we knew we had to develop our own At Home line.

Back when we launched our leather handbags, we traveled to Tuscany to find the highest-quality leather available and partnered with artisans who were experts at their craft. We took the same approach with our At Home products by going straight to the source for only the best materials and manufacturing partners.

Our cashmere pieces are all handknit in Mongolia and made from materials that are harvested humanely from nomadic goats by local herders. These goats produce the world's highest quality cashmere, as they grow fine, warm and lightweight coats to adapt to the harsh, cold environment. Once a year in the springtime, goat herders harvest the fleece by combing the coats, carrying on a centuries-old tradition. 100% high-quality cashmere means that it is breathable, durable, and lightweight.

Model collage with coatigan and shawl

Upholding our standards of ethical and sustainable sourcing, we only work with companies who use this traditional, humane method of combing cashmere without hurting the animals. We partner with companies that are working towards sustainable cashmere sourcing and are working to obtain the “eco” label for Mongolian cashmere by partnering with the AVSF - an organization working since 1977 to support smallholder farmers, offering them professional skills in agriculture, livestock farming, and animal health.

Mongolian sheep

Similar to our process for cashmere sourcing, we have thoughtfully brought together each element of the candle with consideration to you and the environment. We use a premium blend of vegan, natural clean burning wax that is colorless and odorless, with no additives or dyes. Every candle is composed of an exclusive blend of waxes that allow for a layered scent throughout the burning process. Our wax is blended effortlessly with essential oils, then hand-poured with a natural, 100% vegan, clean burning base, with a hand-woven cotton wick.

Model in bed smelling candle

Our signature Sense and Dream scents are created by Master Perfumers, trained experts who can often identify hundreds of scents just by smell alone. Each fragrance is a complex blend of at least 14 different scent notes layered upon one another to offer a full experience. Our natural scents are non-toxic, never synthetic, and Prop 65 compliant. Each scent is composed of the finest perfume oils along with essential oils and the ingredients have never been tested on animals.

Model reading in bed

Functional, versatile, and crafted for life

In addition to our high-quality production standards, our At Home line had to be versatile and functional for everyday use. Our cashmere collection consists of elevated and comfortable everyday essentials that can be dressed up for an evening out or worn at home for a cozy night in. They are the perfect all-weather, all-season layers. Our 100% cashmere capelette can be worn with our coordinating pants for a cozy afternoon on the couch or paired with jeans or leggings for running errands. Layer our shawl as a scarf or wrap for a cool evening or as a blanket when working from home. Our two-tone blankets add a fun pop of color to your living space.

Model collage posing in shawl and capelette

Just like our handbags, we are proud of the high quality and craftsmanship of our cashmere garments, and we want you to love them for years to come. That's why we're extending our lifetime warranty to our cashmere collection. Our warranty covers all product manufacturing defects and a free depilling service within the first year of purchase. After the first year, we will offer depilling services at a discounted rate. By taking the time to repair and reuse our most-loved clothing, we are also contributing to reduced consumption and showing care for the environment.

Model posing in cashmere loungewear

Our two SENREVE candle scents, Sense and Dream, feature calming, comforting notes that transport you to far away places any time of the day or evening. We avoided overpowering scents for our candles, which are appropriate for morning, afternoon, or evening. Each fragrance consists of a complex blend of scent notes and contains the highest amount of essential oil per ounce on the market, resulting in a candle that is luxurious and well balanced. Once you’re finished, you can reuse the glass vessel for anything, from storing cosmetic brushes to safekeeping jewelry.

Still life of cashmere blanket and candle

5 ways to create your own at home Zen

Our homes are serving double and triple duties these days, serving as our schools, offices, gyms, movie theaters, restaurants -- as well as spaces for relaxation and connecting with family. With these competing roles, creating a calming space to take a break from the chaos is ever more important.

1. Incorporate signature scents

Dim the lights and set the mood of your space by lighting a candle when your work day is done. The calming scents in our SENREVE candles will relieve the stress of your day and transport you. Dream is reminiscent of a tropical vacation, with notes of tropical fruits, orange blossoms, lemons and limes, redolent with exotic mountain greens. For a fresh, clean scent try out Sense with notes of petitgrain, bergamot, jasmine, neroli, orange blossom and sandalwood.

Candle against backdrop of flowers

2. Set the mood with sound

Music can be very comforting and set the right mood for your space. Find a great playlist you can put on to help you unwind at the end of a stressful day. At night, listening to nature sounds or a mediation clip can also help relax your mind.

3. Add a pop of color

Change up your living space by incorporating a blanket. 100% cashmere throws are our go-tos! We love how soft these are to the touch but warm when in use. The blue / grey shades of our Agate and Seacliff blankets calm and soothe the mind. Muted hues also pair beautifully with this soothing palette of cool colors. To add a pop of cheer and energy to your space, incorporate our Tuscan Sun blanket with shades of bright yellow.

Pile of cashmere blankets

4. Keep your space clutter free

Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other space you spend a lot of your day in, it’s important to minimize the amount of things that are around you. Put stuff away and out of sight in drawers or organized baskets and commit to permanently getting rid of things that you no longer need. Every month, pick a new room to clean (including drawers, closets, walls, and tables) to reduce clutter.

Model posing with navy loungewear

5. Wrap yourself in warmth

When we wear restrictive and uncomfortable clothing, that can also impact our mood. Layer our capelette or coatigan over your go-to leggings for the perfect daytime outfit. These lightweight layers will make you more comfortable, but still elevated and put-together enough for your next Zoom call. You can also add warmth to your space with a warm mug of tea or lighting a fire at the end of the day.

Whether it's optimizing your space at home or preparing to get back into the world, our versatile scents and cashmere pieces will carry you through whatever comes your way. Which At Home product are you most excited to get your hands on? We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below.