Best Convertible Backpack Purse: 4 Options for Work and Play

by Sara Wennerstrom / Aug 31, 2022

A high-quality backpack with adjustable straps doesn’t have to sacrifice design for utility. With a multi-hyphenate bag, the satchel works with the wearer — not the other way around. And any bag that can be worn as a backpack immediately takes the purse to the next level of practicality. But what makes a convertible backpack special?


Let’s take a look at the best convertible backpack purse, what makes them desirable for the everyday woman on the go, and how to find the most reliable backpack companion. In this piece, we’ll unpack everything you need in a convertible bag, so you can maximize the purse's potential. You’ll soon understand the well-deserved applause backing the convertible bag trend.


What is a convertible backpack?


A convertible backpack is any bag that can be changed from its current form into a double-strapped bag you can wear across your back. Ultimately, the magic of the convertible backpack is that it isn’t limited to definitions, materials, or other defining factors. It can range in size, color, or appearance. Backpack straps are the only thing a convertible bag needs to classify as such.

Coveted for its permanent slot in the everyday essential bag lineup, the convertible backpack takes the wearer from a weekend away to the office with ease. And you won’t have to worry about whether or not this travel bag is heavy-duty enough to handle the chaos of an airport or the long nights spent getting that project just right for tomorrow’s presentation.


4 convertible backpack purse options


Here are four convertible backpack options to consider when getting started in your search for the perfect companion. This selection offers unique features, so you can find the right bag for your lifestyle. Ranging in size and shape, these bags are timeless. Plus, they allow you to experience a fresh take on the backpack — completely separate from the bulky bookbag you carried on the school bus every morning.


  1. Senreve Maestra

With Senreve’s signature Maestra bag, you can carry it all while wearing it in a host of styles for maximum comfort and utility. Featuring eight interior pockets, the Maestra bag can hold up to a 15” laptop. And it can be worn as a satchel, tote, crossbody, or backpack — making it highly versatile and living up to the convertible part of a convertible backpack. Patented for design and utility, this stunning and sleek bag is capable of anything.


Go for the shade charcoal and pair it with any ensemble to pack a punch and look effortlessly put together. The Maestra is the modern women’s ideal match because it is highly adaptable. You can opt for the bag in pebbled, mimosa, dolce, dragon, or vegan leather.


And you don’t have to go with the largest size since it comes in milli, midi, and mini sizes too. So let’s say you’re looking to make a statement; pare down to the bare necessities with our Milli Maestra, the smallest version of our beloved Maestra that’s perfect for toting around your lipstick, hand sanitizer, or Airpods.


SENREVE model wearing backpack

The Maestra in Vegan Terra Tundra


  1. Senreve Alunna

Ah, the Alunna bag. Similar to her multi-tasking cousin, the Maestra, the Alunna knows a thing or two about matching the many roles of the wearer. It can fit a 6” Kindle, plus two interior pockets and an exterior cardholder to hold more than just electronics. Wear it as a backpack, traditional top handle, over the shoulder, or a crossbody.


The Alunna understands the art of subtly when it comes to opting for a backpack that’s more reminiscent of a classic purse than a bag adorned by school children. Add the Mini Alunna to your collection if you’re interested in sporting a bag that strips storage down to the essentials with elegance.


  1. Senreve Circa bag

Bring your outfit full circle with our mimosa leather beauty: the Circa bag. If you’re looking for an adorable convertible option that’s small enough to act as an evening bag yet versatile enough for a midday stroll, this bag is your new best friend. With a unique flat base, you can set it effortlessly on a desk or dinner table; it’s sure to attract a compliment or two.


This adaptable design works as a backpack, shoulder bag, top handle, or crossbody. Plus, if you’re looking to change up your look — no problem. Add our Statement strap for a whimsical yet powerful declaration of femininity. Its wide design distributes weight evenly across your shoulders for optimal comfort. Clip any small pouch item (we suggest our Milli Maestra) onto its metallic D-ring detail for extra storage when you can’t leave those essentials behind.


Model wearing circular mini backpack

The Circa Bag in Mimosa Tigerlily


  1. Senreve Armonica

If you’re looking for a convertible backpack that will shatter your preconceived notions of what a backpack should look like, then the Senreve Armonica is the rebel of your dreams. It’s a twist on the everyday bag, and it’s convertible. You have options — wear it as a crossbody, shoulder bag, backpack, or handheld. This fine Italian leather bag in our pebbled option is supple, scratch-resistant, and durable. Its eye-catching design screams quintessential elegance with a flair for fluidity and movement.  


But this bag isn’t all style with no substance. On the outside, two pockets (a slip pocket and a hidden back pocket) ensure easy access to your essentials — and a zipper closure keeps your belongings secure. The Armonica’s interior features a pen pocket, tablet pocket, phone pocket, and key ring. The Armonica line is a testament to judging a bag by its cover.


What to look for in a convertible backpack purse


Now, you know the best bags for the job, but here are some additional tips and tricks to keep in mind when shopping for your beloved convertible backpack. Like any well-crafted bag, there are tell-tale signs of quality — from enough durable zipper pockets to the seamless stitching and space for essentials. Take the time to add a bag to your collection that can move with you through the seasons of life.


  • Quality of the material and stitching. A handcrafted bag with flawless stitching is built to last and move with you throughout your days and nights. With a bag made of quality materials, you’ll reach for one trusty sidekick that can fit any number of occasions time and again. Now, we’re not saying that you can’t have your all-star lineup of bags, but now you have that holy grail of purses — the one that’s always waiting by the door, packed and ready for anything.

  • Style and design. Personal style plays a big part in choosing that special something to carry your possessions. However, going for a timeless bag — perhaps in a neutral color – is a great way to ensure the longevity of your chosen convertible backpack. But don’t let a splash of color hold you back, especially if a bright yellow works with your wardrobe and playful personality. Our biggest tip is to opt for something that blends utility with jaw-dropping sophistication.

  • Space for essentials. Consider what size bag makes the most sense for your everyday needs and special occasion wants. A bag with enough room to tote around your work laptop, phone, keys, and wallet has the space and potential to act as your vacation carry-on, your elevated briefcase, or the bag you bring to the park to play with your kids. But you can always go big and then match it to a mini bag when you want the extra room or the option to go solo with a smaller purse. 

  • Comfort. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for practicality or style — and with the right convertible bag, you can have all three. Ensure the easily adjustable straps of the bag sit well on your person, providing enough weight distribution to give your back a break during a long day. A bag with straps digging into your shoulder blades is a recipe for disaster and unnecessary when there are so many comfortable options to explore.


  • Materials. The overall materials of the bag should be of the highest quality, so you can feel confident in your bag's ability to withstand almost anything. That’s why a quality leather bag is a reliable investment for years to come. When you go with Italian leather and a top-quality micro-suede lining, you know that your bag is resistant to stains, water, and other damaging substances.


  • Accessibility. This all-in-one style must be easy to open and retrieve your items. You should have all of the high-quality zipper pockets at your fingertips. It allows room for optimal organization and ease of use while still knowing that your bag is secure and protected from wandering hands. Ultimately, the adjustable satchel should make your life a breeze, so keep an eye out for well-crafted pockets and features that can maximize your day-to-day ventures.


Model wearing mini backpack over shoulder

The Mini Alunna in Pebbled Ice


A convertible backpack for any occasion

A convertible backpack should take you from the office to after-work drinks in style. And when you find that ultra-capable bag, nothing can stop you from confidently conquering any occasion. You’ll enter any room knowing that you have everything you need to bring your best self forward. And when you shop Senreve’s collection of backpacks, you’ll discover the ideal purse is only a click away. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about forgoing durability for sleek luxury.