Business Travel Clothes for Women: How To Pack With Ease

by Sara Wennerstrom / Aug 31, 2022

Going away on a business trip means packing efficiently, selecting items that hold up to the cramped confines of a suitcase or carry on bag. From being mindful of wrinkle-resistant fabric to making good use of packing cubes, we have tips to make travel for work a breeze. In this piece, you’ll explore business travel clothes for women — what to pack and what to look for in an on-the-go professional wardrobe.


What should you look for in business travel clothes?


For busy travel that’s more for business than pleasure, preparation is everything. Here you’ll discover what makes business clothes worthy of a business trip.


Wrinkle-free: rayon or polyester-blend fabrics

When traveling for work, you want to look your best in a professional ensemble. That means free from wrinkles, a tall order when your clothes are packed tight and prone to some rumples in the fabric. Minimize time spent ironing clothes the morning of a big meeting by packing naturally wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Materials like polyester or rayon tend to wrinkle less than natural fibers, such as cotton or linen. Plus, these materials are easily machine washable, so you can avoid a hefty dry cleaning bill if you need to send out your laundry in a pinch.


Stretchy yet fitted

Pack clothes that are comfortable with a little give. In general, you want to be comfortable when you’re away from home, but since this isn’t a trip where your entire wardrobe is bathing suits and coverups, it’s best to get creative. So skip the fabulous pantsuit that may be flattering but a bit too stiff.


Versatile purse

With the right purse by your side, you can even travel by carry-on only. So invest in that bag that can take you from a weekend away to a business trip abroad. When you have that carry-all bag, it can store your laptop and change of clothes for an overnight excursion. Our Gemelli tote may be just the right fit, holding your essentials on the trip and serving as your standout bag once you’ve reached your destination.


Durable clothing and accessories

Another crucial factor is durability with the clothing and accessories that you choose to accompany you. Everything from your quality leather handbag to the outfit you wear while traveling should be durable. If it favors utility with a fashionable bend, then you can conquer your business trip knowing that you and your wardrobe can handle anything.


Neutral colors

Opt for a neutral color palette with your business travel wardrobe for maximum mixing and matching. Also, neutrals work well in a professional environment for a perfectly put-together appearance.


13 business travel clothes ideas


You know what to look for in the materials, color, and fit of your clothing items, but let’s take it a step further. Below are several ideas to get you started when packing for a business trip. With these staples, you can switch things up without filling your bag with extras.


  1. Black pants

Black business pants are a neutral-colored staple that makes an effortlessly polished statement. Plus, you can re-wear them with other tops if needed. For black work pants that work well away from home, go for a comfortable option without sacrificing professionalism.


  1. Long-sleeve blouse

A long-sleeved blouse or two (depending on the length of your trip) will go nicely with your black work pants. This can be an opportunity to work in color or an interesting pattern if the situation calls for it, or you can keep the blouse simple in an elegant cream color. With a blouse and pants, you already have one work outfit that translates well into your office away from the office.


  1. Senreve Doctor bag

To complete your work ensemble, you’ll need a work bag, and Senreve’s Doctor bag does the trick. Fashioned with high-quality Italian leather, you can fit up to a 12” laptop and still have room to spare. It features seven interior compartments and two exterior compartments for optimal organization, so you can ditch the boring briefcase and not sacrifice style for function.


SENREVE model with bag slung over shoulder

The Doctor bag in Pebbled Cream


  1. A simple tee

Packing a basic white T-shirt for any trip is always a good idea. You can wear the shirt for a casual walk when you have some downtime on your trip, or you can save it as part of your travel outfit.


  1. Cashmere trousers

Speaking of an outfit for when you’re off the clock, you’ll want something cozy to pair with your tee. They’ll give you a break from work mode while retaining the flexibility that denim rarely offers.


Rendered from the softest cashmere, our relaxed fit Cashmere Straight Leg Pant is luxury reimagined. Designed with an adjustable drawstring waistband and convenient pockets, this piece allows for maximum comfort and flatters all body types. So give that T-shirt something special to work with.


  1. Extra underwear and socks

You can easily roll underwear and socks to save space in your luggage when packing, so don’t skimp on these essentials. It’s a good idea to bring an extra pair or two when traveling if you run out and don’t have access to a washing machine right away. For long flights, include a pair of compression socks to support healthy blood flow.


  1. Crepe knit top

When it comes to a wrinkle-resistant fabric, a crepe knit has you covered. They come in a variety of styles and cuts, so find the right business casual fit and pack a crepe top or two. They can increase your options for mixing and matching. Plus, they’re breathable, which is a bonus for being comfortable on a business trip.


  1. Senreve Armonica bag

With Senreve’s Armonica bag, you’ll have a convertible, everyday bag for your business trip. Wear it as a crossbody, shoulder bag, backpack, or handheld for adaptability on the go. This secure bag features several pockets and inside compartments for efficient organization. The bag’s interior has a zipper pocket, laptop band, five patch pockets, a key clip, and a pen pocket.


  1. Polyester slip dress

The silk slip dress doesn’t bode well for wrinkle-free worry when away, but a slip dress made from a polyester blend is a great alternative. You can layer the slip with a sweater or blouse. You can try a belt to give more shape to this dress, too. So you’ll have all of the flexibility of an on-trend slip dress without the worry of unwanted wrinkles.


  1. Senreve passport holder

A passport holder, when traveling abroad, is a must-have accessory. To keep your necessities safe and secure, Senreve’s passport holder is the perfect travel companion for storing your passport, ID, and credit cards. It’s durable without sacrificing style. Slip it into a secure compartment of your Senreve bag for safekeeping.


  1. Blazer

Including a black or blue blazer for a business trip will make you feel extra prepared for anything thrown your way. A tailored blazer makes any outfit meeting-worthy. Drape it over your slip dress or wear it with your long-sleeved blouse and black work pants. There is nothing quite like the confidence a blazer exudes.


  1. Scarf

Pack a silk scarf in a suitcase or carry-on without attracting wrinkles. And a scarf can add a little something special to any ensemble. No matter how you wear it, a scarf opens up endless styling possibilities. Our Women of the World scarf is the perfect fit for an added boost of confidence at work. It’s a mark of empowerment, drawing confidence from the powerful women who inspired the design.


  1. Bracelet Pouch

Senreve’s Bracelet Pouch is perfect for when you want to step out for a night away on business but don’t want to carry a big bag with you. It’s an elegant wristlet by night and a removable pouch for your crossbody by day. And the removable wristlet strap transforms into a leather bracelet, so you’ll have another multi-functional accessory to play with when working away from home.


SENREVE tote bag on top of suitcase

The Gemelli tote


Business or pleasure — bring what you need


There’s a lot to think about when traveling for work. But when you know the right tips and tricks and have the right bag to carry it all, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Explore Senreve’s collection of bestsellers designed for the multifaceted, modern woman on the go. With these quality leather handbags, you’ll show up to work wherever you are and feel like your best self.