Vegan Cactus Leather

by Sara Wennerstrom / Aug 18, 2021

Our most innovative and sustainable material yet: Cactus Leather. We took our time searching the world to find the most sustainable vegan leather option, and we’re proud to be the first luxury brand to use this material.

A little background

Our Vegan Saffiano material was launched around Earth Day in April 2020 after over a year searching for the best vegan materials for our bags. We were thrilled to launch our first vegan option - but we also wanted to continue looking for other vegan materials that offered a more supple, less-textured feel and were plant-based. Enter: Cactus. We’ve explored many innovative options - from pineapple leathers to lab-made leathers - and ultimately, Cactus Leather met our high standards for the quality, hand-feel, texture, and durability we expect from luxury goods.

What is Cactus Leather?

Imagine this: native Mexican cactus plants are trimmed for their mature leaves (never damaging or destroying the plant) and transformed into beautiful, supple, versatile leathers. The cactus requires no irrigation and grows through C02 absorption, minimizing the carbon footprint for production. 

Cactus Styles

A total of five silhouettes (three brand new styles and two of our bestsellers!) are on their way from our artisan workshop in this beautiful new material that you need before it sells out. Until they arrive, here’s a peek at two of the brand new styles we’ll offer in Cactus Leather:

The Gemelli Tote

Gemelli is derived from the Italian word for twins, which is perfectly reflected in the twin mirrored signature buckle on this brand new SENREVE tote bag. Our gorgeous new piece can fit a 15” laptop comfortably and can slide onto a luggage handle via the double buckle strap.

SENREVE / The Gemelli Tote

The Cornetti Bag

The perfect pouch does exist. Inspired by current trends, the new Cornetti bag can be worn as a clutch or with our beveled chain (and even boasts a hidden pocket that can fit up to an iPhone 12 Pro Max).

Plant-based bags that don’t sacrifice on look, feel, construction, or quality? We can’t wait for you to see them for yourself.
Pre-order on this limited edition vegan Cactus Leather collection opens to the public on 10/28.