10 Casual Friday Outfits to End the Week Right

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 02, 2022

Friday has a certain feeling: For many, the workweek is ending, and with that comes a collective look toward relaxing out-of-office days ahead. And as we prepare for adventures outside of work, many workplaces offer a respite from overly formal attire: the famed “casual Friday” dress code.  


But how can you toe the line between business casual and too-dressed-down for that perfect Friday ‘fit sweet spot? Read on to discover casual Friday outfit ideas with a fresh approach to a few classic looks.


10 casual Friday outfit ideas


Here are 10 Friday outfit ideas for your next casual week closing at the office.


  1. Black jumpsuit

A black jumpsuit is a quick and easy way to throw on a complete ensemble without too much forethought while still looking put-together and effortlessly chic. For a sleeveless jumpsuit, drape a blazer over your shoulders during the colder months and pair the outfit with ankle-length boots for a sophisticated yet understated look. To add a splash of color to the outfit, wear the Maestra bag in Marine.


  1. Button-down shirt with skinny jeans

Therefore, this matchup blends the business with the casual aspect of a quintessential Friday look. Complete the outfit with a leather jacket and knee-high boots for an edgy yet polished presentation. The The button-down blouse and dark wash skinny jeans combination is a tried and true casual Friday staple. Often when we think of the office, we picture slacks or skirts and shy away from the overt casualness of denim.

Doctor bag in the color forest will take you from the boardroom to dinner with friends in style.


  1. Floral dress

Especially for the warmer months in the spring or summer, a floral dress is a casual Friday must-have. They’re effortlessly stylish and refreshing. Plus, similarly to the jumpsuit, the dress with its delicate pattern is the outfit’s main event. So all you have to do is accessories with demure jewelry like earrings, a dainty necklace, and ballet flats for a proper outfit worthy of finishing the week in style.


  1. Pantsuit

A pantsuit might not seem synonymous with casual Fridays; however, they’re great for office environments where casual Fridays stick more closely to the business casual category. And pantsuits can come in a variety of styles and materials to accommodate seasons or levels of formality.

Essentially, they’re an elevated set, worn with or without a blazer and a pair of loafers for extra comfort on a Friday afternoon. The
Midi Maestra in a host of hues is a fashionable and functional staple like the pantsuit.


  1. Plaid shirt and black pants

When we think of plaid, it’s generally associated with autumnal afternoon apple picking. However, a plaid button-down and black slacks are an office-appropriate way to bring this fan favorite into the workplace. You can add a Gemelli tote in the color midnight for added organization and ease as you finish up work for the week.


  1. Dad jeans

We’ve seen an ode to the classic ‘90s mom jeans in recent years, but now dad jeans for women are making a comeback in mainstream fashion. So go for the comfortable, relaxed fit of this denim style for a cool casual Friday appearance. You can finish the outfit with a Cashmere Colorblock shawl and heeled boots for a laidback look.


  1. Shirtdress

The shirtdress is another made-for casual Friday piece because it’s so easy to throw it on and instantly have a proper outfit with little to no planning. Add some chunky gold earrings and a Supernova Scarf tied loosely around your neck for an empowered yet divinely feminine air.


Model wearing casual shirtdress and belt bag

The Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled Merlot


  1. Matching set

With sets being very in vogue, it’s no surprise that they do wonders for another outfit-in-one casual Friday look that will attract compliments at the water cooler. Wear wide-legged gaucho pants that mimic the silhouette of a flowing skirt with a matching top for a comfortable and engaging ensemble. The clean lines of the Cadence crossbody will work well with the elegance of your matching set.


  1. Patterned pants with a T-shirt 

Patterned pants in a loose-fitting and breathable material with a T-shirt and elevated white sneaker bring style and comfort to your casual days at work. And if you don’t need to bring a lot into the office that day, pair it with an Aria Belt Bag slung across the chest.


  1. Ribbed knit top and maxi skirt

A comfortable maxi skirt is a great addition to your wardrobe, thanks to its versatility. Complete the outfit with a form-fitting ribbed knit top to balance the flow of the ensemble. You can cinch the waist with a Mini Armonica belt to add an air of composure.


Tips on how to dress for a casual Friday


Now that you have your inspired outfit ideas — let’s take a look at some tips for crafting a casual Friday outfit that’s sure to pop.


Accessorize brightly

For casual Fridays, it can be a great time to throw on a classic garment and play up the simplicity of a shirt-dress or jumpsuit with bold and bright accessories. Senreve certainly favors durable everyday pieces for the modern and multifaceted woman, but we aren’t afraid to work with a bright hue or a patterned silk scarf. We welcome the excitement of the Mini Maestra bag in the shade lavender for a well-deserved happy hour after a long workweek.


Aim for put-together comfort

The overall goal of casual Friday is to remember that you’re still at work, but you have a bit more freedom to go for a relaxed ‘fit. So take advantage of this opportunity to shake up the monotony of a workweek and experiment with styles and fits. As clothing drifts away from the “beauty is pain” sentiments of the past, you too can take comfort in a bold and shockingly comfortable ensemble.



An office environment can be cold in the summer months and too hot in the winter months. For optimal comfort, make sure to layer your looks, so you can always add or remove a layer depending on the temperature of the day. And when you layer, you can always leave a piece behind or add one on as the day progresses into evening activities.


Select the right bag

Finding the right bag is ideal for any workday, but casual Fridays might call for something smaller or larger, depending on the needs of the day and/or night. Senreve has a variety of bags in various sizes, styles, and colors designed for the multifaceted, modern woman.

Fiore Bucket bag is spacious, stunning, structured, and sophisticated. And the Armonica bag is just as versatile and organized for carrying your essentials. But if you want something on the smaller side, you can’t go wrong with our Circa bag, featuring a unique flat base and flexible design.


Model showing off maestra bag

The Maestra Bag in Dolce Cement


Try a monochrome look

When you go with the choice to center an outfit around a single color, it’s a great way to keep it simple yet refined. You can do this by opting for a matching set or just being mindful of the hue you decide to dabble in, but don’t forget to match your bag to the color scheme for added flair.


Add a statement piece

A statement necklace, handbag or handbag accessory, or scarf helps take your outfit to the next level with an effortless finishing touch. You can also opt to make a piece of clothing in your outfit the center of attention with a brightly colored top or patterned pants and have the accessories subtly play off of the garment.


Relaxed and cool for casual Fridays

Striking the right balance for casual Friday depends on the culture of your office, but with the above suggestions, you’ll have a host of options to inspire you as you delve into this time-honored tradition. And with Senreve’s collection of bestsellers designed for your dynamic and empowered lifestyle, you’ll have no shortage of bags to choose from as you navigate the final day of the workweek.