Celebrating Women, Today and Everyday

by Heather Chadwell-Aminzadeh / Feb 29, 2024

SENREVE was founded on the belief that women are multifaceted and should be empowered to live life on their own terms, with zero compromise. We strive to create beautifully tailored and innovative products that align with the cadence you choose to create.  


Coral Chung, Founder & CEO, SENREVE

Coral Chung, Founder & CEO of SENREVE. 


International women's Month is a reminder to celebrate the incredible female leaders, thinkers, and mentors in our lives. So this month we’ve teamed up with women from the SENREVE community to amplify their stories. Each woman we will feature has a unique story. This month, we celebrate their work to help support and develop women leaders across the globe.




We’ll learn from an expert about the power of sound based healing, yoga, and Reiki. Discuss the importance of food in preventing burnout from a top nutritionist. Take on the topic of how to master your relationship with money from a finance coach. And learn to harness the power of editing from a style and organization expert. Stay tuned this month for more stories from our incredible Octopi Community. Happy International Women’s Month.

Meet Rosie Millen aka Miss Nutritionist (coming March 8th)
Meet Caitlin Jaymes, Organization Expert (coming March 12th)
Meet Susy Schieffelin of The Copper Vessel (coming March 21st)
Meet Kara Stevens of Frugal Feminista (coming March 27th)

…and stay tuned for more features on women from our Octopi Community.