The Best 4 Chic Laptop Bags for Women

by Sara Wennerstrom / Nov 17, 2022

When you’re a woman on the move, jet-setting from the office to a business trip or brunch with friends, you need a bag to help you carry it all. You need a bag with room to spare for your everyday essentials, including your laptop. And if you find the perfect purse that can easily transition from the best work bag to a travel bag with built-in organization and sophistication, you know you’ve struck gold.


Long gone are the days of bulky bags designed for the sole purpose of toting around your computer. Now, you can find a bag as versatile as you are that just happens to moonlight as a laptop bag, an arm side errand companion, and a weekender bag. Here, you’ll discover what makes a bag built for carrying your laptop, what you can look for, and some top picks for the best chic laptop bags.


The best types of bags to hold your laptop


Some of your most versatile options for holding a laptop include:


  • Top-load bag. A top-load bag can make for a good laptop bag because you can open it up and slide the laptop snuggly into place. You’ll have easy access to what’s inside with an easy access opening, and this type of bag often features exterior pockets as well.


  • Backpacks. A backpack is a pretty straightforward bag type that’s often associated with school, but a backpack can have an elevated appearance with classic features and elegant straps. The style is great for transporting your laptop because it features different zippered sections, and some models have a padded laptop compartment for extra protection.


  • Briefcase bags. The briefcase is the classic work bag that probably springs to mind when you envision taking your laptop to work. Due to the nature of the bag, it often has storage compartments made for your office-away-from-the-office, with special compartments for documents and office supplies.


  • Messenger bags. With a messenger bag, you can wear it on one shoulder and across your chest to help distribute its weight more evenly. This is ideal if you’re carrying your laptop, books, and a few important papers. A messenger bag, like a briefcase or a backpack, can feature a dedicated laptop compartment too.


  • Tote bags. The tote bag has become a workplace staple for women, especially leather totes, with its stylish exterior, roomy interior, and versatility of use. A tote can also include a laptop compartment or a strap to secure your laptop in place.


  • Laptop sleeves. The laptop sleeve is the barebones laptop bag. It’s thin and designed for the specific use of protecting your laptop from little bumps. Some models may include a strap but some skip it altogether, depending on the design. Either way, it’s a chic way to keep your laptop covered in style.


top loaded designer laptop bag

The Maestra interior



What to look for in a laptop bag


Now that you know the top bag types for toting around your laptop and portable desk essentials, here’s what to look for in a laptop bag.


  • Thoughtful interior. When selecting a bag to hold your laptop, keep an eye out for practical interior designs, like secure pockets and space for your computer. It’s nice, too, when bag descriptions list the size of a laptop that can fit in the handbag.


  • Something timeless. A bag shouldn’t be only of the moment – it should be of the now, the future, and the past. So select a bag with classic details and materials, like a black leather bag.


  • A neutral color. Similar to the concept of going with something timeless, a neutral color is more likely to remain in style and work with a variety of seasons and outfits. For an everyday bag for work or play, a neutral color is a great option.


  • Versatility. To maximize your investment in a timeless bag, consider the versatility of the accessory. Is it large enough to carry your laptop without being too cumbersome for an everyday bag? Also, consider if the straps are adjustable, so you can experiment with how you wear the bag.


The best 4 chic laptop bags for women


With the above factors in mind, here are six of the best chic laptop bags for women. For each, you’ll learn what makes them great as a laptop bag and their key features.


  1. Gemelli Tote

Senreve’s Gemelli tote features built-in organization to help you seamlessly navigate the day with your every essential within arm's reach. It’s a great laptop bag because it has an internal zipper pocket, seven internal slip pockets, and an elastic cord to secure your laptop or tablet up to 15”. Plus, a hidden external pocket behind the Gemelli double buckle strap secures the bag to any carry-on handle so you can travel for work in style.


Key features:


  • Seven slip pockets inside the bag
  • An elastic cord to store a laptop or tablet of up to 15 inches
  • External pocket to attach the bag to the handle of your carry-on


  1. Midi Maestra

The Midi Maestra is the perfect cross of design and utility since this Italian leather handbag is the perfect size to fit an iPad or Surface Pro. It carries it all with eight interior compartments, including a padded sleeve that fits up to a 10.9” tablet, while the central compartment fits up to an 11” laptop. You can wear this bag in four styles: a backpack, crossbody, satchel, or tote.


Key features:


  • Eight interior compartments
  • A padded sleeve that fits up to a 10.9-inch tablet
  • Central compartment that fits up to an 11-inch laptop


  1. Maestra Bag

The Maestra bag is the older sister of the Midi. It has the same features as the smaller top-load backpack but with more room. And in addition to the eight interior compartments, it can hold up to a 15” laptop. You can also wear it as a satchel, tote, crossbody, or backpack.


Key features:


  • Interior laptop compartment that can fit up to a 15” laptop
  • Wear it four different ways
  • Larger top-load backpack


cream colored laptop bag for women


  1. Doctor Bag

Our Doctor bag is a surprise top contender for top stylish laptop bags. It may look small on the outside, but the inside opens up and is plenty roomy.. Made with high-quality Italian leather, you can wear the Doctor bag relaxed or boxy, and it fits up to a 12” laptop with plenty of space left over. It also features seven interior compartments and two exterior pockets so you can organize your essentials with ease.


Key features:


  • Seven interior pockets
  • Two exterior compartments
  • Can fit up to a 12” laptop


Carry it all, including your laptop


You don’t have to limit your laptop bag to the task of carrying your computer. When you have a purse that’s as versatile as you are, you can conquer anything in style – never settling for less than you deserve. And as you search for the right bag for your needs, you can explore Senreve’s collection of bestsellers to find the perfect purse that just so happens to carry your laptop, too.