Closet Tour With @thisisfionn

by / Nov 29, 2021

Warning: this post will cause major closet envy. In our newest SENREVE closet tour, we’re stepping into the ultra-personalized closet of SENREVE ambassador and NYC native Fionn (@thisisfionn). Fionn’s beautifully curated Instagram and Tiktok showcase her love of handbags, with a plethora of stunning unboxing videos and outfit inspiration. We were thrilled to chat with Fionn to learn a little more about her impeccable closet space (and why her Mini Maestra is a personal favorite!).

1. Tell us a little about your closet. What’s your favorite thing about it?

My closet was designed and customized by me! My favorite thing about my closet is that I can display all my handbags so when I have an outfit planned, I can easily look at all of my bags at once and decide on which one I would wear.


2. How do you organize your closet? (By color? By type? etc)

I typically change the way I organize my closet. Sometimes when I'm bored of the way it looks I'll change it around. As for now, I have my closet organized by color. 



3. Did you add or customize anything about your closet space?

Everything in my closet is customized! I'm a really picky person when it comes to my closet, so from the start I had a really specific look of how I wanted my closet to be. I thought of every detail from the measurements, the type of wood and lighting, and the decor!


4. What’s the most-used section of your closet?

I pretty much use all the parts of my closet equally. I have a full length mirror at the front of it too, so it's my favorite spot to take OOTD pictures.


5. Which SENREVE bag do you wear the most & how do you like to style it?

I'm obsessed with my Mini Maestra bag! It's the perfect bag, perfect color, and very practical. Since it's so versatile, I love that I’m able to style it in so many ways. It’s every girl's dream handbag.