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Colors of Summer: Which zodiac sign is your soulmate?

Colors of Summer: Which zodiac sign is your soulmate?

During the summertime, we savor in the fact that days just keep getting longer. But we also love those breezy summer evenings, especially if you’re cuddled under a blanket and star-gazing with someone special. Haven’t found your perfect starry-night soulmate yet? Fear not. Take our quick quiz below to find out which zodiac sign is your soulmate, along with what SENREVE bag is perfect to bring along for that evening date.

Neowise Image

Don't forget, remember your answers to match them your results and your perfect bag at the bottom of the page. 

Stack of Bags
1. What is your next vacation destination?
A. The city
B. The woodlands
C. The beach
D. The desert

2. What character trait do you value?
A. Courage
B. Practicality
C. Loyalty
D. Humor 

3. How would you describe your perfect romance?
A. Experimental
B. Conventional
C. Tender
D. Open

4. What role do you think you play among your friends?
A. The entertainer
B. The critic
C. The nourisher
D. The motivator 

5. What is your favorite way to spend the weekend?
A. Learning a new recipe
B. Organizing and cleaning
C. Binge-watching shows
D. Reading a book

Now, take those answers and find the results to match below. Gain some insight into your potential soulmate and your next SENREVE bag.

Mostly A’s — Aries

Night Sky

They are counted on for their honesty and energetic souls. Although they see themselves as independent people, they are quite dependent on their romantic partner. Impressed by your abilities to stand up to their intensity, your soulmate will not take their eyes off of you if you’re carrying a bag in a unique shade like Storm

Mimosa Storm

Crossbody in Mimosa Storm, $575

Dragon Storm Aria Belt Bag

Aria Belt Bag in Dragon Storm, $495

Mostly B’s — Capricorn

Neowise Image

They are known to be observant and straightforward, and may not be outwardly affectionate. Even though that’s the case, they prefer a serious and deep relationship rather than a brief superficial one, which means they are in it for the long run. And nothing says timeless and classic like a Noir-colored bag, or our soft Dolce Charcoal.

 Voya Tote

Voya Tote in Pebbled Noir, $895

SENREVE Maestra Bag in Dolce Charcoal

Maestra Bag in Dolce Charcoal, $995

Mostly C’s — Cancer

Neowise Image

They are known to be very loving, affectionate and kind beings, and do not take relationship and emotional matters lightly. Although they may not be the most practical of the zodiac signs, because of their dreamy way of seeing the world, they are visionaries, which means they would appreciate a beautiful, rich-colored bag like Slate or Marine. 

Doctor in Pebbled Marine

Doctor Bag in Pebbled Marine, $895

SENREVE Mini Maestra in Dolce Slate

 Mini Maestra in Dolce Slate, $775

Mostly D’s — Libra


They are very seductive and charming beings, so be prepared to be dazzled. Although they can be picky when it comes to choosing a partner, they are very affectionate and loving when they do choose you to be in a relationship. It’s also known they love the finer things in life and nothing says fine like a chic bag in Blanc or Cream.


Mini Maestra in Pebbled Cream

Mini Maestra in Pebbled Cream, $695

Mimosa Blanc Coda Belt Bag

Coda Belt Bag in Mimosa Blance, $445

Maestra in Dolce Slate

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