Convertible Belt Bag: What You Need to Know Before You Try Them

by Sara Wennerstrom / Dec 01, 2022


Fanny pack, waist pack, belt bag – whichever name you use for them, they’re the perfect hands-free option for anyone on the go. Although the belt bag first became popular in the ‘90s as a sporty streetwear accessory, it’s long since entered the realm of high fashion, exchanging nylon and bulky clasps for Italian leather and refined hardware. And best of all, you’ll find convertible belt bags that you can sling across your shoulder or body when you don’t want to wear it around your waist.


What is a convertible belt bag?


A belt bag is a small purse that sits comfortably around your waist and straps around you like a belt. A convertible belt bag is a version of this “fanny pack” but it can be easily changed into a crossbody bag, clutch, shoulder bag, or a similar kind of purse.


4 ways to wear a convertible belt bag


A convertible belt bag isn’t just for evenings at the baseball stadium anymore. Whether you’re traveling, running errands, or attending a formal event, here are the many ways you can wear your convertible belt bag.


  1. As a fanny pack

Wear your convertible belt bag as a fanny pack when you’re on the move completing errands or running through the airport to get to your next destination. To wear your purse as a fanny pack, make sure that the clasps are unhooked, then place the belt bag around you so that it’s comfortably sitting on your hips. Make sure that the pouch is in front of you, then secure the clasp in the back.


There are many ways you can style your fanny pack, from casual outings to a day in the office. Wear it on top of a matching workout set as you head to and from the gym, or style it with a two-piece blazer set for a more sophisticated look.


woman wearing blazer and designer fanny pack


  1. As a shoulder bag

These purses are another hands-free option that’s also easily accessible. You can adjust it to sit right beneath your underarm, or make your straps a tad longer so your purse sits by your lower ribs.


Since shoulder purses are the most traditional style, you can pair it with any type of outfit from casual to semi-formal. Pair your shoulder purse with jeans and a fitted bodysuit for a casual night out, or wear it with a sundress for a brunch date. Either way you choose to style your shoulder purse, you’re bound to make a statement.


Wear your shoulder bag with distressed denim and a leather jacket for a casual streetwear style, or go monochromatic with an all-black ensemble complete with a turtleneck, oversized blazer, and trousers. You can also swap out the belt bag’s strap for a gold chain to completely transform it in seconds.


  1. As a crossbody

Instead of wearing your belt bag the classic way around your waist, change things up a bit. Convertible belt bags can be slung around one arm and across your body, with the hardware in the front and purst nestled neatly along your side.


This newer version of wearing a fanny pack works with any type of outfit. From chunky sweaters and jeans to mini dresses or t-shirts and biker shorts, you can rock this style bag no matter the occasion.


  1. As a clutch

For more formal events, remove the chain from your belt bag to convert it into a clutch purse. This sleek style is perfect for romantic dinner dates, charity galas, or any other formal gathering you can think of. Whether you choose a long fitted gown, or a more princess-style look, a clutch bag is the perfect accessory to add a little color and sparkle.


The best convertible belt bag styles 


The best convertible belt bags are made from high-quality materials, and feature multiple compartments, zippered pockets, and come in a variety of colors. Below is a list of our favorites.


The Aria belt bag

The Aria Belt Bag is an upgraded version of the classic design. With three interior pockets, you can place all your essentials from keys, cash and lipgloss, to an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Choose a soft sand or chestnut color for a more everyday bag, or opt for lavender, merlot, or forest for a wow-statement accessory, especially in time for the holidays.


sporty woman wearing purse during pilates


The Cavalla

The Cavalla is a larger version of the classic Aria Belt Bag. This sleek bag is made out of 100% genuine Italian leather with a stain-resistant microsuede interior. The Cavalla features a leather strap in front you can use as a closure to carry as a clutch, or take the leather strap out and carry your purse as a shoulder bag. Featuring D-Rings on the exterior side, you can add a leather strap or any chains for endless ways to style your bag.


The Mini Cavalla

The Mini Cavalla is the perfect miniature combination of the Aria Belt Bag and the Cavalla. This bag is handcrafted from a new Piccola leather, one of the softest leathers you’ll encounter. With an external slip pocket for your phone, and a zippered internal pocket and a slot for your cards, you can easily fit all your essentials into this mini purse. Choose between a classic black or oat color, or go bold with azure blue or saffron yellow.


Maximize function and style


A convertible belt bag is about to become your most-beloved purse, perfect for every outing.

With so many colors, sizes, styles to choose from, the sky is truly the limit. SENREVE’s convertible belt bags are all made from high quality leather and are designed for functionality, practicality, and style. Wear your convertible belt bag around your waist for a classic streetwear look, or sling it over your shoulder, across your chest, or carry it in your hand – the options are endless.