9 Different Types of Crossbody Bags

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 02, 2022

A crossbody bag is a closet staple in a long lineup of worthy purses. But how do you decide which hands-free crossbody is best for your needs? Well, if you’re looking for crossbody purse inspiration, look no further.


In this piece, you’ll discover different types of crossbody bags that celebrate your uniqueness. From the mini crossbody to adaptable versions that can be worn several ways, the following crossbody purses are easily accessible, sleek, and ready for anything — just like you.


9 types of crossbody bags


The right crossbody has interior pockets in varying sizes for optimal organization, a secure zip closure (or magnetic closure), and the versatility to work as your go-to everyday bag or the bag you reach for on a night out. But when looking for your perfect match, remember to invest in a quality bag that prioritizes masterful craftsmanship and durability.

So whether you’re thinking leather or faux leather, look for high-quality materials, like artisanal Italian leather or vegan leather. Now, let’s take a closer look at what you came here for – the bags.


  1. Convertible crossbody bag

A crossbody is usually that everyday bag. That’s because its in-between size doesn’t take up too much space, yet still holds your essentials. And since it’s so versatile thanks to its effortless crossbody strap, why should you settle for one how-to-wear crossbody styling choice when you can opt for one that does it all?


With Senreve’s signature Maestra bag, you can carry all the essentials while wearing it in a host of styles for paramount comfort and utility. Featuring eight interior pockets, the Maestra bag can hold up to a 15” laptop. And it can be worn as a satchel, tote, crossbody, or backpack — making it highly versatile and living up to the convertible part of a convertible crossbody.

Explore the
Maestra family size range and come up with clever ways to showcase the Milli Maestra, the smallest member of the family. It’s ideal as an in-purse organizer or a belt-loop accessory.


  1. Belt bag as a crossbody

You may be familiar with the fanny pack or belt bag associated with tacky tourists, camera bags, and dorky fashion that predates the current millennium, but the belt bag is back. And, it’s arguably better than ever — thanks to a refined styling approach. Slinging the belt bag across the torso in a crossbody style has elevated the bag from a ‘90s family road trip in an RV to high-fashion street style.


The Aria Belt bag is not only capable of styling as a crossbody, sling, classic belt bag, or clutch but its effortless design is also structured and endearing. Plus, fit your cell phone in one of the three interior pockets that can fit up to an iPhone 13 Pro Max.


Belt bag held across body

The Aria belt bag


  1. Minimal crossbody

Let’s say you want a classic crossbody, go for a minimal purse like the Cadence crossbody — defined by clean lines and thoughtful details. Its curves and angles are the epitome of modern Italian elegance, carried right on your person. The interior, which can fit up to a 6" tablet, features three compartments, two slip pockets, a button pocket, and a key leash. Dress it up or down with a Statement shoulder strap or a Long convertible link chain.


  1. Round crossbody bag

Play around with shape when you’re on the hunt for your newest crossbody. A round or circular bag is a great way to add some playfulness to your wardrobe. It’s a simple yet bold choice that can take your outfit to the next level.


Bring your ensemble full circle with Senreve’s Circa bag. Thanks to its flat base, you can leave it upright on any flat surface for all to admire. The cherry on top is that this adaptable bag works as a backpack, shoulder bag, top handle, or crossbody.


  1. Oversized crossbody

Crossbody bags tend to favor the mid-range size in the handbag lineup, but this list is about playing with what’s possible. So go for an oversized crossbody to make a statement. The appeal of a larger-than-life bag is its ability to turn heads, and there’s certainly a practical element as well so you can carry a few more items. But maybe don’t go overboard for your shoulder’s sake.


  1. Mini-bag crossbody

Milli, but it’s still small enough to make that tiny bag statement. The On the other end of the spectrum, try a mini crossbody bag, you can fit a little more than the
Mini Alunna features an exterior cardholder and two interior pockets, with a central compartment that fits up to an iPhone Pro or 6" phone. Wear it as a backpack, held by hand, over the shoulder, or as a crossbody. And opt for an unconventional hue like sage or turmeric to add to that something special statement.


Model holding a mini purse

The Mini Alunna in Pebbled Merlot


  1. Bucket bag

A bucket bag is the bag for throwing everything you need into a purse for a spontaneous adventure or a mid-day walk. Worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag, the Fiore Bucket bag features a drawstring closure. With a delightful texture and just enough structure to elevate any look with function and character. It’s roomy enough without being bulky, so you’re free to do you.


  1. Wallet-on-a-chain crossbody

For those nights when you’re more focused on dancing and catching up with friends than weighing yourself down with extra items, try a straightforward wallet-on-a-chain crossbody. With a slim, sleek wallet holding your ID card and credit cards, you can keep your essentials on your person and out of the way at the same time.  


  1. Chain-crossbody bag

With several Senreve bags, you can swap out the leather strap with a chain to add something extra to your crossbody. A chain crossbody moment can add a little fun to your outfit when you want to shake things up. And Senreve’s limited edition Infinity Acetate chain features double lobster clasps to make it easily interchangeable with the straps on your beloved Senreve bag. Try it with the Cadence CrossbodyCirca BagCornetti BagMini Envelope SleeveAlunna BagMini AlunnaStratiAria Belt Bag in Vegan Terra, and Mini Armonica.


Two small purses flung in the air

The Infinity Acetate Chain


Meet your match

A crossbody bag should be as versatile as you are, so don’t put your bags in a box. Explore purse options that work with any occasion. Find your perfect match that acts as your superstar assistant as you navigate whatever life throws your way.

From convertible crossbodies to crossbodies with unique shapes and sizes, explore
Senreve’s collection of crossbody bags. Senreve bags use high-quality materials, like artisanal Italian leather or vegan leather, so you can trust your bag's ability to endure.