8 Everyday Bag Styles Every Woman Should Have

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 02, 2022

You need something to carry it all through the hustle and bustle of everyday life. That’s where a go-to everyday bag comes in and makes a splash at the cross-section of function and fashion. When you find that perfect everyday bag, it becomes your trusty sidekick from running errands to heading to the office. These eight everyday bag styles fit the bill.


What is an everyday bag?

The everyday bag is a spacious, well-structured bag that can keep up with your daily life and keep all your belongings organized without being bulky or garish. It’s that bag you have waiting to go by the front door before heading out for the day. It’s the tote bag, shoulder bag, doctor bag, or similar well-sized purse that you know matches your weekly work wardrobe perfectly.


Woman seated on bench with two bags

The Strati Sporta and the Gemelli Tote


Features you need in an everyday bag

Here are some standard features to look for when selecting an everyday bag. With these qualities in mind, you’ll snag the best bag that transitions with you as the seasons of your life change.


  • - Size. Only you know what a traditional day-in-the-life looks like for your schedule, so be mindful of the everyday items you carry on the regular. How big of a purse do you actually need?


If you go too small, you run the risk of not being able to fit even your most basic items. Yet, too big, and you venture into luggage territory. The right everyday bag certainly can double as a carry-on or personal plane item, but make sure it’s a manageable size.


  • - Durability. Can the bag withstand the tests of time and your morning commute? Durability is an important factor because this bag is an active participant in your daily life. It needs to withstand regular wear to tear.


  • - Materials. The material can give keen insight into whether or not a bag is built to last. A quality leather bag offers years of use with proper care. So you won’t have to say goodbye to your arm candy too soon.  


  • - Comfort. Make sure that you find an everyday bag that’s easy to carry. A shoulder strap that digs into your back or doesn’t offer optimal weight distribution isn’t doing you any favors. It may also lead you to leave this bag at home, defeating the purpose of finding the ultimate everyday bag.


  • - Style. The style is a matter of personal preference, but neutral-colored bags are a great way to pair your everyday bag with any outfit.


  • - Versatility. A bag that’s easily adjustable or can accommodate different carrying positions is ideal for this popular purse. Is the satchel dynamic enough in appearance and function to maximize its prime-time potential?


  • - Price. An everyday bag that works well for your lifestyle is worth an investment. However, you don’t have to dive into the deep end to get the quality you deserve.


The 8 best everyday bags every woman should have

Below are eight everyday bags that can take your wardrobe to the next level as you juggle it all in effortless elegance.


  1. Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag is a classic everyday bag that you can easily sling over your shoulder before heading out the door with your cup of coffee to conquer the day. Shoulder bags can range in size, color, and style — with many offering an adjustable strap to shake up how you decide to don the bag. The right fit for a shoulder bag strap is adjusted to hang nestled under your arm.


  1. Tote bag

A tote is a large-sized bag that holds a fair amount of items, making them a great carry-it-all everyday bag. It has a large opening and features two parallel handles that emerge from the mouth of the bag, allowing you to swing it over your shoulder with ease. The idea of the tote is maximum storage and accessibility. Senreve’s Gemelli tote offers modern women a bag they can depend on — its built-in organization will ensure there’s a place for everything, and everything has its place.


  1. Crossbody Bag

Typically worn across the chest area, the crossbody is another handbag staple that — when selected with the right style in mind — is an everyday bag must. Plus, given the way the bag hangs across the body, this is usually a mid-ranged sized bag — never too large or bulky for the everyday wearer.


The Cadence Crossbody is Senreve’s newest style — marked by clean lines and thoughtful details. Its curves and angles are the epitome of modern Italian elegance, carried right on your shoulder or across your body. The interior, which can fit up to a 6" tablet, features three compartments, two slip pockets, a button pocket, and a key leash. So you can still bring your daily necessities.


  1. Bucket bag

The ideal bucket bag gives you options. Worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag, the Fiore Bucket bag has just the right mixture of texture and structure to elevate any look with function and beauty. It’s roomy enough without being too cumbersome, so there’s no limit to where the wind will take you. Therefore, securing a spot in the everyday section of your wardrobe — the timeless item you reach for time and again.


Woman holding bucket bag over shoulder

The Fiore Bucket Bag


  1. Doctor bag

The doctor bag is now for everyone, regardless of your chosen profession. But it makes for an exemplary everyday bag because the original design favored the need for a sizable, durable satchel for doctors traveling for home visits. With Senreve’s Doctor bag, made with high-quality Italian leather, you can fit up to a 12” laptop and still have room to spare. It features seven interior compartments and two exterior compartments for optimal organization, so you can ditch the boring briefcase.


  1. Belt bag

Fanny packs, moon bags, belt bags — call ‘em what you want, but they are flawless smaller everyday bags to bring along for errands or outdoor adventures. It’s the transit bag to carry your lip balm, phone, keys, and credit cards securely. Yet it doesn’t have to conjure images of ‘90s sitcom dads or cliched tourists with floppy hats.


With Senreve’s Aria Belt bag, you’ll have an upgraded version of the classic belt bag look, complete with three interior pockets that can fit up to an iPhone 11 Plus. But beyond its effortless appearance, this bag’s easily adjustable belt lets the wearer switch seamlessly between a sling bag, a crossbody, or a clutch for upscale occasions.  


woman with belt bag across body

The Aria Belt Bag


  1. Top handle bag

Picture the quintessential purse — it’s probably a top-handle bag. You know the bag you grab by its smaller, rigid handles to swing into the workweek or meet up with friends for dinner. The top handle is a fantastic everyday option because it’s so classic. Luckily, we’ve updated this traditional favorite with a fresh twist in our Armonica bag. Sure, you can go for the handheld look, but why settle for one style? You’ve got options —  wear it as a crossbody, shoulder bag, backpack, or handheld.


  1. Adjustable bag

The ultimate everyday bag gives you options and works with your lifestyle, so a fully adjustable bag undefined by labels or conventions is the epitome of everything this category of bags represents. Enter: the Maestra bag. For endless options, wear it as a satchel, tote, crossbody, or backpack. It’s stunning, sleek, and capable of anything. Featuring eight interior compartments, this bag can hold up to a 15” laptop, so you’ll have plenty of room.


Have the best bag by your side

An everyday bag is about taking a close look at your daily life and deciding what qualities you’re looking for in that special something. With the above options, examples, and features to be mindful of, you’ll find a match in no time. For now, explore Senreve’s collection of bestsellers for further inspiration.