How to Create the Perfect Fall Capsule Wardrobe

by Sara Wennerstrom / Nov 17, 2022

Imagine that first cool breeze gently brushing your hair away from your face as you sip a cozy beverage on the way to wherever the wind blows you. And now picture what you’re wearing: relaxed jeans and a chunky knit sweater – pieces from your autumn capsule wardrobe.


As more people embrace the idea of sustainable fashion, the focus is shifting to buying fewer pieces of high quality that can last for years. A capsule wardrobe is the cornerstone of building a practical closet filled with basics that mix, match, and can be worn as long as you love them. To get started, read on for the ultimate fall capsule wardrobe checklist.


What is a capsule wardrobe?


A capsule wardrobe is a collection of wardrobe essentials, often broken out into different categories according to the four seasons. It’s a mindful approach to fashion where the wearer forgoes flashy trends for timeless taste. When you build your capsule wardrobe, you consider the collection as a whole – how all the individual pieces work together for endless outfits. With the autumn capsule wardrobe following the summer capsule collection, you can leave items out from the sunshine-filled beach days that transition well into chillier afternoons.


woman wearing white coat holding designer bag



Creating the perfect fall capsule wardrobe


The capsule wardrobe is about the basics: neutral colors, classic cuts, and practical elegance. Though you can customize your collection according to your taste and lifestyle, there are a few universal items to consider. Below, you’ll find several pieces to help inspire you as you venture out to achieve the epitome of fall fashion.


Trench coat

The fall season can be mercurial, so it’s best to be prepared for frostier weather with a tried and true staple like the trench coat. This will keep you warm and dry on days when you need a reliable jacket. With this timeless jacket in your fall season capsule collection, there are endless outfit opportunities. You can throw the knee-skimming garment over dresses or faded jeans paired with a white tee.


Leather jacket

For days when you want a less dramatic (and shorter) jacket with as much intrigue, versatility, and warmth, the leather jacket is another lighter jacket must-have in your fall capsule wardrobe. The leather jacket adds a touch of masculinity to feminine lace blouses and slinky slip dresses. It’s always daring and endlessly cool – and works with almost any piece of clothing. So, like the trench, you can leave it as the show-stopping cherry-on-top or the casual shoulder companion.


Denim jacket

A fall capsule wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without the denim jacket. It’s casual like the leather jacket, but in a more understated way, and it can transition with you for a host of activities. You can don a denim jacket on autumnal outings to the apple orchard or at Sunday brunch with friends. And the beauty of denim is that it also pairs well with a multitude of colors and textures.


Crossbody bag

The crossbody bag practices the same principles as the fall jackets listed above: fashion and function. You can wear the bag slung across your body, leaving you hands-free to juggle a coffee cup and keys. Plus, when you opt for a crossbody with adjustable styles, you can wear it in more ways than one, adding to the versatility of your fall capsule collection.


With SENREVE's Midi Maestra in the shade noir, you can turn heads as you wear it in one of four ways: as a backpack, crossbody, satchel, or tote. Patented for design and utility, this Italian leather handbag is the perfect size to fit an iPad or Surface Pro. And it goes with all the capsule collection jackets, so you can spend less time agonizing over accessories and more time enjoying your fabulous life.


Oversized blazer

The oversized blazer is a great fall capsule piece for days when you don’t need a jacket, but your outfit could use a dash of excitement. You can throw an oversized blazer over outfit combinations that range from casual to corporate. And adding a belt to cinch the blazer at the waist is a great way to give shape to an outfit, or you can leave it boxy for a relaxed fit reminiscent of popular street style.


Long-sleeved tops

Including a few long-sleeved tops in your fall capsule wardrobe is perfect for the dropping temperatures. You can opt for neutral-colored long-sleeved tops, so they’ll match different bottoms. A classic long-sleeved top can take you from date nights in a midi skirt and leather jacket to weekend errands in jeans and sneakers. It’s a good idea to select a high-quality material like cotton since it’s soft and durable.


Leather tote

A leather tote is a great fall wardrobe piece since it’s large enough to carry it all for work or back to school. If you work from home, you can toss your laptop and other essentials in a roomy tote to spend an afternoon working from a café.


Senreve’s Gemelli tote is our carefree carryall. Its built-in organization enables you to seamlessly navigate the day with your every essential within arm's reach. Its sleek and stylish design can match a trench coat moment or an oversized blazer and graphic tee combination.


Knit sweaters

When you think of autumn, cozy knits and pumpkin patches probably come to mind, so including several knit sweaters is a must for the fall capsule collection. You can stick to neutral colors for your sweater selection and include a few striped options for a classic ensemble. For colder days, you can layer a knit sweater with your favorite light jacket, and then on warmer days, with a slight breeze, you can rock the sweater solo.


Vintage wash jeans

For a staple that you can pair with essentially any top or jacket, include a reliable pair (or two) of denim jeans in a vintage wash in your fall wardrobe. Good quality denim can last you for decades and only improves with age. So to complete your fall capsule wardrobe, invest in vintage wash jeans. You’ll create tons of ensembles that you can mix and match endlessly.


a designer bag styled with gold chain

The Aria Belt Bag styled with the Cable Shoulder Chain in Gold


Capsule accessories perfect for your fall wardrobe


To accessories your fall wardrobe, here are a few additions to consider.

  • Purse straps. To shake up a bag, you can swap out purse straps to give your fall capsule wardrobe even more options. With Senreve’s Flat Acetate chain, you can transform your Midi Maestra into a shoulder bag with a daring embellishment.


  • Silk scarves. A silk scarf or two in your collection can add a pop of color to an ensemble bathed in neutral hues. With a Senreve Women of the World scarf, you can effortlessly enhance your messy bun or tie it around the handle of your leather tote.


  • Slouchy hats. Sometimes you need a few additional accessories to keep you warm in the fall. A slouchy knit hat can keep you warm and stylish during autumn.


  • Black boots. If summer is for strappy sandals and sneakers, then fall is the season for black boots. You can include a black knee-high boot or bootie to compliment any fall look.


Stay cozy with a fall capsule wardrobe


When you take the time to invest in a timeless wardrobe, you can transition between the seasons with effortless grace. This fall, take a look at your wardrobe and consider what works, what you want to add, and how you can make the most of your fall pieces. And as you plan for days dripping in amber, explore Senreve’s collection of bestsellers to find the perfect bag for any season.