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Fall In Love With Our
Autumn-Inspired Colors

As the temperatures cool, explore our full line of cozy colors.
Fall In Love With Our <br> Autumn-Inspired Colors

As the leaves begin to change and the temperatures cool, warm summer days fade into crisp fall nights. With the change of season comes a change of wardrobe.  While you’re swapping out pastels for earth and jewel tones, we’re here to help you discover our featured fall pieces.

We may not have anything pumpkin spiced, but we do have fall colors and cozy cashmere pieces to match your mood. While keeping our work from home go-to’s close, like a Cashmere Coatigan for chilly afternoons and Shearling Slippers for early mornings, we’re also seeking the perfect autumnal accessory.

 SENREVE At Home CollectionExplore the SENREVE At Home Collection, including cozy cashmere pieces, fluffy shearling slippers, and calming candles

Comparable to the richness of Mother Nature’s autumn art, an accessory in one of our fall reds  - Spice, Merlot, Chianti, Bordeaux, Scarlet, Aubergine - easily transitions any wardrobe with the leaves.

SENREVE Mini Maestra Fall Leaves
The perfect fall look featuring the Mini Maestra in Pebbled Coral, via @ohsoglamblog

Fall is more than various shades of red or burgundy though. Our colors, Forest and Chestnut, are a nod to the depth of a woodsy scene or forest floor.

SENREVE Midi MaestraMidi Maestra in Pebbled Forest and Dragon Chestnut

These rich reds and nature-inspired tones should be considered your new fall friends. Bring them along on your next farmer’s market run, romantic woods walk, annual pumpkin patch stop, or apple cider date.

Read on to learn more about our featured fall colors and select your next seasonal companion.

Pebbled Spice
Our newest color, Pebbled Spice, is a red-brown, reminiscent of toasty cinnamon or a warm apple cider.

SENREVE Aria Belt BagAria Belt Bag in Pebbled Spice

It’s a warm, earth tone that pairs perfectly with other earthy colors, such as terracotta, olive green, and sand beige. Some say Pebbled Spice strikes a blend between our traditional Merlot and pop of color Coral. Spice is a color that will keep you feeling warm while the temperatures drop.

SENREVE Crossbody and Aria Belt BagCrossbody in Pebbled Coral; Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled Spice

Pebbled Merlot
A classic deep red, Pebbled Merlot is a fall and winter must-have. Best described as a red-based burgundy, its rich and lasting hue instantly elevates any SENREVE handbag.

 SENREVE Mini MaestraMini Maestra in Pebbled Merlot

Merlot is a true burgundy compared to our Mimosa Bordeaux, which has a cooler purple tone.  Our beloved Pebbled Merlot served as an inspiration for our new red, Dolce Chianti, as well as for our Vegan Merlot.

SENREVE Crossbody, Vegan Midi Maestra, Maestra, Midi MaestraCrossbody in Mimosa Bordeaux; Midi Maestra in Vegan Merlot; Maestra Bag in Dolce Chianti; Midi Maestra Bag in Pebbled Merlot

Dolce Chianti 
Dolce Chianti is a deep, classic red with a soft, traditional leather texture. 

SENREVE Maestra BagMaestra Bag in Dolce Chianti

Chianti is very similar to our crowd favorite Pebbled Merlot but in our plush Dolce leather. Our Chianti has a softer feel that highlights the natural grain of the leather. Chianti, like Merlot, can transition you into fall and through winter alike.

SENREVE Midi MaestraMidi Maestra in Dolce Chianti

Mimosa Bordeaux
Mimosa Bordeaux is a deep maroon with a purple cast. Compared to Merlot or Chianti, Bordeaux has a darker purple-red feel, and the long-grain, bark-like texture of the Mimosa leather makes Bordeaux a more dimensional look.

SENREVE Mini MaestraMini Maestra in Mimosa Bordeaux

Pebbled Merlot as well as Dolce Chianti both play more red, compared to Bordeaux. Perfect for your next weekend winery visit, this purple-red colorway couldn’t get any better for fall.

SENREVE Bracelet Pouch, Maestra Bag, Aria Belt BagBracelet Pouch in Mimosa Bordeaux, Maestra Bag in Dolce Chianti, Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled Merlot

Pebbled Scarlet
Our newest red, Pebbled Scarlet is a bright, true red that is an eye-catching addition to your closet.

SENREVE Alunna BagAlunna Bag in Pebbled Scarlet

Compared to our classic Merlot, Scarlet is a more saturated, brighter red and is currently exclusive to our newest handbag, the Alunna.

SENREVE Alunna Bag and Midi Maestra
Alunna Bag in Pebbled Scarlet; Midi Maestra in Pebbled Merlot

Pebbled Aubergine
Pebbled Aubergine is a purple-based burgundy and is perfect for anyone looking for an understated pop of color.

SENREVE Maestra BagMaestra Bag in Pebbled Aubergine

Brighter than Mimosa Bordeaux which also has purple tones, Aubergine is a sophisticated, versatile purple-red that will go well with any of fall’s essential colors: black, brown, navy, grey, and khaki.

SENREVE Aria Belt BagAria Belt Bag in Pebbled Spice, Mimosa Bordeaux, and Pebbled Aubergine

Pebbled Chestnut
You can’t go wrong with Pebbled Chestnut. Especially perfect for the fall season, this classic, rich warm brown easily transitions to any time of the year or day.

SENREVE Maestra BagMaestra Bag in Pebbled Chestnut

Pair any of our bags in Pebbled Chestnut with a leather boot to achieve a classic fall look.

SENREVE Alunna MiniAlunna Mini in Pebbled Chestnut

Pebbled Forest
This is the color to compliment your fall wardrobe’s brown, cream, navy, and maroon hues. Pebbled Forest is a dark green that looks brighter in the daylight and transitions to a sophisticated, darker look at night. 

SENREVE Midi MaestraMidi Maestra in Pebbled Forest

The highlights and lowlights in our Pebbled leather have a mix of emerald and jewel hues, making Forest one of our most versatile colors. As the name evokes, this color is reminiscent of a deep, pine forest and has us dreaming of our next weekend forest excursion.

SENREVE Mini Maestra
Mini Maestra in Pebbled Forest

You can’t go wrong with any of our fall hues. Whether you’re staying inside with a hot cider or venturing out to see the leaves, any of our bags look sophisticated and chic against the backdrop of all that fall brings.

Which of SENREVE's fall colors are your favorites?  Let us know in the comments below.

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