Flap Bag: How To Style This Timeless Staple

by Sara Wennerstrom / Feb 23, 2023

Flap bag or shoulder purse, whichever name you prefer, its style is still a timeless classic. For decades, flap bags have been a fashion staple on the streets and the runways. But what makes them such a popular bag? Read on to discover the history behind flap bags and how to style your own.


First things first: What’s a flap bag?


A flap bag is a gorgeous, yet simple purse that’s been a staple accessory in many women’s closets since it was first introduced by Chanel in 1955. This shoulder purse features a front flap closure, adjustable straps, and a back slip pocket. The front flap closure folds over the opening of your purse and attaches in the front using a metal clasp or magnet so it can safely hold all your essentials.


Where does the flap bag come from?


The flap bag was first introduced as the “Chanel 2.55” by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. This bag is widely believed to be the first purse made with a shoulder strap. This revolutionary change provided handbag lovers with their first hands-free experience. Now, the flap bag still remains a timeless piece that goes with any outfit, whether you’re heading to the office or going on a date.


6 ways to wear and style flap bags


Flap purses are practical, beautiful, and versatile pieces that pair well with anything in your wardrobe. Here are all the different ways you can style your flap bag.


  1. Think bold

Instead of choosing brown, black, or nude bags, go bold with a bright color! Choose a yellow bag that’s as bright as your personality, or opt for a lavender, sky blue, or forest green – the options are truly limitless!


Pair your colorful purse with bright-colored clothing to create a fun and flirty look. The key is to choose bright colors without going overboard on the patterns – anything short can be overwhelming. Try out this look by pairing a pink maxi dress with a blue flap bag, then add some gold cuffs and earrings to make your outfit sparkle.


Or, pair your bag with a patterned midi dress – just make sure that one color in the dress matches your purse. Then, complete your outfit with a pair of neutral-colored heels, such as black, nude, or white.


minimalist designer flap bag in yellow


  1. Go monochromatic

Nothing makes an impression like a head-to-toe monochromatic ensemble. Whether you’re feeling extra chic or more cozy vibes, a one-color outfit looks put together without breaking a sweat. Pair your coordinating flap bag with a sleek green satin button-up and wide-leg trousers, or opt for a nice gray hoodie, sweats, and a trench coat for a comfortable yet elevated look.


Whether you choose a neutral hue for everyday outings or a bright bag to make a bold statement with your monochromatic ensemble, either option is bound to look fabulous.


  1. Make a statement

Instead of purchasing a black purse that looks exactly like the one all your friends have, choose a bag that’s truly unique and matches your personality. This can be anything from a bag with sherpa lining or one with a fun design all over. Whichever flap bag you choose, you’re bound to turn heads.


Whether you’re heading to the office or going out for happy hour, your new statement bag will elevate any occasion. For a chic work outfit, pair your statement bag with a sleek button-up and trousers. Then, for a night out with the girls, opt for a little black dress or choose loose-fitted jeans, pointed heels, and a fitted bodysuit.


  1. Classic chic

For brunch with your family or wine night with friends, pair your shoulder purse with a chic feminine outfit. Try layering a turtleneck with a plaid skirt and loafers to create a polished, sophisticated look, or opt for a midi-fitted sweater dress with an oversized blazer for the perfect day-to-night ensemble.


  1. Effortless streetwear

You can easily dress up any street style with a great purse. Whether you’re wearing a classic sweatsuit or opting for parachute pants and a fitted top, a shoulder purse is the perfect accessory that’ll make your outfit stand out in the crowd. Whether you choose a sleek black or go for a bold red hue, either option will make your outfit pop.


For the perfect bag to go with your streetwear, opt for one that has a unique pattern or texture. For example, a quilted or sherpa-lined flap bag is the perfect accessory to take your outfit to the next level.


  1. Everyday affair

A flap bag is a reliable purse that works for every occasion, even if you’re just out running errands. For a casual outing, pair your purse with some wide leg denim jeans with a white t-shirt and sneakers. To dress it up a bit, choose a comfy t-shirt dress and add a little bling.


For a more everyday bag, choose one that pairs well with your wardrobe. For example, if your wardrobe is filled with lots of neutrals, you can choose to match it with a black or tan purse, or go bold with a color. On the contrary, if you have a combination of prints, staples, and colorful clothing, a neutral-colored bag is a good choice.


Choose high-quality flap purses to match your style


When looking for the perfect flap purse to add to your wardrobe, choose one that’s made from high-quality fabrics that are guaranteed to last you the long haul. SENREVE's flap bag collection is your first stop in your search for a practical yet unique bag. With so many color and style options available, you’ll find your new staple piece in no time.