Handbag Revival Is Coming

by Vivienne So / Mar 14, 2023

Handbag Revival is back for 2023 and it’s our biggest and best ever. This sustainable shopping event is our stand against traditional luxury practices of burning or destroying pieces, while also ensuring that none of our designs end up in landfill. We believe it’s time for a mindful movement in the fashion industry and hope that Handbag Revival will lead the way. If you're not yet a subscriber, sign up to be alerted when the event begins.




This event is a celebration of imperfection. While we all love the idea of getting something shiny and new, sometimes old, or gently handled designs have a charm about them that’s priceless and can’t be found anywhere else. There’s a sense of treasure in every single product – so why would you ever destroy that?



For spring 2023, discounts start at up to 30% off with our ‘Perfectly Repacked’ bags. These styles have no imperfections, they’re simply missing some of the original packaging like tissue paper or a dust bag. Equally, if you can handle a bag that’s lived a little, check out the ‘Almost Perfect’’ styles at up to 40% off – you might find up to three cosmetic imperfections, but we like to think that’s what makes them unique. 




If you’re on a budget, don’t miss our ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ styles, which have minimal blemishes such as scuffed feet or some marks to the exterior leather. And if you’re after a total steal, you can also shop our ‘Last Chance’ bags at up to 70% off – these styles are in perfect condition, they’re simply a retired design that won’t be coming back onto our shelves. So once they’re gone, they really are gone.




Why shop Handbag Revival? It’s simple. If you respect the planet – and your bank balance – then it really is a win-win. And you never know, the style you’ve been eyeing in your wish list could finally be yours at the most perfect price. Check back here in the next few days or make sure to subscribe to be alerted when the event begins.