Handbag Revival: The Sustainable Shopping Event You Don't Want To Miss

by Sara Wennerstrom / Jul 20, 2022

Remember the iconic scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary when Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy tells Bridget, “I like you, very much, just as you are”? That’s the sentiment behind our Handbag Revival: a sustainable shopping event that celebrates imperfections – giving old (but timeless) and gently-handled stock another chance to find its perfect match. 

Unlike some brands, we never burn or destroy bags. We respect our designs – and the planet – too much to see them end up in landfill. That’s why this bi-annual shopping event is so important. It’s our stake in the ground to push for a mindful luxury movement and work towards our goal of zero waste. And the best part? It means you could take home one of your favorite pieces at up to 65% off. 

Discounts start at 15% off with our ‘Perfectly Repacked’ styles, which have no cosmetic imperfections or damage, they’re just missing some original packaging like tissue paper or a dust bag. Shop styles that are never coming back, also known as our ‘Last Chance’ designs. The handbag equivalent of chic Palm Spring retirees waiting for their moment in the sun.

If you’re on a budget and can handle a bag that’s lived a little, scope out the ‘Perfect Enough’ styles at up to 50% off and ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ at up to 65%. The former will have no more than three cosmetic imperfections that are somewhat visible to the naked eye, while the latter will have minimal but visible blemishes like scuffed feet or marks to the exterior leather. 

Whichever you choose, we’re certain you’ll find a new wardrobe staple that’s ready to multitask with your lifestyle – and one you can feel good about wearing, too. That’s why we don’t buy into trends, but create forever classics that you’ll carry on rotation and love for years to come. 

With 21 billion tons of textiles dumped in landfills per year, Handbag Revival is our way of making an impact. If we all commit to shopping more responsibly and channel an ‘in with the old’ mindset, we might just drive change. Forget fast fashion, this is forever fashion. Are you in?

Find out more about our sustainability goals and principles here.