How To Fix Purse Straps To Make Your Bag Look Brand New

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 20, 2022

Handbag straps are handled quite a lot, so it makes sense that they could use a little TLC now and then. You’ll want to take care of your quality leather handbag to the best of your ability to maintain its supple sophistication. But not all purse straps can be saved – sometimes, you’ll need to swap it out for something new.


Your beloved bag can still have a miraculous second act, even if the strap is visibly worn. In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix purse straps and some clever ways to revive a leather strap that’s seen better days. Plus, we’ll explore when it’s time to replace your purse strap and how you can find the right fit.


Can handbag straps be repaired?


The short answer is that yes, handbag straps can be repaired, but it depends on the state of your strap. If your strap has a few minor cracks in the leather, some imperfections, and slight tears, you can certainly resurrect it with some careful restoration work.

But if your handbag strap is no longer providing the support you need to carry your things, then your whole bag can be at risk of breakage. If your strap is on its last legs, it’s a sign that it’s time to get a new one.


When should you replace a purse strap?


A strap damaged beyond repair is not worth the cost to repair it. Plus, you don’t want to deal with the uncertainty of a strap hanging by a thread only to have it finally break at the most inopportune time. So a good rule of thumb is to replace a purse strap if the bag’s utility is in jeopardy. Remember: The strap plays a key role in keeping your bag safe (and its contents inside), so it’s not worth pushing a handbag strap to the edge.

The moment your bag loses that support, it’s time to find a DIY alternative to resurrect the strap or replace it outright. If you don’t want to replace your bag altogether, look to see if the strap is detachable. If that’s the case, you can simply find a quick switch replacement. This solution is not only great for situations when your strap is world-weary, but it’s a way to have fun with your look, too.


Three purses hanging off womans arm

The Strati Sporta


How to fix purse straps


Here are some solutions for fixing a purse strap.


  • - Restoring a leather strap. For a minor leather repair, like mending the cracks on a handbag’s strap, you can try to fix it at home. To do so, place a drop of leather filler onto your finger, and then apply it to the fraying area. Afterward, remove the excess with a damp cloth and wait 1 hour or more for it to fully dry. You can then use sandpaper to very gently buff the surface.


Once ready, go in with a drop of leather repair paste for that all-important shine and let the bag dry overnight. The cracks should be as good as new by morning. Don’t forget to match the paste’s color to the leather strap’s color for a perfect finishing effect.


  • - Replace the straps with a silk or satin scarf. If the strap is beyond repair, then swap out the strap with a silk scarf. To do this, thread a long scarf through the strap rings on one side until you reach the middle point of the material. Then, gather each part of the scarf and begin to twist them both inward. After, take both twisted pieces and spin them together before you loop the completed strap through the ring on the other side of the bag and tightly tie it.


Bags with scarves around handles

The Women of the World Scarf


  • - Replace it with a ribbon. You can try a similar method with ribbons instead of a silk scarf. But keep the bag’s weight in mind before threading a thin ribbon through the strap clasps – this trick is best for smaller or less weighty bags. With a lighter bag, you can implement the twist technique with an elegant ribbon.


But for heavier bags or bags that don’t need a new strap, simply use a bit of the ribbon to cover any aesthetic imperfections. You can tie a cute bow over the area that’s giving you trouble, and everyone will think you’ve just added a fun addition to your bag. If the function of the strap is still there but the leather has a lot of little cracks, you can cover the entire strap with the ribbon.


  • - Wrap the old straps if not replaceable. Another solution is to wrap your existing strap in your silk scarf. You can do this to hide cracks or tears, but it isn’t the solution for a completely broken handbag strap. So only move ahead with this fix if your strap still has its integrity and the issues are purely cosmetic.


For the wrap method, you can’t go wrong with a silk scarf like Senreve’s Women of the World scarf. It’s a mark of sophistication, empowerment, and femininity. Hand-stitched in 100% Italian silk, the accessory is decadence reimagined. It’ll seamlessly elevate your everyday look, and it makes a powerful statement in support of strong female leaders. When you tightly wrap a scarf around a bag’s handle or strap, you can finish it off with a bow at the end.


  • - Update an old strap with a chain. This might be the right time to switch up your whole look. If you have rings on your bag that allow you to easily switch in and out straps with clasps, then incorporate a chain instead. A chain can provide added support while giving your bag a total makeover.

From Senreve’s
Rainbow Acetate chain with lobster claw clasps to our bestselling Link chain (that connects to itself along the outside of the bag), you can find a design that works for your style. Plus, if the chain links are wide enough, you can thread your silk scarf through the links for an added dash of color and charm. This combination of metal or acetate and shimmering silk is a great way to merge softer femininity with a bold and edgy declaration.


Circa bag with rainbow chain

The Rainbow Acetate Chain


  • - Replace with a statement strap. If a chain isn’t your style but you still want something other than leather to replace an old leather strap, then try a statement one instead. The statement shoulder strap lets you add a pattern or color to your handbag, adding some personality and personalization to your bag.


Our Statement strap's wide design distributes weight evenly across your shoulders for ideal comfort. You can try a deep red or forest green to take your statement to the next level or go for a neutral hue like black or chestnut.


  • - Invest in a bag with detachable straps. This one is for future bag purchases. The next time you’re searching for a perfect go-to bag for any occasion, make sure that it has detachable straps and clasps for easy swapping. This way, you can take comfort in knowing that a bag’s lifetime isn’t limited to one strip of material. And even if you don’t need a new strap for an emergency replacement, it’s nice to know that you have style options.


Senreve offers many bag designs that have the ability to switch out straps, as well as a host of strap options from chains to leather options that double as belts. Our Strati strap gives an instant upgrade to our Strati Sporta. This lightweight, adjustable strap clips right onto your Strati silhouettes (or Aria Belt bag) to seamlessly convert them into a crossbody or shoulder bag.


Have the support you need


Since your bag carries it all, that can put a lot of pressure on the straps. So keep in mind these tips and tricks for mending the leather or getting crafty with a silk scarf solution. And with proper care and high-quality leather straps, your Senreve can last you through life’s changing seasons. And you can take off the stress placed on one strap by shaking things up often with our variety of single clasp and double clasp chains and straps.