How to Organize Your Wardrobe in 7 Steps

by Sara Wennerstrom / Aug 31, 2022

When you take the time to give clothing items and accessories a proper home, you improve the overall flow of your dwelling. There are also mental health benefits linked to decluttering, like lower stress levels, a greater sense of self-esteem, and an enhanced lifestyle. So Marie Kondo wasn’t lying when she said, “The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”


In this piece, we’ll explore everything related to how to organize your wardrobe. Your bedroom closet, whether it’s a walk-in closet or a small space, is sure to thank you for the makeover.


What do you need to organize your closet?


To get started, you’ll need the proper supplies for organizing your clothes and accessories. But before you run off to The Container Store and buy everything in sight, check out the ideas below.


  • - Full-length mirror. Consider incorporating a full-length mirror into your wardrobe if you have the space. It may not be directly related to organization, but it’s the perfect finishing touch, so you can survey an outfit before heading out the door.


  • - Measuring tape. When you take the time to measure your closet, you’ll have a better understanding of what fits before you buy. This minimizes trips to the store and unnecessary headaches.


  • - Shoe rack or organizer. When your shoes are easily visible and neatly organized, you’ll have a better chance of finding the perfect pair for that on-point outfit.


  • - Storage boxes. This classic closet organization idea allows you to sort out miscellaneous items in your drawer designated for undergarments. Plus, you can use baskets or bins on the unoccupied floor space instead of shelves.


  • - Hangers. It’s best to use hangers of the same style for coordination. Save your precious hanging space for your nicer pieces, too.


  • - Extra shelving. Don’t dismiss any blank wall space — that’s prime real estate for additional shelving. Imagine the possibilities of immaculately storing your handbag collection or displaying your hats on the wall.


  • - Labels. For smaller closets, rotate your easily accessible seasonal clothes with the help of labeled bins. You’ll know exactly what’s stowed away in that opaque bin. Labels are also a great closet system for identifying the contents of various drawers.


  • - Other types of storage. Maybe you have a rather large belt collection; you can keep them organized too by attaching hooks to free wall space. Or perhaps you want your jewelry easily accessible in your closet — display it effortlessly with a jewelry tray resting atop a chest of drawers


  • - Handbag storage. Any shelving is perfect for storing your troupe of handbags, but if you have limited shelf space, don’t fret. Try clear divider boxes or cubbies that are easily stackable and moveable. Your Doctor bag will stay preserved in its dust bag and remain within an arm’s reach when you bring it out for a spin.


SENREVE leather jewelry tray in various colors

The Jewelry tray


7 steps to organize your closet


With these tools for success in mind, let’s take you through the seven steps to organizing a closet that “sparks joy.”


  1. Assemble your wardrobe organization dream team

Once you have all the supplies that work for your needs, have them ready to go to begin the closet organization process. In the beginning, you’ll go through each item you own to determine what stays and what goes. Establish a bin as your “toss” basket, but keep it aside – this will come into play a bit later.


  1. Clear out your closet

Here’s where the fun begins — empty your entire closet. Put all pieces in neat piles on the floor or the bed, so you can have a good look at everything you own. This can be a big job, so allow yourself plenty of time for the process. When you do an overhaul like this, you’re investing in your future closet — the one where everything has a place, and you know exactly what’s in your collection. You’re gifting yourself a clean slate, so don’t cut corners.


  1. Declutter using piles

Now that everything's out in the open, go through each piece. This is where the “toss” bin makes its debut. Give yourself the space and time to make decisions mindfully as you sort. Establish a “keep” pile with everything you want to wear. All the things that you want to rehome in some way should make their way into the “toss” bin. Once your piles are made, you can further divide the “toss” bin into clothing that you want to donate, resell online, or recycle.


  1. Give your closet a good clean

You’re probably feeling much lighter after assessing your wardrobe and making the wise decision to shed a few garments. While you’re feeling the warm tingly results of letting go, give your closet a good clean. It may have been a few years since you’ve had the space to dust and wipe down every nook and cranny, so take the time to vacuum or sweep and wipe down shelves.


  1. Evaluate how your storage solutions fit

While your shelves are shining like new thanks to your handiwork, take a look at how your storage solutions fit in your closet. With a good idea of what you want to keep, you can play around with your space and determine the best layout for hanging items, shelves, bins, and boxes.


  1. Organize your items

Group similar items together. Place all your jeans together, dedicate a drawer specifically to athletic wear, or have a bin just for socks. As long as it makes sense to you, that’s what matters. You can organize by season, by clothing type, or whatever else makes the most sense for your everyday life.


  1. Create a plan to stay organized

You did it! You achieved the holy grail of closet organization — what now? Well, now you want to come up with a plan of action for maintaining your pristine wardrobe. Set some ground rules and promise yourself that at the end of the day or after the next laundry cycle, you’ll return each item to its proper home. Arrange for a mini-review of your wardrobe every so often, so you can wait a while before doing another closet overhaul.


SENREVE scarf wrapped around purse handle

The Supernova Scarf  wrapped around the handle of our Maestra bag


Tips on keeping your closet organized


Let’s explore some tips for maintaining an organized space in your closet. From folding and stacking with discernment to utilizing the back of your closet door, these tips will have you covered.


Keep your most-used pieces visible


When you enter your closet, you should be able to immediately spot your most-worn pieces. Arrange your frequent rotation at eye level by stacking them on a visible middle shelf. For items with less prime time, you can store those higher up or below the middle area of your closet. This reduces your chances of frantically searching for that one blue top the morning of an important interview.


Sort by color


If you’re someone who enjoys the aesthetic appeal of color-coding a closet, go for it — just make sure it’s easy to maintain. It should also make sense to you for an outfit selection. You can create a rainbow that glides across a sea of hangers or implement another arrangement. Again, it’s up to your and your personal needs and preferences.


Make the most of your vertical real estate


Chances are you’ve probably forgotten about your closet wall space or the other vertical space clamoring for your attention. Maybe your closet isn’t a walk-in, but when you hang a rack over the back of the door, it’s a great way to maintain organization and space. Also, consider the negative space between your hanging pieces and the floor — stack a few bins underneath. This is especially good for those out-of-season pieces that aren’t needed this minute.


Drape scarves on hangers


You can keep scarves easily accessible by hanging them — tie several scarves to one hanger or drape a silk scarf around an appropriate piece that’s already on display. Senreve’s Women of the World scarf will look smart draped effortlessly over the neckline of your favorite blazer. This method for hanging scarves reduces the chance of wrinkles and lets you easily view your scarf selection for that pièce de résistance.


Implement a system to show how often a piece is worn


To have an even better idea of what you wear, create a system that lets you easily identify your most worn pieces and the pieces that never seem to leave the closet. A great trick is to turn every hanger backward. Then when you wear a piece, put it back with the hanger facing the right direction. There are other systems, like finding a way to mark the hanger with a piece of string or a sticker, but this particular one is super simple and helps you reassess your closet staples at a glance.


Go with the “one in, one out” method


Another ideal tip for staying organized is the “one in, one out” order to help keep your clothes in check. This straightforward principle holds you to the promise that if you want to add something to your wardrobe, then something must go in the “toss” basket. It increases your chances of maintaining or organization by not piling up brand new pieces in the corner.


Create your dream closet


A dream closet is organized, easy to manage, simple to navigate, and filled with well-loved items to compliment any occasion. If you follow the above guidelines, you’re sure to maximize your closet space, making the most out of your wardrobe. So find the right spot for your everlasting Midi Maestra lavender tote in the rainbow lineup, or hang your Senreve silk scarf collection on the rack behind your closet door. But whatever you decide for your layout, make sure it’s well-designed for your multifaceted and modern needs.