How To Pack for a Vacation Seamlessly

by Sara Wennerstrom / Aug 16, 2022

With travel in full swing again, everyone is eager to get away and explore bucket list-worthy destinations. But with travel comes the prep work and planning to get where you’re going without a hitch. From international excursions to domestic flights, making sure you have everything you need is vital to reducing stress on the journey.


So whether you’re a bit out of practice with how to pack for vacation or you never quite mastered the skill, this guide is for you. Below, you’ll have all-inclusive packing tips, a packing list that you can refer to, and a few other sage bits of travel wisdom.


How to pack for a vacation: 7 tips


Before you unzip your suitcase and start opening your drawers, think about what’s going to go into your suitcase. Here’s how to narrow down your packing list.


  1. Prepare outfits

When assembling your clothing options for vacation, envision outfits in advance. Make sure that your travel wardrobe colors pair well together. Your future self will thank you when you have several viable options throughout the trip instead of mismatched outfits. It’s best to favor neutral hues and easily layered garments for unexpected temperature changes.


  1. Roll your clothing

We all know the feeling of having to sit on an overstuffed suitcase just to zip it shut. It’s a good idea to be strategic when arranging your belongings in your luggage. Whenever possible, roll your clothes to maximize space in your luggage. To do so, first, fold clothing like a T-shirt in half, and then roll the shirt instead of leaving it folded or laying it flat.


You can also increase your organization by using packing cubes. These small bags help you to further sort out your items. Store all of your rolled T-shirts and blouses in one mesh bag — so you know exactly where to find everything. Plus, it makes it easier for you to repack when headed home or to another location.


  1. Select the right travel bag

Now, it obviously matters what you bring on a trip, but what you store them in is just as important. Depending on the length of your vacation, you could get away with a simple weekender bag, or you might need the following holy trinity of luggage:


  • Rolling luggage. For international travel or longer trips where you’re arriving by plane, it can be hard to avoid a checked bag. A rolling suitcase is perfect for navigating a busy airport — it’s the classic option for travel for a reason.


  • Carry-on bag. The carry-on bag is the next must-have in your luggage set. Stowed away in an overhead compartment, you can keep essential items safe and close by, like any medications, tech gear, a change of clothes, or whatever else you might need.


And if you’re a super savvy traveler who favors packing light, skip the larger rolling suitcase and opt for a smaller size for carry-on-only travel.



The Maestra bag is stunning, sleek, and capable of anything. This bag carries it all with an interior laptop compartment, and it can be worn as a satchel, tote, crossbody, or backpack — so you've got plenty of options.


  1. Arrange travel essentials

Have you ever managed to pack all of your essentials for a trip only to have a hard time finding the right article of clothing or charger without having to dump everything onto your hotel room floor? Well, when you think ahead and organize your basics successfully by using travel cubes or another option for compartmentalizing, you are more likely to avoid the aforementioned hypothetical question.


  1. Put together your toiletry bag

When gathering your essentials in your toiletry bag, think of what is an absolute must in advance. Remember that wherever you’re going, they’re likely to have body wash, shampoo and conditioner. And in the worst-case scenario, you can pop over to a local store to find any products missing in action.


If you’re bringing your toiletries in your carry-on, make sure they follow TSA guidelines about liquids, gels, and creams being 3 ounces or less and in a clear, plastic bag. Check your skincare items to make sure they’re in compliance, or they might get tossed at security.


  1. Pack your personal item for the plane

The personal item on the plane is your travel companion for your entire trip. It will help you survive a long flight with headphones and a pack of gum at the ready, and it will aid you in your hikes and long walks on the beach. While the travel backpack makes an excellent personal item, you can opt for a Gemelli tote or a Doctor bag. Both bags get the job done in style and have enough room to carry your essentials without the bulkiness.


  1. Gather your documents and other necessities

For international travel, make sure you have your passport ready to go and up to date. It’s also crucial to have your cash, credit cards, ID, vaccination card, and boarding pass collected in advance, too. Senreve’s passport holder[a] is the perfect travel accessory to keep your passport, ID, credit cards, and other necessities safe and easy-to-access. Slip into a secure spot in your personal item for safekeeping.


SENREVE model holding five different bags
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Tips and tricks for packing for your next vacation


The following are additional tips and tricks for packing that are sure to become staples in your pre-vacation planning agenda.


Check the weather forecast


You can do some research in advance to see what the weather is typically like around the time of year that you’ll be visiting your destination. However, as your trip gets closer, check the weather forecast to have a good idea of what kinds of clothing and shoes you’ll need. If you’re going somewhere less tropical, don’t overpack sundresses and swimsuits. Pack the right clothing for the right climate.


Picture your vacation


Now, you’ve probably already spent hours daydreaming about sipping cocktails poolside or hitting the slopes in Switzerland but be calculated as you fantasize. Instead of merely drifting off into dreamland, think about your itinerary and what you’ll be wearing or in need of in each situation. For example, if you’re spending two weeks by the beach, bring a few bathing suits, cover-ups, and a pair of flip-flops.


Don’t overdo it


Take note from the minimalist travel guide, and do not overpack for your vacation. All of that extra baggage will only weigh you down. If you implement the above tips and tricks, you’re more likely to incorporate the less is more method — and only bring what you’ll actually use. For a super casual getaway, leave the dress shoes at home and bring the sandals along for the ride.



SENREVE travel tote attached to luggage

Packing checklist


Save this packing checklist to remember the travel essentials for your next trip:


  • - Passport or other ID
  • Slim wallet to store credit cards and cash
  • - Reusable water bottle
  • - A few bras
  • - Several pairs of underwear
  • - Several pairs of socks
  • - Two T-shirts
  • - Two tank tops
  • - Two blouses
  • - Long-sleeve shirt
  • - Cardigan
  • - Sweatshirt
  • - Rain jacket, if rain is expected
  • - Pair of pajamas
  • - Two dresses
  • - One skirt
  • - Two pairs of jeans (depending on the weather)
  • - Three pairs of shorts (depending on the weather)
  • - Two swimsuits (depending on the weather)
  • - Swimsuit cover-up
  • - Sneakers
  • - Sandals (depending on the weather)
  • - Flats or heels  
  • Scarf
  • - Sun hat
  • - Sunglass and Lunettes case
  • - Hairbrush
  • - Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • - Sunscreen
  • - Moisturizer
  • - Deodorant
  • - Lip balm
  • - Hand sanitizer
  • - Makeup in a makeup bag
  • - Makeup remover
  • - Razor
  • - Tweezers
  • - Nail clippers
  • - Glasses, contacts, and eye drops, if needed
  • - Period care products, if needed
  • - Medications
  • Reversible belt
  • - Adapters for overseas travel, if needed
  • - Your laptop with its charger and laptop sleeve 
  • - Bandages
  • - Headphones
  • - Entertainment, such as a book


Travel the world with ease


When you’re jet-setting around the world, packing can be a stress-free experience. As long as you remember your essentials, set aside some time to plan, reduce your pairs of shoes, and remember to organize your belongings, you’ll reach your destination with greater peace of mind. Also, a good rule of thumb with clothes is to bring 7 to 14 days' worth of clothing, depending on the length of your travels and access to a washing machine.


And don’t forget: a travel essential for women on the go is that perfect bag. Explore Senreve’s collection of bestsellers designed for the multifaceted, modern woman who embraces adventure and deserves a vacation from the day-to-day hustle and bustle.