International Women’s Month Feature: Rosie Millen

by Heather Chadwell-Aminzadeh / Mar 07, 2024

Every March, we celebrate International Women’s Month, a time to honor and celebrate the contributions of women who inspire us, across a broad range of interests and professions. As a female founded and operated company, this women’s empowerment is particularly meaningful to us, and we look forward to highlighting women from our community.




Meet Rosie Millen, aka Miss Nutritionist. Rosie’s message is really simple: “Burnout sucks and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I want to share with everyone how simple it is to feel energized.”

Rosie is a Nutritional Therapist who started her own company, Miss Nutritionist, in 2010 after being diagnosed with a health condition caused by burnout. She traveled the long journey to recovery and now specializes in strategies to combat fatigue. Rosie helps men and women to regain their energy through changes to their diet and lifestyle.

Rosie has coached thousands of women to increase their energy, trained multiple companies to maximize their employees' energy, and written hundreds of blog posts on how to recover from burnout. Rosie’s debut book, “Burnout's A B*tch!“ contains a body and mindset program to re-energize and regain their lives with her unique lifestyle plan. 


What inspired you to start your business?

10 years ago I was walking in the park, felt really dizzy and collapsed to the ground. I freaked out because nothing like that had happened to me before so I went home, climbed into bed and stayed there for three years straight! I got diagnosed with severe burnout and it took me four years to get on my feet. I had to make A LOT of changes to my diet, mindset and lifestyle. Since recovering from burnout I've been on a mission to help individuals to recover from burnout and mental health conditions through diet and lifestyle changes alone. 

How does your femininity influence your brand and work?
Most of the women I see in my clinic, in the audience or my followers are women. They want to learn the bio hacks to be healthier and optimize their mental health. 
Every decision I make is lead by women for women. So feminity influences my work on a daily basis! 

In what ways do you aim to celebrate and uplift women through your work?
It’s my job to inspire and create. So with that as the backbone to my work ethic I try to tune in to my audience’s needs and give them what they need. Usually they want to learn how to be healthy and have physical energy so they feel physically and mentally uplifted on a daily basis. 

How have you navigated challenges or obstacles as a female founder?
Whenever I reach a roadblock or am stuck on something I always reach out for help. Whether that’s via a coach or leaning into my female entrepreneur friends for their advice and input. 

What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs who are just starting out?
Don’t start thinking that everything has to be perfect. This is usually why people don't start because they are fixed on getting from A - Z rather than just A - B. Most people don't realize that starting is the most important thing and growth is about trusting in one step at a time. 


In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8th, tune into our Instagram Live with Rosie and SENREVE founder and CEO, Coral Chung at 9:30am PT.