Let's Go Barbie

by Senreve Flagship / Apr 18, 2023

Get your hot-pink fix with SENREVE, Ken dolls optional.

Life in Viva Magenta? It’s fantastic. But hey, don’t take our word for it – Greta Gerwig’s hotly anticipated movie release is about to do the talking for us. We just have to sit and wait patiently until July… 

Mini Cornetti in Viva Magenta

Or, you could channel the original style icon right now in the trending color of 2022 AND 2023, because Viva Magenta isn’t going anywhere. (If it’s good enough for Margot Robbie, it’s good enough for us.)

Woman wearing hot pink dress holding a pink bag by a matching chainCadence Crossbody in Viva Magenta

Alongside the movie hype, we saw Valentino kick things off last year by centering his PFW show around pink-on-pink layers. Next, everyone from Anna Hathaway to Gigi Hadid were seen rocking the magenta hue in all it’s playfully passionate glory. And let’s not forget our favorite multi-hyphenate style icon, Blair Eadie, who nailed the look with our bestselling Cavalla Saddle Bag.

Woman in all pink dress and blazer holding a pink saddle bag with pearl chainCavalla Saddle Bag in Viva Magenta and Pearl Shoulder Chain

Now it’s your turn – and there’s never been a better time. Layer your favorite pink SENREVE with a monochromatic Pink ensemble (think mini dresses, platform heels, and party girl accessories). Or if an entire outfit feels too much, ease into your Pink transformation by styling a pink handbag with an otherwise neutral outfit. 

Woman holding pink handbag with matching pink chainAria Belt Bag in Viva Magenta  with matching Flat Long Convertible Chain in Viva Magenta

The SENREVE community is all about being multifaceted with people who do it all – much like Barbie herself. Did you know that Mattel’s Barbie has had over 200 careers from lawyer to astronaut, and more recently significant roles in STEM fields? Now that’s girl power.

To borrow the words of acclaimed lawyer, Elle Woods, “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed". So, join us in taking on the summer’s most smile-inducing trend with these SENREVE picks. Let’s embrace life in a Barbie World.