Lucky Zodiac Tips For The Year Of The Ox

by / Feb 09, 2021

To kick off the Year of the Ox, our Founder and CEO, Coral Chung, sat down with Thierry Chow, a Feng Shui Designer in Hong Kong and one of the few women in Asia to succeed in Feng Shui artistry.

With the Year of the Ox fast approaching, it’s time to make some changes to maximize your good luck and fortune. Read on below to learn more about what you can expect from the Year of the Ox and to learn some lucky zodiac tips.

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Tell us a little bit more about Feng Shui and how you decided to pursue this art form? 
I grew up in a family where Feng Shui was present all the time, and my father has been a Feng Shui master for over 40 years. I grew up more on the creative side, studying painting and fine arts, and when I came back to Hong Kong after spending time in Toronto, I was so unhappy and lost that it pushed me to look for a way out. One day, I was having dinner with my father and something told me that I had to learn Feng Shui from him.

Feng Shui is so traditional and has been around for so long, but at the same time, the language, practice, and philosophy has been given a new lens. Essentially, Feng Shui is the relationship between us and the environment and natureif you are aware of how the environment affects you, it can really help you to become happy and healthier.

You mentioned it’s really a combination of this traditional literature and traditional pathway with what is more modern and up to date. How have you combined the two and reconciled that to make it relevant today for people around the world?
First, I thought I should put my creativity, fashion, and design into Feng Shui. Then, people can relate back to these topics more easily. If we have Feng Shui and design or Feng Shui and fashion, people don’t understand that this could be possible, and it's a great way to modernize it.

What is your Feng Shui outlook for the Year of the Ox? How should people think about this new year and new start, given how difficult last year was?
2020 has been surreal and has been tough on everyone around the world. We should be more aware and focus on self-love. 2021 is a new start for us and we all have to find a way to restart and reflect on ourselves and what we really want to be. For me, luck is something that you can draw to yourself—you can change your destiny by showing more love and kindness, by being kind to yourself and everyone around you.

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What does being in the Year of the Ox mean for the Ox zodiac sign?
It means more instability and changes, which is a bit more scary, but keep in mind that it’s just your perspective on change. We are conditioned to fear change, but instead, we should embrace it. 

Which zodiac sign will have the most luck in the Year of the Ox? What does the Year of the Ox bring for all other signs?
In 2021, the Snake and the Rooster have the Star of Union, which means good energythey will have more family gatherings, more friends, and will be meeting new people. Overall, they will have good union with the people around them.

The Rabbit and the Pig have the Travel Star, which is a hot topic right now since we can’t travel. In general, they’re supposed to travel a lot, but they’re also going to be having a busy year and be running around. 

The Year of the Rat just ended, which is a good feeling for the Rat, but they should give themselves recovery time because it will take longer to settle into this new year. Normally, they will experience a bit of a rollercoaster, but will eventually see a good shift in 2021. They will have more opportunities in work and will form strong friendships. 

The Tiger has a little bit of the Star of Union, so it’s still a good energy time. They should expect happy news in relationships and friendships, and even could experience a potential love.

The Sheep will experience big changes and shifts. They will be moving home, moving offices, or it could also mean that they need to travel. It’s all about movement. It can be stressful, but it’s really about their perspective and mindset.

The Monkey will tend to have good luck in the finances and in their career. The focus overall is on better money management.

The Horse should focus on their health. It’s about communication with friends and family, so they should find something to calm their minds, like meditation and yoga.

The Dog should also focus on their health and will experience misunderstanding with friends and family. They need to be aware of what they say and how they say it.

The Dragon will experience shifts and changes with friendships. They should reevaluate and reflect on who they want to be with, which will really help them get through this year.

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Is there anything the Ox should watch out for this year?
The Ox should avoid negative energy. As it’s a transitional year, try not to be involved in funerals, but instead, be involved in happier events, such as baby showers and birthday parties.

How should we bring love and luck into our lives this year? What about fortune and financial success?
There’s actually a method called the Fung Shui placement, which is very easy to do anywhere. For 2021, place flowers in the Northeast corner to bring romance into your life. It’s best if they’re fresh flowers, and make sure they aren’t white or black. 

The West corner is where the best energy is, so place a yellow lamp there, as there needs to be energy in this corner to enhance fortune and finances.

Given the pandemic, health has been a big focus and concern for everyone around the world. How do we continue to improve our health, longevity, and most importantly, our mental health?
Feng Shui is actually a very good way to enhance mental health. In 2020, our home became the place that we are in almost 24/7, so this environment being in good condition is key to our mental health. Create a sanctuary for yourselfyou should be able to recharge yourself at home, so if you recharge yourself well, that’s a very good sign. 

Additionally, there are three main things you can do to optimize your home space:
1) The light should be very balanced and preferably should be warm lighting. If your place is too dark and you always feel sleepy, then the lighting is off.
2) You can draw more happy colors in. Have fun with colors and add in pops of color, especially if your home is primarily full of neutrals.
3) Draw in the five elementswood, fire, water, metal, and earthinto your space. You can do this by adding in more plants, bringing in warm lighting and candles, incorporating the water sound, bringing in more crystals, and adding in metallic decorations.

On that note, what type of energy do these elements bring into the space?
It’s really just to let those items exude this natural energy. Because nature has the most natural five elements, we feel like something is charging us when we're in nature, and by bringing these elements indoors, it can work in the same way.

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From a fashion perspective, how should we think about the evolution of fashion this year and the colors?
Everyone is very differentsome people love comfort and some love dressing up all the time. I feel like the key is to have more fun with whatever you are comfortable with. I always go with more colors and have fun with mix and matching, and now, with the mask, you should have fun with it since it’s part of our outfit now too. 

Last but not least, I’d love to hear what you think about the Fung Shui of our space in Hong Kong?
What I love the most about the store is the pink theme; it’s not an offensive pink, it’s very comfortable and soothing. Pink is a representation of love and is a color of kindness, so I love this energy in the store.

I also love the florals, which is generally very good for relationships and career. Around the mirror, there are a lot of empowering phrases, which evokes positive energy. There’s also very warm lighting. Overall, when you go into a space and you want to stay in it, you are on the right track.

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