Meet The Strati Collection

by Sara Wennerstrom / Jul 30, 2021

Beauty, luxury, versatility, and functionality: meet the SENREVE Strati collection. Lightweight and offered in two new silhouettes, our Strati pieces showcase the same SENREVE details you know and love in an all new Nylon construction. For the days when you want something a bit more free and easy in comparison to leather, Strati will take you from the office to the gym - and from dinner to the dancefloor. Allow us to introduce you…

The Strati Sporta

SENREVE / Strati Sporta in RoseStrati Sporta in Rosé

Say hello to your new favorite sidekick. The Strati Sporta is the perfect combination of form and function. Available in four classic colors (Beech, Stone, Rosé, and Ebony), the Sporta is durable and lightweight, constructed from Nylon and accented with French Dolce leather piping and a unique SENREVE buckle closure.

The Strati Shopper

SENREVE / Mini Shopper in NylonStrati Shopper in Stone

Your everyday bag, elevated. Meet the soft-yet-structured Strati Shopper, available in the same four colors as the Sporta (Beech, Stone, Rosé, and Ebony) and constructed from Nylon with French Dolce leather piping. Tuck in the sides for a more structured and demure shape, or flare them out for a more geometric and open silhouette.

SENREVE / Strati Collection LaunchShop The Strati Collection

Designed by our team in Italy, our Strati collection effortlessly blends femininity and function with these two new styles to fit your mood and help you breeze through your schedule.