Octopi Community Mothers Featuring @purseonfleek

by / Jan 22, 2020

Celebrating our Mothers shouldn’t be limited to just one day, so we’re starting a series featuring our empowering and strong Octopi Community Mothers. Now that we’re all staying home due to COVID-19, Mothers are doing even more -- wearing multiple hats and juggling many responsibilities. Today, we’re featuring Melanie, now a mother of two (Baby C was brought into this world less than a week ago!), and SENREVE Ambassador. 

What are 3 lessons you’ve learned after becoming a mother?
1. Nothing is more powerful than the love you have for your own children.
2. Lower your cleaning standards or else you will go insane!
3. Parenting is the hardest but most rewarding thing you will ever do in life.

Melanie and daughter, with SENREVE Mini MaestraMelanie with her Mini Maestra in Blush.

What has changed in your life since you’ve become a mother?
I thought my goal in life was to climb a corporate ladder until I had a child then I realized that my priority was no longer career success, but to focus my energy and life commitment to raising my children.

How do you balance work and motherhood?
I do my best to allocate small time blocks wherever possible, particularly at nap time during the day and then in the evening when the eldest child is asleep.

What is your favorite memory of you and your children?
When my daughter met her brother for the first time and said: "that's my baby brother, he came out of Muma's belly." Seeing the joy in her face to finally meet her brother after spending the past 9 months talking to my belly was a priceless moment.

Melanie posing with daughter

What are some morals/lessons you’ve taught your child?
Always use your manners: say please and thank you.
Clean up your toys or they may end up in the trash bin, haha!

What were some lessons your mother taught you?
My mother was always there for us as kids. We never came home from school to an empty house. When we were sick our mother was there to pick us up from school and every morning she would say farewell to us as we headed off to school. Even into our adulthood, our mother was always very supportive of my brother and me. That support and unconditional love that my mother gave us has taught me to want to do the same with my kids. I feel empowered that I have been able to set myself up, allowing me to be able to give my kids that same feeling of comfort, love, and support that my mother did for me.

Melanie posing with Mini Maestra in CreamMelanie with her Mini Maestra in Cream.

Do you have any advice for expecting mothers?
It's good to get helpful advice from other mothers, but it's more important to follow your own maternal instincts, because like the saying goes "Mother knows best.”

Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions? Comment below! We hope our Octopi Community has a wonderful Mother’s Day, filled with love and laughter. Thank you to all our strong and empowering Mothers; we recognize and celebrate all your dedication and sacrifice.