Pajama Outfit Ideas To Wear In and Out of the House

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 20, 2022

If visions of fluffy pants and flannel shirts flood your mind when you think “pajamas,” think again. Sleek, silky loungewear is just as comfortable – and can even look great styled and worn outside your living room.


Whether worn together or as separates, the right pajamas can look just as good stepping out as they do in the comfort of your own bedroom. Here’s a list of pajama outfit ideas and how to accessorize them to look refined.


How to style pajama outfit ideas


Use these below tips to take your bedtime ensemble to beautiful daytime wear.


Choose a color theme

Choosing a color theme is what keeps the “pajamas outside” look from crossing into the wrong territory. The right color theme keeps your whole look organized and street-ready. Stick with neutral hues, or go bold with a bright pink or a cool blue and accessorize around it.


Wear your pajama top as a button down

A polished pajama top can be the right substitute for a button-down shirt you’d wear to brunch. The collar gives a tailored look, so it pairs well with several outfits without looking like you just rolled out of bed. For a casual outing, try a breathable linen or cotton shirt, or if you want to dress it up, opt for a silk top. For this look, avoid materials that look and feel pajama-like, like flannel. Stick with basic colors and simple patterns as well – this isn’t the place for an ice cream cone-patterned top.


Senreve’s Luna Silk Shirt is a great option for a pajama top that can double as a button-down. It’s a 100% silk long sleeve with a notched collar and pearl white buttons. Choose to buy it oversized and pair it with a mini dress or skirt. Or, wear it with your favorite pair of trousers and loafers for a cozy yet classy day in the office.


Woman wearing a pink silk shirt

The Lumi Silk Shirt


Tie it up

Although pajamas are meant to be loose and comfortable when sleeping, you may not want to rock the oversized look with your chosen ensemble. To make your PJ top feel more fitted, unbutton a few buttons on the bottom and twist your top into a knot for a cute cropped look.


Create a set of your own

If a pajama set feels a little over the top for going out, keep in mind you don’t need to wear a full set to achieve the look. Try wearing just the top, the bottom, or the comfy sweater and styling the rest. Try exchanging the top for a breezy white linen shirt while keeping the comfortable leggings on the bottom. Then, elevate the whole look by adding accessories like a bright mini bag.


Wear your pajama pants as a casual bottom

Instead of opting for leggings or joggers as you head out for your daily adventures, choose a pair of cozy pajama pants instead. They’re an easily adaptable piece that works for all types of casual wear. Style your pants with a cozy sweater, or pair it with a sporty t-shirt and sneakers for a bit of contrast. Just make sure to select pants that avoid loud patterns that are best for lounging inside.


Wear your nightgown as a dress

The right nightgown can be styled into a comfortable daytime look. Whether it’s a silk minidress or a flowy, light linen print, you can easily accessorize any nightgown to make it a show-stopping piece. Try layering your dress under a blazer or leather jacket, then accessorize with a pair of heels and a matching purse to complete the look. You can even belt your nightgown to add more shape to your outfit.


Make your robe your new outerwear

When you think of robes, you may think of the plush, soft ones stocks in hotels and spas. But what about the light and sheer ones that have a cool vintage feel? These robes can transform into the perfect light summer jacket suited for any occasion. Pair it with sneakers and shorts during the day, then wear it over a jumpsuit or mini dress as you grab happy hour with the girls.


Dress it up with satin

Fabric choice makes a difference when wearing your pajamas outdoors. A thick, fleece-like fabric will always feel like PJs, but a beautiful, smooth satin can transition from dining room to dining out with relative ease. A satin tank with a lace trim paired with a blazer looks balanced – and nobody will be the wiser that your top is actually sleepwear.


Woman wearing cozy cashmere blanket

The Cashmere Blanket 


How to accessorize Pajama Outfits


These tips can help you elevate your pajama outfits through complementary accessories.


  1. Add a coat or a blazer

Elevate your nightgown or camisole pajama set with a chic blazer or jacket. Choose a neutral hue like black or tan to balance your printed nightwear, or add a pop of color for a truly bold statement.


  1. Amplify it with a statement bag

Instead of opting for a neutral tote to complete your outfit, choose an unforgettable bag to upgrade your vibe. A minibag, backpack, clutch or belted bag in unique colors can do just the trick. However, choosing the right hue can be challenging. Choose soft colors that can elevate any outfit without being too over-the-top.


For example, a light blue Midi Maestra bag can add a pop of color to a silk button-up lounge shirt in black. Or, a mauve Aria belt bag will tie perfectly with your coordinating printed set. With a colorful statement bag in hand, you can transform any outfit into a show stopping piece.


Luxury bag on woman unfolding blanket

The Gemelli Tote


  1. Separate the items

Even if you love your pajamas, it can be a bit over the top to fully commit to wearing your pajamas in public. Instead of diving head first and wearing your full pajama set, style one piece of your sleeping ensemble. For the bottoms, pair your silk printed pants with a fitted t-shirt, or choose a neutral button-up for balance. Or, wear your silk camisole or oversized button-down pajama top with a pair of ripped jeans or pleated shorts for a casual chic look.


  1. Add a stiletto heel

The trick to making a pajama outfit feel a bit more formal is all in the shoes. Just like a pair of sneakers can turn an outfit more casual, a pair of stilettos can elevate your pajama set beyond the bedroom. Choose a bright stiletto heel to make a bold statement with your printed top or bottom, or add a nude pair for subtle sophistication.  


  1. Layer Up

There are so many different ways you can elevate a pajama top through layering. If you’re wearing a silk camisole, pair it with a cozy knit cardigan, or layer it over a turtleneck. If you have a button-down, try placing a sweater or vest over the top for a structured look.


  1. Incorporate classic jewelry pieces

One of the best ways to accessorize an outfit is with subtle jewelry. Classic hoops, layered gold chains, or sophisticated pearls can dress up an outfit without being too much.


Accessorize and elevate your pajamas with Senreve


Ready to try something new? Pajama outfits, although a bit surprising, are a new way to experience your comfiest clothing. Luxury loungewear designed for both indoor and outdoor ensembles look presentable while being perfectly comfortable. And when accompanied with the right accessories – whether that’s a statement bag or a pair of wow-worthy sunglasses – you’ll have plenty of options to mix and match until you find the right elevated pajama outfit for you.