Purse Essentials Every Woman Should Have

by Senreve Flagship / Nov 23, 2021

Your purse carries some of the most used and valuable items in your life—from your phone and wallet to your medication and ID. To help you figure out what else you should carry in your bag while on-the-go, we have put together a list of 12 purse essentials, as well as five stylish bags to help you store all your items. Use this guide to be chic AND prepared as we prepare to re-enter a post-pandemic world. 


Types of Purses


  • Shoulder Bag 

    The shoulder bag—a closet staple and loyal partner-in-crime. During the past year, the shoulder bag has seen a swift resurgence, taking the spotlight for its versatility and sleek look. Shoulder bags are on the smaller side, fitting comfortably under one arm, while conveniently leaving your hands free. Whether you’re trying to pay homage to the 90s or just trying to find the perfect everyday bag, we have your back. And since we love having options, Senreve’s Sporta comes in both leather and nylon.   

  • Crossbody
  • Another one of our favorite hands-free bags is the crossbody. Perfect for a woman on-the-go, the crossbody is an exemplary fusion of function ality and elegance. Crossbodies come in a slew of silhouettes and styles, making them the ideal bag for any outing. They can also be paired with accessories such as these stunning statement straps or chain straps for endless styling permutations. There is no time like the present to add a crossbody to your closet, which is why we have picked out our Alunna Bag in Pebbled Sage (a new, elegant color) for you.

  • Tote Bag
  • Looking for a prime multi-tasker bag? Then the tote bag is for you. Often characterized by their canvas make and signature slouchy look, these bags have plenty of room for anything and everything. If you are planning a beach getaway, a soft, canvas tote bag will keep your books, sunglasses, and straw hat safe and sound. But tote bags can also be structured and come in various durable materials. For a classier, more sophisticated look, we have crafted the Armonica Tote Bag. Not only is this tote incredibly durable and spacious, it is made with our signature vegan croc-embossed leather (aka, the environment will thank you). 

  • Evening Clutch
  • The evening clutch is the “it-girl” of bags. This will be your go-to for a girl’s night on the town or a cocktail party. Clutches come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, meaning that some may not be able to fit the essentials such as your phone and wallet. This is why we created a perfectly-sized clutch that meets all your needs and wants, that serves as a wallet and purse all in one. The Continental Clutch in our vegan Amica Misto leather has enough pockets for all your wallet contents as well as an outside pocket for your phone. And the best part? You can make a statement without worrying about juggling your valuables on a night out.  

  • Backpack Purse
  • As we begin the return to office life, you should consider getting a backpack purse. These bags are the perfect companion on daily commutes and coffee runs with coworkers. They are just as functional as the backpacks you know and love, but with a far more elevated and fashionable spin. There is a reason why our scratch-, stain-, and water-resistant Maestra Bag is our all-time bestseller. Capable of anything, it is able to hold your full-sized laptop and can also be worn as a tote, satchel, or crossbody. For smaller backpack options, take a look at the Maestra’s Midi and Mini counterparts. Get ready to be the most stylish in your next marketing meeting.


    12 Purse Essentials Every Woman Should Have

    Now that you have your purse all picked out, it’s time to narrow down the essentials. Depending on the size of your bag, you might only be able to fit some of the essentials listed down below. 

  • Hand sanitizer
  • The pandemic has shed light on how much bacteria we come into contact with every day of our lives. From public transit, to bathroom door handles, to the screens of our phones, we are always at risk of collecting germs on our hands. That is why hand sanitizer is a simple solution to keep your hands clean until you are able to find a sink and soap. Make sure to choose a hand sanitizer that fits into any purse compartment.


  • Hair elastic
  • Storing a few extra hair ties in your purse is never a bad idea, whether you’re going to the gym or just having a bad hair day. And if you have shorter hair, consider tossing in some bobby pins and hair clips into your purse.

  • Breath mints
  • You never know who you might run into after having your next garlic-centric meal. In that case, it will be very useful to have some breath mints available. For good breath and that sustainable energy boost we all need sometimes, try Neuro’s sugar-free natural caffeine mints or gum that come several fun flavors. 


  • Portable phone battery charger
  • We all know that sinking feeling—when you’re far from home and your phone is at five percent. Portable chargers are especially crucial to have when traveling, seeing as they may be the one way to keep your phone alive as you map your way to your destination.


  • A spare pad or tampon
  • There is nothing worse than starting your cycle out-of-the-blue when you’re out of the house. To avoid any discomfort, always keep a couple pads, tampons, and other feminine products in your purse in the event of unexpected menstruation.

  • Makeup
  • You never know when you might need a quick makeup touch-up when on an impromptu date or right before an interview, which is why it is so important to have a few of your favorite makeup products on hand at all times. Consider investing in a small makeup set that will always live in your purse so you are always prepared. Glossier has a delightful set of four products on their website that contains concealer, highlighter, cream eyeshadow, and lipstick. And while you’re at it, maybe throw some makeup wipes in your bag for good measure.


  • Perfume 
  • A spritz of perfume before you leave the house may be enough to last for the first couple of hours, but no longer than that. For this reason, bring a small perfume whenever you go out so you can leave a beautiful scent wherever you go.


  • Hand Cream
  • To avoid dry skin, you should always have at least one or more tubes of hand cream or lotion in your bag. Find a non-toxic, paraben-free moisturizer that works for you and it will become a soothing staple for those busy days. Packing a travel-sized, high SPF sunscreen is also a no-brainer (let’s protect our skin, shall we?).


  • Tissues
  • Remember all those times you spilled something, whether on an outfit or electronic device? Or that time you had a bad case of seasonal allergies and the unrelenting urge to sneeze? Having tissues in your purse is an absolute game changer. Either opt for a small tissue pack or, if you have the bag room, go for a larger, reusable tissue holder that reduces waste.

  • Mask
  • Unfortunately, we have not fully transitioned away from the pandemic way-of-life. Masks are still very much a part of our leaving-the-house checklist. Instead of using disposable masks, opt for a high quality, fabric mask (like the Interchangeable Face Masks from Senreve) so you can do good for the environment. Find a mask with a design you love and keep you and the people around you safe.


  • Lip Balm
  • Who likes having chapped lips? Not us. Keep your lips moisturized at all times with a lip balm of your choice because it’s the little things in life. And for extra lip pampering, go for a lip balm with SPF or a bit of tint to add some color to your look.


  • Water or Snack
  • You owe it to yourself to have a drink or snack available to yourself at all times. Invest in a small water bottle and pack a couple for your favorite protein bars for yourself the next time you accidentally skip breakfast or feel some cravings coming on. It’s hard to be your best self when you’re hungry.

    While returning to our pre-pandemic ways-of-life may be daunting, this transition is giving us the opportunity to revamp our routines in a safe and organized fashion. Hopefully this purse essentials guide will provide some useful suggestions for bags you need in your life as well as purse contents you should purchase to keep you prepared for anything.