Replacement Purse Straps: How To Choose The Best One

by Sara Wennerstrom / Nov 17, 2022

Your handbag can take you from work to weekends away; it’s with you as you make an impression at endless occasions. And with any classic, you take pride in its endurance – its reliability, but sometimes even a staple could use a revamp. From chains to statement bands, a replacement strap allows you to update an old favorite in a few simple steps.

Here, you’ll learn everything there is to know about replacement purse straps, styles to choose from, the best options, and how to replace a purse strap. So you’ll always feel confident in what you wear.


Your guide to choosing the best replacement purse strap


Depending on the bag and your personal style, you can choose from a few categories of purse straps. They include chain straps, leather straps, and statement straps. Below, you’ll find how to select the best replacement for your bag.


Chain Straps


  • Cable Shoulder Chain. The overall category of chain straps makes swapping them out super simple since a bag with rings allows you to switch in and out straps with clasps. Senreve’s Cable Shoulder chain has lobster claw closures on both ends that can hook onto bag loops. With this effortless chain, you can transform a belt bag or clutch into a shoulder bag, or you can even wear it as a necklace to elevate your outfit.


  • Angled Acetate Chain. For larger chain links and a unique look, the Angled Acetate chain transforms an understated outfit into a showstopper. Handcrafted from Italian Acetate, this chain with intriguing flattened sides is available in two lengths: “shoulder” and “bracelet.” You can wear the shoulder strap on your shoulder or hold the bracelet chain as a top handle.


  • Flat Acetate Chain. The Flat Acetate chain is another take on an Acetate chain. The larger loops lay flat when worn for a sophisticated appearance. Similar to its angled sister, you can try the chain in the “shoulder” or “bracelet” lengths. You can shop the shades slate gray or noir, depending on your aesthetic, but both provide a neutral compliment to any arm companion.


  • Long Convertible Link Chain. Our Long Convertible Link chain is the perfect accessory for whenever you want to take your look up a notch. With a single lobster claw closure that connects to itself like a necklace, this chain effortlessly elevates your Aria Belt bag to a crossbody style.


  • Flat Long Convertible Chain. This flat-edged link take on the Long Link chain offers everything you like about the original but with a style twist. With Senreve’s Flat Long Convertible chain, you can still transform your belt bag into a shoulder bag or crossbody with this removable and fully adjustable elegant metal chain strap.


Leather Straps


  • Strati Strap.  Leather straps are the quintessential shoulder strap option. With Senreve’s dolce Strati strap, you’ll get the ultimate add-on for our Strati Sporta or the Strati Shopper in nylon material. This lightweight, adjustable strap clips right onto your Strati silhouettes (or Aria Belt bag) to seamlessly convert them into a crossbody or shoulder bag.


  • Pebbled Strati Strap. With Senreve’s pebbled Strati strap, you’ll get all the benefits of the dolce Strati strap but with our most durable, scratch, stain, and water-resistant leather. The leather has a structured full-grain skin with a small pebbled texture and a light shine. Plus, each style offers different color options for tons of intriguing combinations.


black designer bag with statement strap on womans shoulder

The Alunna bag with the Statement Strap


Statement Straps


  • Rainbow Acetate Shoulder Chain. On days (or nights) when you want to make a statement go for a bold strap, like our Rainbow Acetate chain with double lobster claw clasps. This rainbow-speckled Italian Acetate chain is breathtakingly whimsical and adds perfect pops of color to your Mini Alunna bag in the shade sand. You can also pair it with our Circa bag in the shade blush to highlight your divine femininity.


  • Statement Shoulder Strap. Our Statement strap is another contender for the category of playful practicality. This strap lets your bag do the talking for you when you walk into a room. Its wide design distributes weight evenly across your shoulders for ideal comfort. Plus, you can try a demure mauve or forest green, depending on your mood and the attention you want to command.


  • Pearl Shoulder Chain. If you’re looking for something ultra chic and fun, our Pearl Shoulder chain takes the cake. With lobster claw closures on both ends that can hook onto the loops, the Pearl chain can turn a belt bag or clutch into a shoulder bag. Plus, you always have the option to wear it around your neck to exude elegance at a cocktail party.


  • Infinity Acetate Chain. Italian Acetate already tends to make a statement when complimenting a leather handbag. But the Infinity Acetate chain’s alternating link shapes have a way of really capturing the eye. The classic link and interior floral collide in a vision of aesthetic splendor. It features two lengths of “shoulder” and “bracelet” for maximum versatility.


How to replace a purse strap


It’s important to consider how to fix a purse strap when it’s seen better days. If the strap’s utility is compromised and it doesn’t provide support, then you should play with a new style.


You can also replace the old strap with a silk or satin scarf. For a handle with minor blemishes, you can wrap it in a silk scarf like our Women of the World scarf. But when you invest in a bag with detachable straps, you can constantly shake up your look, putting less pressure on one strap.


To remove a Senreve bag's existing leather strap, warm the leather for a few minutes on the low heat setting of a hairdryer. You’ll then slip a small rounded tool under your strap's leather loop to loosen it just enough to slip over the metal stud, and voilà: it slides right off. Then, depending on the bag, you can attach a replacement of your choice. For an edgy look, try a chain, and then go for joyful pearls when you’re seeking refined glamour.


statement strap in grey and white


Try something new


A bag can last you through life’s many seasons, and so can a well-made strap, but swapping out strap styles lets you experiment with your appearance. Just like a versatile bag, you are a multi-hyphenate on the go, unbound by limitations. So try something new with our variety of single-clasp and double-clasp chains and straps.