The Ultimate Buying Guide for Round Leather Purses

by Sara Wennerstrom / Sep 20, 2022

When you picture a classic handbag, you probably envision a demure, rectangular leather bag in a neutral color like black or beige. But “classic” can mean a few things – your go-to bag can be as unique as you are. And round leather purses are just the ticket, adding personality to your wardrobe without going too off the beaten path. Here, we’ll explore and round leather purses with a dash of panache that bring your outfit full circle.


Which round leather purse should you add to your closet?


From perfect circle purses to bags with rounded edges and interesting oblong shapes, you’ll find the right match for your wardrobe. Plus, there are a few options that not only promise to draw attention with their curves, but with their versatility. So dare to wear a leather handbag that doubles as a crossbody and a backpack or a belt bag and a clutch bag — the opportunities are infinite.


  1. Circa bag

​​Senreve’s Circa bag is a classic leather circle bag with a full circle shape and a unique, flat base so you can place it down without it falling over. Its sleek exterior is sure to attract a compliment or two as you perch it on your shoulder or sling it across your torso for a crossbody moment.


But the options don’t stop there; this convertible bag also works as a backpack or a top handle. This change-on-the-fly style is ideal for vacationing as you take in unfamiliar terrain and make memories that last a lifetime. The sage green leather option can take the simplest outfit, such as relaxed denim jeans and a fitted white tee, to the next level.


Woman on tennis court holding sporty shoulder bag

The Circa Bag in Pebbled Chestnut


  1. Mini Barrel bag

If you want something that shatters the mold, try Senreve’s Mini Barrel bag. This oblong-shaped bag is a not-your-average top handle. Its cylindrical appearance is effortlessly polished while maintaining an added edge with its rounded edges. All of this to say, this silhouette is sure to be a showstopper. Plus, it’s proportioned to fit your iPhone and essentials, so you get the unique shape without losing any of the interior space.


Try styling it for dinner with friends, wearing a strappy silk slip dress and kitten heels, or opt for a casual date night look with a blazer and dark wash denim jeans.


  1. Barrel bag

The older sister of the Mini, the Barrel bag is for when you need a little extra room for those essentials you can’t leave behind. It has everything that the Mini offers, and it gives you the flexibility to try out different styles and straps.


Both sizes have signature D-rings to pair with our different straps and chains. So you can make it a shoulder bag or crossbody with these removable and fully adjustable elegant metal chain straps. Wear it as a leather crossbody bag with a flowing summer sundress and strappy sandals to take a classic summer ensemble up a notch.


Woman holding tan barrel bag in nature

The Barrel Bag with Chain Strap


  1. Mini Fiore bucket bag

Our Mini Fiore Bucket bag may not be a perfect circle, but it’s still quite eye-catching. And though it’s on the smaller side, the bucket shape gives it a little more room than you might expect from a mini purse. This is the beauty of the bucket bag since it’s essentially an elevated pouch — optimal for busy women on the go. Plus, our bucket bags, both mini and the full-sized Fiore Bucket bag, have the right amount of slouch and structure to get you through the day.


Pair either with an off-white linen jumpsuit and sneakers to complement your dynamic accessory.


  1. Coda belt bag

Our Coda Belt bag is a rounded belt bag that curves and flows elegantly across the wearer’s torso as a sling bag, a conventional fanny pack, or held sans strap as a leather clutch. The bag’s central compartment fits up to an iPhone XS Max and features an exterior cardholder and two interior pockets.


It’s a great way to incorporate the rounded leather purse style with a subtle nod to the trend. Wear it with tailored Bermuda shorts and a button-up short-sleeve top, leaving the belt bag as a sling bag for maximum cool.


What to know before buying your round leather bag


You have the bag inspiration to get you started in your search for a round leather bag, but what else should you know before you buy? Read on to find out!


Know how to care for your leather

When it comes to caring for your leather handbag, regardless of the shape, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.


First, be aware of how you store your bags and where you place them when out and about. It’s best to store a leather bag in a dust bag and out of the sun when not in consistent use. And then when you wear the bag, don’t rest it on the floor of a restaurant — keep it close to your person — resting on the chair next to you (if you can).


For a few cleaning tips, stay away from wipes with harsh chemicals and spot clean with a solution specifically made for leather. You can find this at a cobbler, home goods store, grocery store, or a shop that sells leather products.


Opt for a quality leather bag

Longevity should be top of mind when selecting the right leather bag. Investing in a quality leather bag that will last you through life’s many seasons is the difference between constantly rotating your collection and collecting pieces. Italian leather is highly coveted because it’s high quality, lasts a lifetime, and is easy to clean.


Know your leather options

To understand quality, familiarize yourself with the different types of leather. Full-grain leather is considered the best for durability, but other types include top-grain, split leather, and bonded leather. Of course, you can always try vegan leather, which is a synthetic alternative to the traditional material. All of Senreve’s genuine leather is 100% full-grain Italian leather, and we offer a vegan alternative of the same quality as well.


Find the right size for you

When shopping for a bag, it’s best to ask yourself how often you plan to wear it for what purposes, and what you could comfortably (and realistically) store in it. If you’re considering buying an everyday purse that’s circular or rounded, then you might need a larger size. So when caught between the mini and the full size, go for the full size. But if you want a cute go-to evening bag that only requires your phone, credit cards, and keys, then a mini can do the trick.


Make sure you can fit what you need

The shape shouldn’t take away from the bag’s function, which is to hold your things. So even if you do go for the rounded mini bag, be sure the accessory is functional as well as fashionable. A bag with a unique design or shape shouldn’t cut corners in terms of utility. So look at your bag before you buy it, read the description to see what can fit inside comfortably, and then you’ll have a better idea of its potential.


Come full circle with a circle bag


The circle bag may be a having moment, but it’s proving that it’s more than a passing trend. This unconventional handbag shape takes everything beloved about a unique bag full circle. And with Senreve, you don’t have to sacrifice function for form because all of our high-quality full-grain leather and vegan leather bags let you make a statement while keeping your things safe. Explore Senreve’s collection of bestsellers for rounded purses and perfect circle bags that you’ll find yourself using again and again.