SENREVE x Sarah Michelle Gellar

by / Mar 08, 2022

As a mother of a daughter, we often talk about what it means to support women.  I want my daughter to use her voice to empower and give a voice to those around us who do not have that opportunity. But how do we do that? It can be something as simple as telling the woman next to us they are doing a great job, all the way to my days before children, when I could pick up and leave for Africa for two weeks and lead micro financing lessons for women in Tanzania. As we come together on March 8th to celebrate all the great accomplishments of women, let’s remember that when girls and women are empowered, we have the ability to create important lasting change and make this world a better place.

1. Tell us about your work with The Little Market?

The Little Market is a non-profit dedicated to the economic self-sufficiency of women, by supporting dignified income opportunities. Women globally are known to earn less than men, and often find themselves working in unsafe conditions. Through The Little Markets programs, women are connected with safe, empowering, and sustainable ways to make a living, thus having the ability to support themselves and their families. And when women work, economies grow. With women’s economic participation, not only is productivity usually increased, but women are known to play an important role in creating peaceful and stable environments, a key to economic growth. As the mother of a young daughter, I don’t want to just speak to her about what it means to support women, I want to show her and be the example. The Little Market is an important way I can do that. 

2. How did you come to learn about SENREVE?

I was first turned on to their incredible products by my girlfriend Selma Blair, who has the best style of anyone I know. As I got to know these two incredible female founders, I fell even more in love with their bags. Simply by purchasing one of these bags you are supporting women in the workplace. But they want to do more, so they decided that in honor of International Women’s Day, they would donate $10,000 and an additional 25% of net proceeds for the entire month of March. Makes me even prouder to carry their beautiful luxurious bags.

3. Why is it important to celebrate women beyond International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is just the day we choose to speak about it. The real work is year round and never stops. With each woman we empower, we don’t just better their world, we better ours. 

4. What’s one of the most important things you want your daughter to take with her as she grows up?

I want my daughter to know that her voice matters, that she can be the difference. I want her to understand that you don’t have to be famous or have millions of followers on social media to do that. It’s about standing up for what you believe in. I hope that she lives in a world where she is not limited by her gender, only appreciated for her accomplishments.

5. If you had to choose one quote or mantra to live by, what would it be?

I’m not really the person that relies on only one mantra. I like to take strength from the people around me and the lessons they can teach me. But I do want to remind myself that when I put my mind to something I am unstoppable. I choose to believe in me.

6. Who is the most inspiring or influential woman in your life and why?

There are definitely too many to name. That’s what's amazing about women, you never know who will be next to inspire you. It could simply be the woman before you that holds the door for you and begins a chain reaction of positivity all the way to someone like Malala Yousafzai who is the youngest Nobel prize laureate ever. I can also honestly say that I am inspired every day by my children to be the best human I can be for them.

7. As a woman, what does “Owning your Cadence” mean to you?

It means there is only one me, and I am enough, regardless of what the world around me expects.