SENREVE Closet Tours: Blair Eadie

by Sara Wennerstrom / Jul 15, 2021

Step inside the iconic fashion blogger’s super-organized closet/office in her Florida home.

To kick off our new SENREVE Closet Tour series (where we’ll take you into the closets of some of our favorite influencers, celebrities, and tastemakers), we reached out to fashion blogging sensation Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. Blair’s mastery of elegant and playful dressing has earned her a following of over 1.7 Million on Instagram, where you’ll likely find her strolling through New York in colorful, voluminous, statement-making ensembles. It’s always such a joy to see how Blair styles her favorite SENREVE pieces, so we were thrilled to get a peek inside her closet/office and ask her a few questions about its swoon-worthy contents.

SENREVE / Blair Eadie

Tell us a little about your closet. What’s your favorite thing about it?
Since I own so many colorful and fun items, my closet is designed to be minimal and streamlined to help me stay organized and let the clothes really POP! I recently bought a home in Florida, and after living in small spaces with postage-stamp-sized closets in major cities for years and years, it feels like a dream to have a properly sized closet that actually fits all my fun pieces. So honestly my favorite thing about my closet is that it fits everything (for once)!

SENREVE / Eadie Blair Wearing Aria Belt Bag in Tangerine

Wearing the Aria Belt Bag in Pebbled Tangerine

How do you organize your closet?
I like to keep my closet organized by item. So all dresses together, all skirts, all jeans folded in one place, etc. Usually when getting dressed I first decide what type of mood I am in - do I feel like getting dressed up in a frilly skirt? Is today just a casual day for jeans and a light sweater? - so having my closet organized this way makes sense for how I get dressed.

SENREVE / Blair Eadie Wearing The Alunna Bag in Mint

Wearing the Alunna Bag in Mint

Which SENREVE bag do you wear the most and how do you like to style it?
While I love all of my SENREVE bags, the Alunna Bag has become my number one. I have really minimalized what I am carrying around on a day to day basis, so the Alunna Bag is the perfect size. It fits everything I need: My mini wallet, phone, lipstick, mask, keys and a few other small essentials. I adore the shape and the mint colorway is my absolute favorite (quickly followed by the red!). I also love this bag because it is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. I can wear it with my favorite cropped denim, easy slides and striped button down or a tulle skirt, bow blouse and sky high heels.

What’s the most-used section of your closet?
DRESSES by far, but quickly followed by skirts. Interestingly enough, over the past 16 months when so many of us started leaning into the casual items in our closets, I built up quite a coverall collection. While dresses and skirts will always be my most-worn items, this past year I surprised myself with how many mornings I ended up in coveralls and easy sneakers.

SENREVE / Blair Eadie

Wearing the Vegan Armonica Crossbody in Vegan Walnut

Favorite closet hack?
I use shoes risers/stackers to double my shoe storage and love using packing cubes to organize and store my bathing suits, scarves and other smaller items that look sloppy sitting out and are harder to store! I also use stackable clear divider trays to store my statement earrings, sunglasses and other items that I grab daily. While the clear, plastic trays aren't the most aspirational items in my closet they make quickly seeing and grabbing items so much easier.

SENREVE / Blair Eadie