The SENREVE Guide on How To Use a Passport Holder

by Alice Shen / May 01, 2020

Whether it’s for work or for vacation, SENREVE women are always on the road. And the last thing we need to be worried about is keeping our important documents safe. We’ve got you covered, from our passport holder to our mini envelope sleeve accessories that are both safe and stylish.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of a passport holder and what you should consider when purchasing the perfect one for you.

What is a passport holder?

A passport holder, or passport cover, is a snugly fitting sleeve used to protect your passport from damage while adding extra style. Passport holders come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs, but at the end of the day they are all meant to serve the same purpose to serve as a travel wallet keeping your passport safe from damage and accidents while traveling. 

A good passport cover is light, sleek, and offers a design that fits your style and even your luggage. No two covers are built the same, so before you search for the right match for you, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. 

1. What
material do you want? Plastic, leather and synthetic leather are the most common materials used, especially when it comes to durable travel accessories. If you are looking for quality and sustainability, genuine leather is the best choice. Plastic or synthetic leather like PU leather are also available options, but don't offer the durability or timeless look of genuine leather.

2. Do you want added features?
Do you prefer your passport wallet double as a card holder while traveling? If so, you’ll want to find something with extra pockets and zippers to serve as a document organizer and travel wallet combo for credit cards, ID cards, your boarding pass, business cards, frequent flyer information, and other travel documents. If you already have a go-to travel bag, a simple sleeve, money belt, or even just one or two credit card slots along the outside of the travel wallet might better serve your purposes. 

3. What design are you looking for?
With so many passport cover options available, knowing what design you want before shopping can help you make the right decision. For example, do you want something with a graphic or do you prefer a simple monochromatic look? Do you want something with a pop of color or is neutral your go-to? 

These are all important considerations to make before embarking on a journey for the best passport holders. From luxury to the local market, the number of options available can be overwhelming. Having a general idea of what you want upfront can help reduce the number of choices along the way.

Pros and Cons of Using a Passport Cover


  • Passport holder covers can protect your passport from normal wear and tear, and from getting stains or spills. The more you use your passport, the more likely you are to have an accident happen. Covering your passport helps ensure you avoid damaging your passport, which could interfere with your ability to get home if the personal information is no longer readable. 
  • Passport covers are affordable and stylish, meaning you can change your passport cover to match a new outfit, your luggage, or your backpack. 
  • Passport covers add additional organization. Some passports come with extra pockets or zippers for including miscellaneous travel items such as credit cards, ID cards, boarding passes, and other travel documents.   
  • Some passport covers double as RFID blocking travel wallets, providing RFID protection to help protect your personal information and guard against identity theft.


  • Passport holder covers can add too much bulk. While most passport holders are sleek, those that do come with zippers, document organizers, and extra folds can add unnecessary bulk, making it hard to fit it in your purse or pocket. 
  • Passport covers can slow you down at security and customs. Having your passport fully displayed without obstruction makes it easy for the customs officer to scan, stamp, and keep you moving. When adding extra layers, this can slow down the process and the officer may ask for the cover to be removed. Even if you are not required to take the passport out of the cover, you should do it anyway to avoid unnecessary hassle.
  • Passport covers are another surface that collects germs and other bacteria and, depending on the type of material, can be harder to disinfect. Though, this is a con you'll run into with any type of travel gear that sees a lot of traffic.

Types of passport holders

Passport holders come in a variety of materials, colors, and degrees of function. Based on where you are traveling, the specific function of the passport holder can be a very important consideration, especially considering what other travel gear you may or may not have with you. 

Here are the most common types of passport holders. 

1. Passport wallet.
This type of holder doubles as your everyday travel wallet. Allowing you to carry credit cards, ID cards, cash (either with or without a money belt), boarding passes, and other important documents all in one passport case. This is a great option for those who want to consolidate all important travel documents together. 

2. Passport sleeve.
The standard option, this holder is simply a sleeve - like a book jacket - that covers and protects your passport without adding any additional bells or whistles. Still, you can add some extra style by choosing something bright or with graphics. For those looking for function over form, clear options are available. Aiming to please, our SENREVE passport holder keeps it sleek and simple, while allowing you to slide in a few extra cards for convenience.

3. Neck passport holder.
Best for those that require an added layer of security when traveling, the neck passport holder acts as a lanyard around the neck, with the ability to put the passport under your shirt and out of sight. Those who are traveling in countries known for pickpockets should choose this holder for its added security and safety. 

4. RFID blocking passport holder
. This type of holder blocks malicious RFID signals that can be used to steal your credit card and other personal information without your credit card or ID card ever leaving your wallet. RFID blocking wallets use electromagnetic technology to protect your cards from “skimming.” Not all RFID blocking wallets are made equally and should be replaced at least once every few years due to wear and tear that can cause them to become less effective. 

Where to Buy a Passport Cover

Passport covers are sold almost everywhere, from the designer store down the boulevard or even at the drugstore around the corner. For those looking for the most variety in terms of color, material, and other functional purposes, your best bet is to look on the internet and bite the bullet in shipping costs and delivery times. 

For those in a pinch, the local department store will generally always have a few options, but you may not find the widest variety of passport cases to match the particular brand of wanderlust you're experiencing. 

For those looking to support local business or to shop with sustainability in mind, we recommend our own SENREVE
passport holders which offer flexibility, style, and quality all in one. Whichever option you choose, the key to ensuring personalization is to plan ahead and buy online.

Designer Passport Covers

Designer brands generally all have higher-end options available, ranging from $70 to upwards of $1,000. These options are often designed with real leather and offer lifetime guarantees in case of damage. Many local manufacturers have also taken to creating handmade leather passport covers and usually offer a price point more affordable.The SENREVE
Passport Holder, for example, is priced at $175 and comes in 14 color options, is made of genuine Italian leather, and has 4 interior compartments.

SENREVE Passport Holder

DIY Passport Covers

If you enjoy crafting and sewing, a homemade passport cover is a fun and personalized option. With limitless design and material options, the world is your oyster when it comes to creating the perfect cover. has plenty of resources to get you started if you are looking for an outlet to let your creativity run free.

Caring for a Passport and Passport Cover

Passport covers are no different from other surfaces that can spread contamination after being handled by various different people while traveling, which means they should be cleaned regularly. 

Before you start, be sure to remove your passport from the cover to avoid risk of water damage. 

The care instructions will vary based on the material of your passport cover. 

  • Plastic passport covers: To disinfect plastic passport covers, a wipe with at least 60% alcohol should be used. This will ensure all bacteria is removed from the surface. 
  • Leather passport covers: Unlike a plastic cover, a leather cover requires extra care as sanitizers, cosmetics, perfumes, and even some soaps can cause damage. When using a leather cover, the best method is to wipe it down with a damp rag and use a separate rag to dry. Never let the leather sit damp or near a heat source. There are also leather-specific cleaners that contain oils that also help moisturize the leather. 
  • Suede passport covers: Suede can be the most difficult type of material to clean and requires a suede brush and white vinegar. The brush helps to remove dirt, while the application of vinegar (using a separate cloth) can help brighten its appearance. 

Maintenance is the key to maintaining quality. We recommend cleaning your passport cover after every trip. If you are unsure of your passport cover's material, check with the manufacturer and follow recommended cleaning instructions.

Bottom line: should you use a passport holder?

The main (and really only) downside of using a passport cover is the added step of taking it off when going through customs. Otherwise, the benefits of using a passport cover heavily outweigh any cons. Not only do they help keep your passport looking nice and neat while protecting it from damage, but they can also add extra layers of security and organization. At the end of the day, protecting your passport is important, and adding your own personal touch can help add an extra flair to your travel. 

Our SENREVE Passport holders come in versatile two-toned varieties find your next travel companion

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