SENREVE’s Guide To Making (And Keeping) Your New Year Resolutions

by Kelsey Vanderlip / Jan 08, 2022
Hey there, checking in on you. We are a week into the New Year and curious how your resolutions are coming along. This time of year can feel particularly overwhelming when it comes to change and setting goals and our team had a thought: how might we, as a brand, best support our community and make this year different for you - and us! 25% of resolutions are broken within the first week of January with a staggering 80% of them dropped within two months of January 1st. So, we set out to give you a secret formula for New Year success. You heard us, a cheat code to setting goals and actually sticking to them (for longer than four weeks).

2022 is the year of the Tiger, a year rooted in big changes, ambitious feats, risk taking and adventure. No matter what your current situation is, this is the year to begin stepping outside your comfort zone and find an enthusiasm for life and doing the things that make you feel motivated and happy once more. It’s a year bringing energy of rapid change, new developments and creative inspiration. Welcome to the year of YOU.

To get you started and give you some inspiration, we pulled together a fun list of resolutions that coincide with some of our favorite staples from the SENREVE closet (we had to bring this goal setting blog back to the brand somehow). Below you will find direction on how to visualize, set and hit your goals and which staple sidekick to do them with. Please keep in mind, goal setting is very unique from person to person, so don’t be afraid to try a couple different methods.

2022: Bringing more sustainable habits into our daily routine (Cactus Gemelli)

Making everyday feel like Earth Day over here. We created our Cactus collection with the goal to mindfully balance both the environment and our love of luxury. All products are 100% vegan, made with no animal products or by-products and contain the same traditional feel of luxury leather. As we continue to seek new and innovative ways to bring in more environmentally conscious practices in our day to day functions, we want to share a few ways you too can take actionable steps to keep our planet in the forefront of your mind in the New Year.

Upcycle your wardrobe. If you’re an avid online shopper, our team loves the Real Real, ThredUp, Tradesy, GOAT and Poshmark for everyday and luxury staples. If you want to venture out to in-person shops, we suggest looking up local vintage stores or well known thrifting depots. A fun hack? If you google the hashtag #vintageclothing, Instagram will give you a great list of results right near your area.
Minimize your environmental impact by carrying reusable straws, food wrappers, water bottles and utensils. Stasher Bag, Amazon and Hive Brands all have a plethora of cute and convenient options that you can stash in your Cactus Aria (hint hint) or Gemelli Tote.

Think about new ways to commute and get around wherever you are! No matter what your situation looks like, if you are getting out of the house try skipping the gas driven machine for a walk, bike or scoot! If you are one of those individuals who already owns an electric car - go you, some of us aren’t there (quite yet).
Style Tip: Check out our Cactus Collection. We mentioned the Gemelli Tote and Aria above, but the entire collection is something to be coveted for your closet. Be the first of your friends to walk down the street with a bag made of Cactus Leather, an innovative take on our Vegan line that we are proud to say we are the first to create. Style it with your Everlane jeans and reformation coat and make a statement next time you are out and about.

SENREVE Doctor Bag

2022: Incorporating healthy routines into our day to day activities

The biggest changes start from the small daily habits. If you need someone to tell you this today, you do not need to diet and cut calories to reach your physique and health goals. The New Year is a great opportunity to re-evaluate the daily habits you do that are not serving you any longer. Oftentimes we see the largest transformations from focusing on the basics. We encourage you to view everything from a perspective of abundance. We are creatures that intrinsically want what we cannot have, so rather than cutting and removing X and Y, think about reframing your goals into bringing more of and including an abundance of A and B into your life.

Drinking MORE water. Water is so beneficial for a number of reasons: digestion, clear skin, and hydration. Our bodies are made up of 80% of water, and oftentimes (quick tip) when we are “hungry” it’s our body's way of signaling that we are thirsty.

Eat MORE meals at home! What a great way to save money, reduce food waste and stay on track with your more vegetables, less processed food goals. Start with 4 home cooked meals a week and then maybe increase from there! We encourage you to write a menu for yourself on Sunday to make it easy to grocery shop and prep your meals in advance for the busy week ahead.
Make MORE time for your mental health! Often overlooked, our team is putting an extra emphasis on social media breaks, days off slack, stress mitigation, learning to have fun again, and establishing boundaries with ourselves, our relationships and our life.

Don’t think we forgot about our style tip. What better motivator to head to the gym, that therapy session or the grocery store than a stylish sidekick that makes all these tasks that much more seamless. Only have 30 min at the gym, to then go to the market and finally grab drinks with friends because you need some girl time too? Doctor Bag to the rescue (yes, pun was intended). Doctor’s orders to seamlessly transition from your day errands to evening happy hours because we all need that #balance in our lives.

SENREVE Alunna Bag

2022: Start having more fun with our closet again

We are slowly transitioning out of the sweats and sweaters and into a more athleisure look to take you from the sofa to the streets with a few elegant add on upgrades. In 2022 we are redefining what it means to step out with your best foot forward. Say goodbye to the days of dull colors and demure styling, this year is about taking the risk to do something a bit different with your everyday look. Bold colors, bright patterns, and eye catching add ons – we encourage you to think a bit bigger when you go to shop for your new wardrobe staples this season.
Time to take the bangs and bob to a new level. Nothing, a new haircut and blow out won’t fix it. If you’ve been styling your long hair at home for a long minute, don’t be afraid to try something new. Add some new highlights, try a low maintenance and chic bob cut, or bring back the bangs with a sweet curtain cut.
Bright color coats. In the season of winter wardrobes don’t be afraid to make a statement with an overcoat piece. Level up your neutrals with a bright cobalt blue or pop of yellow that is sure to bring that extra element of elegance to an everyday slacks and sweater ensemble.

The bag trick. Get your hands on our bestseller that can easily be styled in more than three ways: crossbody, backpack, over the shoulder, or a top handle. The Alunna will be your new best friend this season as you start to step back out and define your new look of 2022.

SENREVE Maestra Bag

2022: Begin prioritizing the promotion

What better time to give yourself a professional evaluation than at the start of a New Year. Whether you are entering into a new career move or preparing to make the move for that promotion, this is the perfect opportunity for you to take inventory of your next moves - deciding what actions you can take to position yourself in the most optimal opportunity for professional growth.
Networking is the name of the game. Not only will it help you advance your career but it opens the doors to learn new things, advance your understanding of your specialities, and gain valuable perspective. Networking allows you to surpass the common challenges you may face with experience and help you build an invaluable circle to help you effectively take your next step forward.

Ask for help. The importance of asking for help may be obvious, but tends to be overlooked. Be proactive and outreach to those in your network (see what we did there) that you trust and have experience in whatever field you are in or trying to step into. Don’t discriminate and don’t be shy. You never know who might be able to help you out. Asking for help quickly puts you in a position of knowledge and power, it is not a sign of weakness but rather one of confidence.

Style tip: a new one for the new year. What we wear to work has drastically changed (to say the least). Some of us are wearing sweats and sweatshirts and others are styling slacks and silk button downs again. In either case, we have one bag that does it all. The traditional SENREVE, smart, stylish, and ready to take you to the office at 9 or the coffee shop around the street at 10. Stack it full with your laptop, snacks, chargers, planner, and re - useable water bottle (remember that sustainability resolution). Throw it over your shoulder or pull the straps through and use it as a backpack, you have options.

SENREVE Aria Belt Bag
2022: Stepping outside our comfort zone

You want to see magic in your everyday life? Step outside your comfort zone. It’s the simple truth. You will only continue to grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable in your life. In this season of ambition, our team is stepping into spaces they haven’t before. We are pushing ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally in ways that we WANT to after spending the past two years feeling unsettled in our bodies and life. Stepping outside of your comfort bubble shouldn’t be scary. Intimidating? Maybe, but we encourage you to bring a level of excitement to this resolution. This is your chance to begin taking ownership of your next steps and lead a life you are proud of.

Reach out to a new community. If you are feeling residual feelings of loneliness or isolation, think about joining a club (virtual or in person) with like minded people just like you. Whether it be cooking, running, or reading, finding a community who shares the same interests as you is something special #magic.
Learn something new. Nothing says breaking the comfort zone like being a beginner. Finding a skill you have been keen on learning and diving in head first is a sure way to see yourself grow faster than you can imagine.

Style Tip: Who better to take your next new adventure with than the Aria Belt Bag? Belt the Aria around your waist for a hands free look or style it in 8 other ways as you begin to step outside your comfort zone today. Text that guy you’ve been thinking about all week, try that new cuisine down the street you’ve been debating, finally take that pottery class that’s been hanging on your fridge since last month. This is the time to do whatever feels fun, different and exciting for you.

Ending note on setting goals. We encourage you to begin with a visualization. Ask yourself the following:

Who do I want to be in 2022?
What’s my energy like?
What do my relationships look like?
What do I wear?
How do I show up for yourself & others?
How do I carry myself?

This is basically a mood board – of you. Next step, write all this down. Everything you want to see happen in the New Year, put a pencil to paper or type it in your notes section and keep it accessible for you to look back to daily. Reminder, these visions and aspirations should be ones that motivate you. This may seem like an obvious point, but sometimes we set goals because everyone else is doing them. If you are not a morning person, if you don’t like the mornings — don’t set waking up at 5am a goal just because others are.

The key to achieving your goals is being realistic with a healthy side of ambition. This comes with being honest with yourself while also remaining aspirational! Biting off more than you can chew only leads to failure, so keeping this note in mind will help you create daily habits to hit — that will inevitably overtime, help you achieve your long term goals.

We hope this post helped and if you enjoyed reading this type of content please let our team know! Especially moving into 2022, we want to start bringing more content to our website and social media that our community wants to see! will take you to our customer concierge team and our Instagram DMs are always open to take an opinion or hear a thought.